Chu Yunfan killed the cult master with a single strike.
Even after his death, the cult master still had a look of complete disbelief.
How could he have been killed this way? It was simply unbelievable.

The sudden attack had been too fast.
The cult master barely had time to see a cold glint before his head was separated from his body.

Chu Yunfan appeared.
Only now did the cult master see that the person who had killed him was actually a youth from Federation University, but how had this youth appeared out of thin air? However, he no longer had the time to think about these things.
After his head was separated, his consciousness quickly faded.

Chu Yunfan sneered as he looked down at the cult master’s body.
He kicked the corpse into the blood pool.
The cult master had killed countless people.
In the end, he became part of the huge blood pool along with these people.
In less than a moment, the corpse turned into a pool of blood.

The five Blood Origin Fruits had now fallen into Chu Yunfan’s hands.
The fruits emitted a strange fragrance and could promote one’s cultivation.
The cult master had wanted to rely on these Blood Origin Fruits to break through to the Innate Stage!

Before Chu Yunfan could ponder over this any further, he heard hurried footsteps coming from outside.
He quickly ducked into the Mountain River Diagram.
Soon, he saw Wang Qi leading a group of student council officers into the palace.

That old geezer got away.
D*mn it.
He took the Demon Descends Illustration and the Blood Origin Fruits with him!” Wang Qi said with a dejected look on his face.
He saw the destroyed Blood Origin Tree and knew that he would not be able to save it.

Chu Yunfan was a little surprised.
He had not expected Wang Qi to know about the cult master having possession of the Demon Descends Illustration and the Blood Origin Tree.
However, Wang Qi did not know that the cult master had already died at Chu Yunfan’s hands.
Chu Yunfan had even kicked the corpse into the blood pool and it had become one with the pool’s contents.

Judging from the situation, the cult master should have come back to the palace and taken the objects away.
Therefore, Wang Qi naturally put down the disappearance of the Blood Origin Fruits and the Demon Descends Illustration on the cult master.
He did not even entertain the thought of any other possibility.

“Vice President, should we report to the Federation and put out an arrest warrant?” one of the student council officers asked.

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“If we report to the Federation, everyone will know about it.
The president asked us to personally come here and exterminate the Blood Devourers, not only because it was an order from the government, but also because of Demon Descends Illustration and the Blood Origin Fruits.
If everyone knows about these objects, there will be countless people who would take an interest.
The student council wields great power in Federation University, but there are countless people in this world who are stronger than us.” Wang Qi instantly rejected the idea.
“That cult master thought that no one knew what he was up to.
In reality, the president had long received the news from the Divination Pavilion.
The president was just waiting for the encirclement tactic to be fully planned out before coming here, but the cult master managed to escape anyway.
He just fled and couldn’t have gotten far.
He probably isn’t even out of the city yet.
Go and request satellite surveillance in all directions immediately.
We can’t let him escape.”

The student council officials around Wang Qi quickly dispersed and went in all directions to chase after the cult master.
What they did not know was that their efforts were destined to be futile.

Chu Yunfan had heard every word of this from inside the Mountain River Diagram.
The cult master had thought his actions had been a secret.
He had not expected Jiang Lingxiao to reach out to grab at him.

The Blood Devourers had tens of thousands of followers.
They thought that they were powerful and wished to dominate the Arctic Desert, but in the eyes of the true bigwigs of the Federation, they were just a bug that could be squashed to death at any time.
Even Jiang Lingxiao could easily crush them.

“This is what a man should be like,” Chu Yunfan spat out these words.
However, Jiang Lingxiao’s actions still made him loathe him deeply.
Since Jiang Lingxiao knew about it, he should have acted earlier.
On the contrary, Jiang Lingxiao had used the hands of the cult master to cultivate this demonic treasure.

For three full days, the Bloodthirsty City that had once been occupied by the Blood Devourers was emptied by the students.
The wealth that the Blood Devourers had accumulated over the decades was swept clean by the student council.
This greatly bolstered the student council’s treasury.

For the student council, this was a common occurrence.
Whether it was personal cultivation or the development of one’s strength, they could not be separated from each other.
With the support of financial resources, the student council was able to develop to the current stage.
They could not do without the support of such windfall wealth.

But for Wang Qi, who was in charge of this raid, this matter was not considered complete.
Because he had allowed the cult master to escape, he had lost two of his most important gains—the Demon Descends Illustration and the Blood Origin Fruits!

The student council did not lack ordinary treasures.
These two items were the most important.

After scouring the Bloodthirsty City and confirming that there was nothing left, the city was burnt to the ground.
In the distance, a raging fire that was dozens of meters high burned everything in the city to ashes.
The bones of countless people were buried there, as well as the glory of the Blood Devourers.
No matter how glorious it was, in the end, it could not escape its downfall.

Chu Yunfan stood on a hill and watched the scene.
After some time, he turned around and left.
Although he was holding the Blood Origin Fruits in his hand, these fruits had been forced to ripen by the cult master.
Normally, the Blood Origin Fruits that grow on battlefields would take at least a hundred years to ripen, and these Blood Origin Fruits were obviously not old enough.

The cult master needed these five Blood Origin Fruits to ripen before they could help him break through to the Innate Stage.
Otherwise, he would have swallowed the fruits and broken through to the Innate Stage a long time ago.
The outcome of the battle would have been completely different then.

But if the cult master had broken through, Jiang Lingxiao would have come personally to finish him off.
In the end, there would be no difference in the outcome.
From the very beginning, the cult master of the Blood Devourers had only been a puppet controlled by others.

To maximize the effects of the Blood Origin Fruits, Chu Yunfan planned to refine them into a Blood Origin Pill.
In the memories of the alchemy emperor, there was such a pill formula that was developed specifically for the Blood Origin Fruit, it could greatly enhance the effects of the Blood Origin Fruit.

To create this pill, the Blood Origin Fruits were only one of the main ingredients.
There were many other supplementary ingredients that needed to be added together before he could refine the fruits.

Over the next few days, Chu Yunfan scoured the encyclopedia.
Most of the supplementary ingredients could be ordered on the Internet, but there was one important ingredient that could not be bought online.

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