There were a lot of such magic treasures.
During the time of the Ancient Zenith Civilization, such things were common.
Unfortunately, it was rare in this modern era, so the discovery of any magic treasure could shake the entire Federation.

Such magic treasures contained the divine thoughts of the important figures of the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
And somehow, it had fallen into the hands of the Blood Devourer’s cult master.
The evil techniques he practiced conflicted with this magic treasure and hence had no way to activate it.

Chu Yunfan did not know where the cult master had come up with such a method.
The cult master had contaminated the magic treasure with the blood and resentment of countless people.
After turning this treasure into a demonic one, he would be able to wield its power.

Chu Yunfan finally understood why the Blood Devourers had dared to provoke the Federation despite the potential condemnation that would ensue.

Transforming such magic treasure into a demonic treasure required the blood of countless people.
Under normal circumstances, this would have been impossible.
Although there were many people across the Arctic Desert, all of them were tough nuts to crack.
These people were definitely not ordinary people and it would be absolutely impossible to start a massacre here and obtain sufficient blood.
It was because of this that the cult master of the Blood Devourers had taken the risk to cooperate with the Monster Cult and attack Verdant City.

It was for the purpose of refining this demonic treasure.
From the looks of the formation, at least 100,000 people had been sacrificed.
100,000 people had been massacred just like that.
The cruelty of the Blood Devourers was simply unimaginable.

Drawn upon this scroll was the picture of a demon subduing the human world.
This abominable demon was depicted as a great god, wanting to turn the human world into its paradise.
This paradise was a sea of blood that looked terrifying and sinister.

If this Demon Descends Illustration remained in the hands of the Blood Devourer’s cult master, who knew how many people would suffer in the future.

From the looks of it, this illustration had reached the final stage.
There were barely any traces of the kindly-looking old man left.
Chu Yunfan could even see the tears in the old man’s eyes.

The illustration transformed into a Blood Energy that blotted out the Sun and soared into the sky.
It was extremely terrifying.

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“This power is almost beyond the Innate Stage!”

Chu Yunfan’s eyes widened.
According to this level of power, the illustration would surely step in to the Divine Ability Stage.

“No, I have to stop it!”

Chu Yunfan instantly made his decision.
If this Demon Descends Illustration was unleashed upon the world, the consequences would be unimaginable.
It might even swallow millions.

At that time, it would not just be the divine will of a demon, but a real demon descending into the world.

Chu Yunfan grabbed the illustration.
He wanted to refine it according to the refining method of magic treasures in the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.


Chu Yunfan felt a terrifying wave of Blood Energy blast through his mind.
Immediately after, he seemed to appear within an endless sea of blood.
In the sea of blood, a gigantic demon slowly rose out of its depth.
This gigantic demon was staring at him while laughing ferociously.

Then, it took a step forward and opened its gigantic claws to slash down at Chu Yunfan.
This move was extremely terrifying.

Suddenly, an illusory figure slowly appeared in Chu Yunfan’s mind.
This figure could not be described in words.
It was as if he was the ruler of the world, but his face could not be seen clearly.
However, it was clearly the most majestic figure in the world.

Light suddenly blossomed from Chu Yunfan’s body, piercing through the gigantic demon like thousands of sharp arrows.
The demon screamed miserably and instantly died.
It was refined and then turned into the purest mass of energy—a mass of blood-red energy.

A portion of this blood-red energy surged into the illusory figure’s body while a small portion surged into Chu Yunfan’s body.


Chu Yunfan woke up.
He was in a daze.
The boundless sea of blood from before had clearly not changed.
It was just that his mind had been affected by the boundless blood-red energy.
He had been affected by the demon’s divine will.

As for that imposing figure just now, Chu Yunfan had gained a lot of enlightenment.
That was the Godhead protecting its master, not the appearance of a god.
In that short period, Chu Yunfan had gained a lot of information.

That god had already fallen and had fallen for many years.
Only that dried-up Godhead was left.
Strictly speaking, this Godhead was only one-hundredth of the power of that ancient god.
It could only barely protect Chu Yunfan’s sea of consciousness.
If it was not for the demon’s divine will, it would not have manifested at all.

The Guardian God that had manifested that majestic phantom had consumed more than half the energy that Chu Yunfan had accumulated.
And that mass of blood-red energy was actually the divine will of that demon.
More than half of it had been absorbed by the Godhead.

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The other portion had been absorbed by Chu Yunfan.
Although it was only a small portion, Chu Yunfan could feel his cultivation increasing at a crazy rate.
It was unknown how much blood had been absorbed to form that blood-red energy.
Now, it had transformed into terrifying energy and entered Chu Yunfan’s body.


Chu Yunfan could not control the aura on his body.
He knew that he was about to break through.

Chu Yunfan ducked into the Mountain River Diagram.
Once he entered, Chu Yunfan did not delay.
He began to circulate the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method with all his might.
He captured this blood-red energy and converted it into pure power.
A portion of it was converted into power, allowing his strength to continuously rise and breakthrough from the initial stage of the second-level Acquired Stage and arrive at the peak.
A portion of it was fusing into his physical body, making his Imperial Physique even more powerful.

This was originally extremely evil energy, but after being refined by the Godhead, it became the purest form of energy in the world.

In just a short while, Chu Yunfan felt that he had broken through to the peak of the second-level Acquired Stage.
On top of that, his foundation was deep and even more powerful than what he had painstakingly cultivated.

However, the blood-red energy had not been completely exhausted yet.
It brought Chu Yunfan toward the third level of the Acquired Stage.

One cycle after another, Chu Yunfan finally broke through the third level of the Acquired Stage after countless attacks.

The third level of the Acquired Stage!

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