A small cult like the Blood Devourers simply did not have the ability to produce their own weapons.
They had to take many twists and turns to obtain them from the Federation.
With the Federation’s personality, it was impossible for them not to leave a backdoor in these weapons.
It was normal for them to collide with other sects and cults, after all.
Once the Federation made a move, it would be a dead end.

Bloodthirsty City had fallen to the point where even a student organization like the student council was able to encircle and annihilate the Blood Devourers.

From afar, Chu Yunfan could see many figures dressed in blood-red clothes standing atop the city walls.
They were all members of the Blood Devourers.
According to the information in the encyclopedia, the Blood Devourers consisted of tens of thousands of members.
Such a force was a relatively large force in the Arctic Desert.

At this moment, the Blood Devourers looked as if they were facing a great enemy.
Standing before them were thousands of members of Federation University’s student council who were wearing the uniform of the council.

The student council members charged at the Blood Devourers.

These student council members did not exist alone.
Instead, their True Energy communicated with each other, forming a terrifying battle formation.
Their leaders were a few hundred Acquired Stage student council officers.
Right behind the council officers were thousands of council members, but these council members were anything but ordinary.
They were all elites in their own right.

Not just any student was qualified to join the student council.
Only the most elite of students would be accepted into the student council.
These students were not inferior to the tens of thousands of Blood Devourers and some of them were even existences of a higher level.

To put it bluntly, the Blood Devourers were just ordinary people.
They could not compare to a colossus like Federation University which could casually capture a few elites.

This was especially so when these student council members formed a battle formation.
With this method, their might knew no bounds.

Without the help of modern military weapons, the Blood Devourers were forced to retreat.
Although they had the advantage in numbers, they could not gain the upper hand in such a situation.

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“They are indeed powerful,” Chu Yunfan said in surprise as he watched from afar.
Although he was not on good terms with the student council, he did not go so far as to deliberately belittle them.
There was indeed a limit to their advance and retreat, especially since the student council was able to organize thousands of arrogant students to fight a war.
This was not an easy feat.
None of these students were easy to deal with.
And now, they were listening to commands.
This proved how impressive the student council was.

At this time, both sides had begun to engage in close combat.
One could see the importance of a fighting formation.
The members of the student council had hundreds of student council officers acting as the vanguards.
Their attack strength was a force to be reckoned with.
No force from those Blood Devourers could withstand the joint attack of hundreds of Acquired Stage students.

Only an Innate Stage expert would be able to resist them.
Everything else was simply impossible.
Even Chu Yunfan would have no choice but to flee if faced with such a large formation.
Thousands were blasted away under the strength of this large formation.
Even an Acquired expert would be killed in an instant.

However, the Blood Devourers was a large cult with tens of thousands of members and had many elites amongst them.
After these thousands of students flooded the city, a group of over a thousand elite Blood Devourers appeared.
There were over a hundred Acquired elites amongst them.
The others were in the seventh and eighth levels of the Energy Refinement Stage.
In terms of quality, they were not inferior to the student council members, but they were outweighed in terms of number.
It was obvious that they could not compete with the student council members.

However, the Blood Devourers seemed to be stalling for time.

Chu Yunfan quietly followed behind the student council army.
When he got up to the city wall and cut down a few members of the Blood Devourers, he stood and watched from afar.

“These should be the elites of the Blood Devourers.
Everyone, go all out and kill them.
The reward is double the points.”

Suddenly, a long whistle was heard, followed by a figure suddenly flying out from among the student council members.
Within a split second, the figure had charged into the Blood Devourers elites.
It was as if it had swept across and carved out a huge hole, just like a fierce tiger that had leaped out of its cage.

‘What great strength.
This should be the peak of the Acquired Stage.
It’s only slightly weaker than the Innate Stage,’ Chu Yunfan thought as he watched the figure.
It was almost as if the figure was charging through a thousand troops all alone.

Although this figure was slightly weaker than those in the Innate Stage, he was still considered very powerful.
Even the Acquired Stage Blood Devourer elites could not block a single move from this figure.
This person had clearly stepped into the peak of the Acquired Stage.

‘That must be one of the student council vice presidents that organized this attack on the Blood Devourers—Wang Qi!’ Chu Yunfan instantly guessed as to the identity of this person.
The person who had sent the announcement in the name of Federation University’s student council was none other than Wang Qi.

‘The student council does indeed have deep roots.
Any one of their vice presidents has the strength of a peak Acquired.’ Chu Yunfan’s eyes flashed brightly as he watched the scene.

Although the vice presidents were not in the Innate Stage, they were already considered very powerful.
What kind of status did those in the Innate Stage have at Federation University? They were extremely high and mighty figures.
Many of the university instructors were only at the peak of the Acquired Stage.

Students in the Innate Stage were above most of the instructors.
Their positions in the university were almost on equal footing with the instructors in the Innate Stage.

For example, Jiang Lingxiao and his instructor, Zhu Bumie, did not have many rules between them.
They could talk to each other on equal terms because Jiang Lingxiao had stepped into the Innate Stage.
He had enough status to be on equal footing with Zhu Bumie.

At Federation University, other than the seniors, there were only a handful of juniors who had stepped into the Innate Stage.
Even if the seniors were included, there were actually not many who had reached the Innate Stage.
Those in the peak of the Acquired Stage were already considered to be one of the best among the common folk.

Although there was only a thin line between the Acquired Stage and the Innate Stage, many people had been stumped by this very line.
It was possible that they would not break through even when given ten or twenty years.
Otherwise, there would not be so many peak Acquired Stage instructors in the university.
Some of them were already in their fifties or sixties.

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If Chu Yunfan wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with Jiang Lingxiao, he would have to step into the Innate Stage as well and become a big shot within Federation University.
Only then would he have the chance to be mentioned in the same breath.

Suddenly, a long howl erupted from within the city.
Following that, a blood-red figure rushed over, leaving behind a long trail of Blood Energy.
The figure charged straight toward the vice president.

“Wang Qi, you actually dared to bring people to encircle and annihilate us?! Do you really think that there’s no one powerful within the Blood Devourers? Where’s your president, Jiang Lingxiao?” This blood-red figure charged toward Wang Qi, for a moment, it was as if two wild waves had violently collided, setting off a terrifying wave of True Energy that rolled out in all directions.

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