The Blood Prince displayed extraordinary patience toward Chu Yunfan.
In fact, if others were to witness this scene, they would be shocked to see the Blood Prince being so patient.

According to what was known, the Blood Prince was not a patient person.
And in reality, he was indeed not such a person.
The reason he was being so patient with Chu Yunfan was that he wanted to recruit him.
Each of the four cult princes was an extraordinary and outstanding genius.
But it was because of this that the competition between them was especially intense.

Other than the competition amongst themselves, they were also competing to develop their forces.
They competed over power and benefits.
If they wanted to develop their forces, what they needed the most was talent.
And Chu Yunfan was such a talent.

Therefore, the Blood Prince was willing to give Chu Yunfan a chance.
Compared to recruiting Chu Yunfan, letting Sha Yingying and the others go was nothing.
In the Blood Prince’s opinion, those fellows added together were not as valuable as Chu Yunfan.
Sha Yingying and the others were considered geniuses in the eyes of others, but to him, they were very common.

The Blood Prince could capture as many of such people as he wanted from Federation University.
It would not be a very difficult thing to do.

Chu Yunfan fell silent.
The Blood Prince’s smile gradually faded away.
Then he said, “I know you’re trying to delay me so that they can escape, but I advise you not to get any funny ideas.
I’ve already been very lenient with you by letting them go.
If you make any move, you’ll come to regret it.
I don’t want to completely brainwash a talent like you.
If that happens, it will destroy your future growth.
I don’t need a mindless zombie, but if I have no other choice, then I will do it.”

The Blood Prince was stating the fact.
Although the cult was known for its brainwashing policy, the future of a person who had been brainwashed by force was limited.
It would be better if they were brainwashed from a young age.
Methods of brainwashing adults like Chu Yunfan were strong and destructive.

The Blood Prince had seen through Chu Yunfan’s intentions, but he did not care.

“In that case, please excuse disrespect.
Take this sword of mine,” Chu Yunfan said, word for word.
Suddenly, accompanied by a loud cry, the Ju Que in his hand slashed toward the Blood Prince.

The target was the Blood Prince’s neck and the Ju Que was about to cut through it.

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“How dare you!” The Blood Prince’s eyes widened in anger and terrifying Blood Energy burst out from his body.
In his opinion, he was already very patient with Chu Yunfan, but Chu Yunfan had dared to disregard his good intentions.

Chu Yufan was simply courting death.


The Blood Prince raised his hand to block the Ju Que’s slash.
The heavy sword was unable to break through Blood Prince’s protective energy shield.
The gap between him and Chu Yunfan was too great.

The blood-red True Energy blocked Chu Yunfan’s attack!

“Since you want to die, I shall grant you your wish!” The Blood Prince roared.
The Blood Energy in his body instantly erupted as he clawed toward Chu Yunfan.


This claw landed directly on Chu Yunfan’s body.
A jade-like color appeared on Chu Yunfan’s body.
He had activated his Imperial Physique.
At the very least, he was not pierced through by the Blood Prince’s Claw.
But even so, he was still sent flying.
He was sent flying like a kite with a broken string.


Chu Yunfan spat out a mouthful of blood.
He had suffered heavy injuries, but after he landed on the ground, Chu Yunfan’s first reaction was to flee.

“D*mn you, you crafty brat!” the Blood Prince roared in rage.
He immediately understood that he had fallen for Chu Yunfan’s trick.
Chu Yunfan was simply trying to stall for time and infuriate him.
After luring him to attack, Chu Yunfan borrowed the power of his attack to escape from his attack range and began to flee frantically.

The Blood Prince could not understand why he was unable to capture Chu Yunfan in one strike.
His face revealed an angry expression.
He roared, “Chu Yunfan, do you think you can escape? You’re too naive!”


With monstrous Blood Energy, the Blood Prince chased after Chu Yunfan.
The speed of his movements made him look like he was teleporting.
In the blink of an eye, he reached Chu Yunfan who had dodged behind a hill.
But when he reached that spot, he found that Chu Yunfan had disappeared.

‘Did he go underground?’ the Blood Prince wondered.
He closed his eyes and reached out his senses, but there was no sign of any living beings in the surroundings.
He could not even sense any monsters underground.
The monsters had all been scared away after sensing the monstrous and terrifying Blood Energy in his body.

Innate-level experts were enough to completely crush ordinary monsters.
How could they dare to stay?

The Blood Prince could not sense anything.
And from the looks of it, Chu Yunfan could not have run far.

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“D*mn it!”

When the Blood Prince was certain that he could not sense Chu Yunfan anymore, he became extremely furious.
He lashed out, causing a large area of the ground within a thousand meters to cave in.

When the Blood Prince was certain that he could not find Chu Yunfan, he finally left.
Although he did not know how Chu Yunfan had managed to escape, Chu Yunfan was on his must-kill list from now on.
The next time he saw Chu Yunfan, there would be no need to say anything.
He would just kill Chu Yunfan on the spot.

Today was purely an accident.
The Blood Prince thought that he was sure to win.
Where in the world had Chu Yunfan escaped to? There was nowhere for Chu Yunfan to hide in the Arctic Desert.
However, reality had given the Blood Prince’s invincible confidence a harsh slap.
Even he still made mistakes.

Chu Yunfan had really disappeared.
Although the Blood Prince did not know how he had suddenly disappeared, he definitely could not find him.

Even so, the furious Blood Prince stayed in the same place for two days and two nights.
After two days, he finally left.
He had completely confirmed that Chu Yunfan was not there.
Otherwise, for two days and two nights, no matter how careful Chu Yunfan was, he could not hide from the Blood Prince’s perception.
He would eventually be discovered.

Chu Yunfan had clearly used some unknown method to leave this place.
There was no point in continuing to pursue him.

A long time after the Blood Prince had left, Chu Yunfan appeared out of thin air.
He had not just suddenly disappeared.
He had hidden in the space within the Mountain River Diagram.
That was why the Blood Prince failed to discover him.

Even so, Chu Yunfan had to hide for two days and two nights before he was finally in the clear.

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