Chu Yunfan looked at the blood-red figure and said, “The person is probably an Innate expert.
If you guys stay, you won’t be able to block even a single slash from him.
You’ll only be a burden to me.
I have a way to escape unscathed.
If you guys stay here, we will die together.”

Chu Yunfan had fought with Jiang Lingxiao before, so he knew very well how terrifying Innate experts were.
Judging by his aura, this blood-red figure had definitely reached the Innate Stage.
Although there were numerous experts in the Monster Cult, an Innate Stage expert was rare.
Thus, this person was definitely a top-notch Innate expert.

Sha Yingying and the others looked at each other and immediately made a decision.
If they stayed, they would surely die.

“Be careful,” Sha Yingying said.

“I owe you my life!” This was Liao Fan.
At this moment, Liao Fan no longer had any intention of targeting Chu Yunfan.
After all, people’s hearts easily changed.

“Captain Chu, be careful,” Sha Peng said.

Everyone looked at each other and immediately fled into the distance.
They used all their strength and did not dare to stop for even a moment.

In just a short moment, that blood-red figure had already arrived before Chu Yunfan.
A boundless blood-red aura enveloped Chu Yunfan.
The terrifying killing intent wrapped around him tightly.
It affected one’s mind and caused them to sink into this boundless killing intent.

Chu Yunfan’s eyes were filled with blood-red killing intent.

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Suddenly, the Godhead in Chu Yunfan’s mind erupted with waves of clear currents.
Chu Yunfan instantly broke free from this boundless killing intent and regained his clarity.

“You actually dare to cover the rear?” the blood-red figure asked when he saw Chu Yunfan stay behind.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan could clearly see the face of this blood-red figure.
It was a handsome man who looked to be in his twenties.
A blood-red long robe covered his body.
He looked as if he had crawled out of Hell.

He looked like a devil from Hell!

Chu Yunfan knew that this person must have cultivated some form of demonic martial arts.
Some martial arts could alter one’s appearance.
Over time, the person would be affected by it and display strange characteristics.

“Yeah, so what?” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.

“Do you really think you can stop me? I’ll kill you first and then kill them,” the blood-red figure said as he flashed Chu Yunfan a cold smile.
To him, Chu Yunfan was just a small stumbling block that could be easily kicked aside.

“These blood-red robes.
Are you the Blood Prince of the Monster Cult?” Chu Yunfan recalled the many records of the cult within the Encyclopedia of Cultivation.
It contained records of many famous experts from the cult.
Among them was one person whose information was very similar to the person in front of him.

This person was known as one of the four great princes of the Monster Cult, the Blood Prince.
These four great princes were the best in the current generation of the cult.
Every single one of them had stepped into the Innate Stage.
To the Federation, they are also extremely difficult opponents to deal with.

The reward for defeating one of the four cult princes was one of the best offered by the Federation.
This was especially so for the Blood Prince.
The Federation had offered five billion yuan as a reward for killing the Blood Prince.
Other than the Federation, there were also various rewards offered by many of the major factions.
The rewards probably exceeded ten billion in worth.

Such a figure was without a doubt one of the tops within the cult.
Chu Yunfan never thought that he would actually meet such a figure here.

“You recognize me.
You’re pretty knowledgeable.” The Blood Prince looked at Chu Yunfan and sneered.
He glanced at Chu Yunfan and said, “Let me think.
You should be the Chu Yunfan who challenged Jiang Lingxiao to a battle, right?”

“Am I that famous?” Chu Yunfan was on full alert, ready to escape at any time.

“You’re not famous.
You’re just a small fry.
But Jiang Lingxiao is famous.
I’m barely a match for him and you actually dared to challenge him? Do you think we haven’t heard of you?” The Blood Prince smiled faintly, carrying within it a hint of evil charm and cruelty.

Chu Yunfan understood now.
It was not that he was famous, but that Jiang Lingxiao was.
Even small matters related to Jiang Lingxiao would become information on many people’s desktops.
In the eyes of many, Chu Yunfan was the flea who overestimated himself and wanted to provoke Jiang Lingxiao.

“You killed Gu Lang?” the Blood Prince said coldly, “He was my groomed subordinate.
You killed him and destroyed one of my assistants.
I was thinking about killing you, but I’ve reconsidered it.
I think it’s better if I just forget about Gu Lang.
I think you’re more suitable to be my subordinate than him.
Didn’t you want to kill Jiang Lingxiao? If you join me, I’ll give you the chance to kill him.”

“Gu Lang said the same thing just now, and now, he’s dead.
If you can’t even touch Jiang Lingxiao yourself, it’d be useless for me to follow you,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.
He gripped the Ju Que tightly with one hand.

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The Blood Prince glanced at the huge sword in Chu Yunfan’s hand, then said, “You thinking about making a move? You’re quite sharp.
You still have some sense and didn’t attack outright.
Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to have this lovely chat.
I think highly of you, so I’m willing to give you a chance.
Do you really think the Monster Cult can’t kill Jiang Lingxiao? You’ve underestimated us.
In fact, the cult is in the midst of planning a big operation.
When that time comes, the entire Federation will be reduced to ashes.
Jiang Lingxiao is just a bug that lives in the Federation.
When that time comes, killing him will be a piece of cake.”

When Chu Yunfan heard this, his pupils narrowed into slits.
The Federation would be reduced to ashes? How would that be possible? With its strength, the Federation could be said to be a behemoth.
In history, there had never been a country whose strength could compare to the Federation.
The Monster Cult was merely a blip of light compared to the Federation.
And the cult was claiming that they would be able to turn the Federation into ashes?

No matter how one looked at it, it sounded like a huge conspiracy.
But no matter how Chu Yunfan looked at it, he could not think of what they would do to achieve this end.

“You’re telling me such important information just like that.
Aren’t you afraid that I’ll leak it?” Chu Yunfan said as he narrowed his eyes.

“Hahaha, do you think you’ll be able to escape to leak it? Moreover, what sort of secret would this be? A storm is brewing.
This is merely the calm before the storm.
Many already know about it, but only people at the bottom of the barrel don’t.
How about it? I’ll give you another chance.
If you’re willing to join us, I will do my best to nurture you.
Otherwise, you’ll die right here.” The Blood Prince smiled faintly, but he unleashed all of his killing intent, wrapping it around Chu Yunfan’s body.

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