With just two strikes, two Acquired Stage sand pirate leaders had died tragically at Chu Yunfan’s hands.
This frightened the other sand pirates.
These sand pirates had been through life and death for many years and had seen many troublesome experts, but there were very few like Chu Yunfan.
He was a killing machine.

Chu Yunfan had doled out instant kills.
The leaders of these sand pirates were the strongest among them.
They had to go through many battles before being crowned the leaders.
But they could not even withstand a single move from Chu Yunfan.
One could imagine how much of a threat Chu Yunfan was to them.

All of you!”

Gu Lang could not stand idly by anymore.
He thought that victory was certain, but who knew that Chu Yunfan would easily kill these two sand pirate leaders in two moves.
He had turned the entire situation around on his own.

To Gu Lang, these sand pirates were only cannon fodder, but it had not been easy for him to subdue them.
He could not hold back any longer and made his move.


Gu Lang pounced toward Chu Yunfan.
He was much faster than the two leaders who had just entered the Acquired Stage.

The fourth level of the Acquired Stage!

Just as Sha Yingying had said, Gu Lang was indeed stronger than them.
Among Chu Yunfan’s teammates, the strongest was Sha Yingying who had just stepped into the third level of the Acquired Stage.

In comparison, Gu Lang had clearly stepped into the fourth level of the Acquired for some time now.
Although he still could not compare to Dong Fanghao, Jiang Pengfei, and the others, he had clearly surpassed Sha Yingying and the others.

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The long spear in Gu Lang’s hand swept out.
In just a split second, it had reached Chu Yunfan.
The terrifying sonic boom caused by the spear piercing through the air turned into an airwave that blew at Chu Yunfan’s clothes, causing them to flutter.

A thick stench of blood assaulted Chu Yunfan’s senses!


This spear pierced through Chu Yunfan’s body, but it posed no threat to him.
It pierced directly through Chu Yunfan’s illusory figure.

“D*mn it! This movement technique again!” Gu Lang roared.
With a wave of his hand, his spear instantly swept to the side.
It swept toward the other figures of Chu Yunfan, but he quickly discovered that all of them were fakes.
They were merely phantom images.

The miraculous Nine Cyclone Phantoms that Chu Yunfan displayed had surpassed the limits that Gu Lang could currently deal with.

“Overlord Sword!”

Chu Yunfan roared.
He finally made his move.
The sword in his hand was not much shorter than the spear in Gu Lang’s hand.
As he surged forth, a series of sonic booms erupted.
From afar, it seemed like the air had been torn apart.

The sword ray came crashing down like a dragon.

Gu Lang was shocked, but he reacted quickly.
He pulled back his spear to defend himself.
The spear shot forward like a cold light, trying to block Chu Yunfan’s sword.

Chu Yunfan’s terrifying strength had been fully displayed in the earlier battle, but it had not frightened Gu Lang.
From the earlier battle, he had determined Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level.
Chu Yunfan was only at the second level of the Acquired Stage.
He was at the fourth level.
He should be able to defeat Chu Yunfan.


With a shocking explosion, the spear and the Ju Que collided.

In an instant, all of Gu Lang’s attacks collapsed.
Chu Yunfan had smashed them all to pieces.
The spear in Gu Lang’s hand shook violently.
He finally understood how wrong he had been.
Chu Yunfan’s strength was at a terrifying level.

With just one strike, Gu Lang’s palm had been shattered.
Even his thumb and forefinger had been split open.
Chu Yunfan was far more terrifying than he had imagined.

And Chu Yunfan was not in the habit of sparing anyone when he gained the upper hand.
After his attack succeeded, he did not stop.
He seized the opportunity to launch another attack.

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The sound of the Ju Que cutting through the sky shook everything in its surroundings.




Chu Yunfan slashed down with the Ju Que again and again.
The massive body of the sword looked as light as a feather in Chu Yunfan’s hands.

The Ju Que was like a heavy hammer that continuously smashed down.
In the face of such powerful attacks, Gu Lang could only defend himself.
But as the saying goes: if you only defend, you will surely lose.
Finally, Gu Lang lost control over his leg movements and was sent flying by Chu Yunfan’s sword.
He crashed onto the ground.

“Where did your arrogance go? Is this all you have?” Chu Yunfan sneered as he looked at Gu Lang.

Gu Lang crawled to his hands and knees and wiped off the blood that was trickling out the corner of his mouth.
Then, he said, “I didn’t expect you to be so strong.
Freshman, you’ve completely infuriated me!”

Gu Lang’s aura suddenly rose.
He was engulfed by a small storm and his whole body swelled up.
He was already more than six feet tall, and now, he had grown to more than ten feet in a single breath.

“It’s another transformation,” Chu Yunfan said as he stared at the changing Gu Lang.

Although cultivation allowed humans to transform and evolve from lowly creatures to high and mighty ones, this kind of transformation method was certainly something Chu Yunfan would never consider.


Gu Lang’s strength instantly increased.
His strength had increased by more than 50% compared to before.
Gu Lang’s teeth had also become sharper, turning into fangs.
Upon seeing these terrifying fangs, many would surely shudder in fear.
At this moment, he looked like a ferocious beast in human form.

Sha Yingying, Liao Fan, look at my new form.
When I was at Federation University, I didn’t dare to go through the transformation for fear of being discovered.
But now, everything is different.
I’ve accepted an even greater power.
One that you guys can never imagine!” Gu Lang cackled.

But just as Gu Lang barely finished his words, a huge sword descended from the sky and barrelled toward his head.

Gu Lang was furious.
He charged at Chu Yunfan with the long spear in his hand.
After changing his form, Gu Lang’s strength and speed increased greatly.
Before this, he could only defend and retreated under Chu Yunfan’s storm of attacks.
He had been no match for Chu Yunfan at all, but now, he was fighting with Chu Yunfan on equal footing.

“Hahaha, Chu Yunfan, you will die here today!” Gu Lang laughed and swept away his previous disadvantage.
Then, he charged toward Chu Yunfan.




Both sides launched their battle techniques.
The ensuing battle was extremely violent and overwhelming.

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