As Chu Yunfan easily passed the assessment like a hot knife passing through butter, he attracted the attention of many invigilators with his fast completion speed.
Through a computer, they could monitor the situation of the assessment of their students on the virtual network.


Chu Yunfan was not the only one who was fast in the assessment, but all of them were good seedlings in their hearts.
Basically, they had already become very famous within their first two years.


However, Chu Yunfan was different.
Although he had become somewhat famous recently, he was still unknown to many of the teachers, especially the teachers of other classes.


“This student passed the assessment so quickly!”


Three virtual martial artists in the Blood Renewal Stage.
Even a Qi Nourishment Stage martial artist wouldn’t be able to get rid of them so easily!”


“I think he’s that student from Class 11.
I remember hearing about him.
He’s a newly rising star pupil!”


“I just checked.
His name is Chu Yunfan.
Whether it’s in liberal arts or martial arts, he wasn’t very outstanding before.
However, in the past month, he seemed to have burst out from his cocoon.
Whether it’s liberal arts or martial arts, his results have improved by leaps and bounds!”


“Recently, there have been many students whose results have improved, but it’s rare for them to grow to this extent!”


“Another good seedling from the focus class!”


On the monitor screen, Chu Yunfan’s current opponent was in the Qi Nourishment Stage.


“This time, his opponent is in the Qi Nourishment Stage.
I reckon it won’t be so easy for him to defeat this opponent.
Although he’s only a virtual martial artist, to most ordinary people, it would be really difficult!”

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“The first part is nothing.
It just proves that he is worthy of entering the focus class.
However, the focus class is divided into different grades.
Now is the time to truly test his strength!”


“Look, they’re fighting!”


At this moment, Chu Yunfan did not know that his movements had attracted the attention of many invigilators.


In front of him, there was an additional Qi Nourishment Stage virtual martial artist.
The time that he had spent on the virtual network could not be considered short, but this was the first time he was fighting with a virtual martial artist on the virtual network.
He could not help but click his tongue in wonder.
Modern technology was truly magical.


With the existence of virtual martial artists, it could allow those who did not have any fighting experience to quickly gain skills.




This virtual martial artist in the Qi Nourishment Stage attacked.
No expression could be seen on his blurry face, but whether it was his speed or strength, he was much stronger than the virtual martial artist in the Blood Renewal Stage.


The virtual martial artist was not at the peak of the Qi Nourishment Stage, but he was not at the entry-level either.
To be able to defeat him, one would be eligible to enter the focus classes.


If it was before, he might have posed some threat to Chu Yunfan.
However, ever since Chu Yunfan had stepped into the Qi Sea Stage, all the True Energy in his body had condensed into his Qi Sea.
His power had doubled—and so had his strength.


Many invigilators watched Chu Yunfan through the monitor screen, wanting to see how he would deal with this virtual martial artist.
From the process of this battle, they could at least figure out Chu Yunfan’s martial skill level.
From this, they could also deduce many things.


However, Chu Yunfan did not do as they had expected.
When faced with the Qi Nourishment Stage virtual martial artist, Chu Yunfan only turned his head slightly to dodge this attack.
Then, he clenched his fists and threw it out like a long spear.
It hit the chest of the Qi Nourishment Stage virtual martial artist, immediately sending him flying.


Just as the Qi Nourishment Stage virtual martial artist was sent flying and was in mid-air, Chu Yunfan swept his leg over at an even more astonishing angle.
Like a razor, it swept across the body of the virtual martial artist.
In an instant, the virtual martial artist burst into a ball of light and disappeared.


From the beginning to the end, he had only used two moves, and he had defeated the Qi Nourishment Stage virtual martial artist cleanly and swiftly.
That was not the kind of intense battle that many invigilators had wanted to see.


“The Qi Nourishment Stage is not his limit.
This emergence is a bit exaggerated!”


“Could it be that he has already broken through to the Qi Sea Stage? If that’s the case, then that would be very surprising.
Qi Sea Stage is part of the elite of the focus classes!”


“Have you all noticed? His movements are clean and neat.
It’s obvious that he doesn’t lack combat experience.
This doesn’t seem to be the experience gained from virtual combat.
Without experiencing real combat, it’s impossible for him to have that kind of imposing manner!”


Many teachers had noticed the imposing manner of Chu Yunfan’s attacks.
It did not seem to be the kind of attitude that could be gained from virtual combat.
The doubts in their hearts became even deeper.


“Chu Yunfan wins.
Does he wish to enter the next level?”


Chu Yunfan nodded.


After his last few battles, the little bit of nervousness that he originally felt had disappeared without a trace.
On the contrary, he could only feel his blood boiling.


The fourth level had three virtual martial artists in the Qi Nourishment Stage.
This test had once again got even harder.
The third level was to test whether the students had the qualifications to enter the martial arts class’s focus classes.
Those who could pass the fourth level were already qualified.
This was just a test to feel out the elites among them.


Those who could pass would be considered elites.
To defeat such a lineup was only possible for those who had entered the Qi Sea Stage.
Even for students who were in the Qi Sea Stage, this level would prove difficult to pass.


Chu Yunfan had already figured out the rules of this class-dividing test.
By passing the many levels, the student would be sorted by levels.
This assessment was not just to test one’s physical fitness, it was also to test one’s martial skill level.
Everything depended on one’s overall performance in the virtual reality battle.


And one’s performance in the virtual reality battle would correlate the division of classes in the future, as well as the degree of inclination of the school’s resources.


The three Qi Nourishment Stage virtual martial artists surrounded Chu Yunfan.
If he had been an ordinary Qi Sea Stage martial artist, he would have probably gotten nervous.
However, Chu Yunfan, who had been fighting with Liu Yushu every day during this period of time, was not nervous at all.


Although Liu Yushu was in the Qi Nourishment Stage and had suppressed her strength, and although she was just one person, the pressure she had given him was far stronger than the three virtual martial artists combined.


As Chu Yunfan passed another level, more and more teachers came to watch the monitor screen.
This was because most of the students had already been eliminated or were still struggling, but there was no suspense anymore.


There were not many students who could pass through the levels like a hot knife passing through butter.


“If he passes this round, he will be considered an elite.
No doubt about it!”


“But I think it will be a little difficult for him.
If he’s in the Qi Sea Stage, he’ll be fine.
But if he’s only in the Qi Nourishment Stage, I’m afraid he won’t be able to pass!”


“Now we will see his martial skill level.
Previously, he relied on his physical fitness to charge through the levels!”


At this time, three Qi Nourishment Stage virtual martial artists simultaneously pounced at him from three different directions.

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