When the sand pirates saw Chu Yunfan and his teammates, their faces were overcome with troubled expressions.
Federation University students had always been the most troublesome among the many students who would come here.

When they saw that Chu Yunfan’s team consisted of only a few people, they instantly felt much more at ease.
There were a total of several dozen of them—ten times that of Chu Yunfan and the others.
In all aspects, they had the advantage.

“Get them! They dare provoke us with such little numbers! Kill them!”

When the sand pirates saw that Chu Yunfan’s team consisted of only half a dozen people, they instantly revealed ferocious expressions.
When they spotted Hu Xiangling, their expressions became particularly lecherous.

“This is where you’ll die,” Chu Yunfan pushed out these words through the gaps of his teeth.
He stared at the sand pirate leader who was standing in the middle of his men with a steely look.
Meanwhile, his teammates surged forward and charged the sand pirates like ferocious tigers descending a mountain.

The sand pirates thought they would be able to easily defeat these students by relying on their numbers.
After all, they had crawled and fought through mountains of corpses and seas of blood.
They were even proficient in joint attacks.
But after they attacked, they discovered just how wrong they were.

These students were all experts at the Acquired Stage.
Although the sand pirates had more numbers than them, they could not gain an advantage.
But these sand pirates spent their days licking blood off their blades.
Despite lacking the advantage, they were not discouraged.
On the contrary, their ferocity was stimulated, and they howled as they pounced toward Chu Yunfan and his team.

Chu Yunfan merely strolled leisurely through the sand pirates.
His movements seemed slow but were actually extremely fast.
Within a few moments, he had reached the center of the sand pirates.
In the blink of an eye, half a dozen sabers slashed toward Chu Yunfan.

“Kid, you’re courting death.
I can’t believe you dared to come here without armor,” one of the sand pirates said with a sinister smile on his face as if he could see Chu Yunfan’s tragic death.

Chu Yunfan lashed out.
The Ju Que on his back was instantly unsheathed.
The enormous heavy sword in Chu Yunfan’s hand looked like it weighed nothing.
It slashed out a dazzling sword light that swept across and blocked all the incoming sabers.

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With a series of clanking sounds, these sabers slashed onto the Ju Que, but the enormous sword did not budge by even an inch.
Chu Yunfan held the Ju Que in one hand, but it was as steady as a mountain.
No one could shake it.

“You’re the ones who are courting death.” Chu Yunfan sneered.
The Ju Que lashed out.

“Overlord Sword!”

Chu Yunfan roared and the Ju Que slashed out like a huge dragon.
The sword light pierced straight forward and exploded with a deafening boom like a cannon bombardment.

The Ju Que shot toward one of the sand pirates.
He felt a terrifying wave of air sweeping over.

“Come at me!” this sand pirate roared, and his saber slashed down toward the Ju Que that Chu Yunfan had thrust at him.


With a huge boom, the saber in this sand pirate’s hand was instantly sent flying.
His palm was a bloody mess upon suffering that heavy blow.
The momentum of the Ju Que in Chu Yunfan’s hand did not decrease.
It landed on the body of the sand pirate.


With a muffled boom, it was as if the sand pirate had been hit by a huge rock.
He was blown away and fell heavily to the ground.
He ceased moving.
His entire chest had caved in as if he had been hit by a huge force.
His internal organs had been crushed by this blow.

After witnessing the savagery of these sand pirates, Chu Yunfan did not hold back.
With his strength, even an Acquired Stage expert would find it hard to contend with him, let alone some mere Energy Refinement Stage sand pirates.

After killing one of them with one strike, Chu Yunfan did not stop.
He rushed into the group of sand pirates.
The Ju Que in his hand swept out like a huge waterfall.

The sand pirates did not even have time to react before they were hit.
A whole row of sand pirates was instantly sent flying.
Like a kite with a broken string, they fell to the ground and ceased moving.

One strike and it was another instant kill!

In just a split second, Chu Yunfan had arrived before the sand pirate leader.

The leader looked at Chu Yunfan, and then at his subordinates who had been sent flying.
Although his subordinates were all in the Energy Refinement Stage, they had been through hundreds of battles.
Even students from Federation University of the same realm might not be able to contend against them.
But now, they had been swept to death with ease.

Looking at these people, almost half of their bones had been broken, and even their internal organs had been crushed.
The person standing before the leader looked delicate and pretty, but when he attacked, he was truly terrifying.

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But the leader did not have much time to think of his next move.
Chu Yunfan had already arrived in front of him.
The Ju Que in Chu Yunfan’s hand was like an enormous dragon as it barrelled down.

Chu Yunfan aimed this attack directly at the leader.
He could feel Chu Yunfan lock onto him.
There was no way for him to escape.
He could only brace himself and pull out his saber, meeting the Ju Que head-on.


The saber and sword clashed.
In an instant, countless sparks flew out.
the leader felt a terrifying huge force sweeping over him through his arm like a wild tide.


The leader let out a blood-curdling scream.
The muscles in his arms burst open, exploding from the slash of Chu Yunfan’s great sword.
He finally understood why so many of his subordinates could not withstand even one of Chu Yunfan’s blows.

The leader hastily retreated.
He realized how terrifying Chu Yunfan was and wanted to escape, but Chu Yunfan gave him no such opportunity.

The Ju Que in Chu Yunfan’s hand did not slow down.
It came down and slashed out a fountain of blood.
The leader screamed in pain.
Chu Yunfan had sliced off his left arm.
Blood spurted out of the wound.

However, the leader reacted timely.
He retreated frantically and did not dare stop.
But he had underestimated Chu Yunfan’s speed.
He thought that Chu Yunfan would not be able to run very fast whilst holding such a heavy sword.

The leader soon found out that Chu Yunfan was far faster than him.
Chu Yunfan used the Nine Heavenly Deity Transformations to gain on the leader.
Then, he swung down the Ju Que and struck the leader’s retreating back.


The sand pirate leader was instantly struck by the Ju Que.
He flew backward and fell to the ground.
After struggling for a while, he stopped moving.

Another insta-kill!

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