Compared to the average city worker, earning a few hundred thousand in a few months was an exaggerated figure.
But to the proud chosen ones within Federation University, this was common.

The freshmen could attain a couple hundred thousand points through some hard work.
Upon reaching their third and fourth years, the outstanding students could even earn more than 100 million points.
The stronger they were, the more efficient they would be at completing missions.
This efficiency was something that ordinary folk could never comprehend.

Of course, Chu Yunfan was an exception.
Earning that few hundred million was simply phenomenal.
He was stronger than Sha Peng, but it would normally be impossible for him to earn so much.

However, Chu Yunfan did not think much of it.
He thought that he had just gotten lucky.
Luck was also a part of strength after all.
Other than spending 100 million on the Ju Que, he had given 100 million to Gao Hongzhi.
He still had 300 million left on hand.
However, sitting idle was certainly not an option.

If Chu Yunfan wanted to be able to contend with Jiang Lingxiao within a short year, he would have to expend a lot of resources, and all of these would consume countless points.

Chu Yunfan had just heard Sha Peng say that the reward for the Monster Cult members would be doubled.
This was clearly to encourage the students to hunt down those members.

Although the cult had quite a number of members and could be said to be spread throughout the entire human world, they could in no way compare to the Federation.
On top of that, the cult’s members consisted mostly of lackeys.
The cult was not like Federation University which could proudly announce that it did not take in trash.
Each and every student of Federation University was worthy of being called a genius.

Therefore, Federation University dared to offer such a bounty because they were confident in their students.
However, suddenly changing the bounty was not a sudden decision.

Back when the monsters attacked Verdant City, the Federation had suffered heavy losses and millions were massacred.
The people were agitated and it was not hard to guess why this decision had been made.

This was revenge.
Federation University was the cradle of the Federation’s elites.
It would be impossible for them to not care about this matter.

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An eye for an eye.
Blood for blood.

This was the style of the Federation.
They could not repay evil with kindness.
The Federation did not advocate such values.
And in line with their style, Federation University was surely not the only card they had in their deck to handle such situations.

But to the students of Federation University, this was no different from a feast.
Their profits would be doubled.
There were no better benefits than this.
This excited many students to start searching and hunting down members of the cult.

“Captain Chu, it just so happens you have nothing to do, right? Why don’t you come with us? There’s strength in numbers.
With your strength, you could become support,” Sha Peng said.

“We’ll be joining your sister?” Chu Yunfan said with a slight frown.

My sister and some of her teammates,” Sha Peng said.

“Where are you guys? Send me your coordinates,” Chu Yunfan said after some thought.

In a mountain forest outside the Metropolis, a group of five appeared.
The group consisted of three men and two women around the age of twenty.

One of the youths was Sha Peng.
He was dressed in armor and stood tall.
Standing among a group of people who were older than him, he did not lose out in the slightest.

Among the remaining two men and two women, one of the tall women was their leader.
She had a pretty face but had a heroic air about her.
Her features were similar to Sha Peng’s.

The other woman looked much more graceful.
She possessed the grace of a Jiangnan woman.

One of the two men was quite handsome.
He had a regal face, a tall frame, and was quite muscular.
The other man’s face was quite ordinary.
However, his strong eyebrows were eye-catching and reached up to his temples.

“Sha Peng, why isn’t your teammate here yet?” the handsome man asked after a while.
There was a hint of impatience in his tone.

“He just got the news.
Brother Zeng, please wait a little longer,” Sha Peng said.

“We can wait, but Sha Peng, let’s make this clear.
If his strength doesn’t meet our standards, we won’t accept him.
We’re about to hunt down those powerful and cunning members of the cult.
If he isn’t in the Acquired Stage, he’d just cause trouble for us,” Brother Zeng said with an arrogant expression on his face.

The others nodded in agreement.
Those in the Acquired Stage were considered elite students at Federation University.
One of Federation University’s graduation criteria was reaching the Acquired Stage.

These few were sophomores.
Among the sophomores of Federation University, only a very small portion of them had reached the Acquired Stage.
It might be a few hundred people, but it was still less than one percent.

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These people naturally had the right to be proud.

“That’s right.
Other than giving face to your sister, we accepted you because you’ve broken through to the Acquired Stage.
You just barely have the right to be our teammate,” the plain-looking man said.

“Don’t worry.
He definitely has the right to be your teammate.
In fact, I’m not sure who doesn’t have the right to be the other’s teammate,” Sha Peng said coldly.
These two kept emphasizing this matter because they were doubting Sha Peng’s judgment.
This made him feel rather unhappy.
These people had their pride, and of course, Sha Peng naturally had his.

“How could you say such things?” the heroic-looking woman spoke.
She was Sha Peng’s elder sister.
He wanted to refute her, but for her sake, he let it go.

For a second there, the atmosphere was tense.
Suddenly, a figure appeared not far away from them and slowly walked toward them.

Everyone instantly became alert.
With their cultivation bases, even a peak Acquired expert would not be able to get so close to them without making a sound, but they had only noticed this guy when he had gotten so close.

They turned their heads and saw that it was a youth around the age of eighteen or nineteen.
He wore a black robe and had a delicate and pretty face.
His figure was slender.

“Captain Chu!” Sha Peng called out.
It was none other than Chu Yunfan.

When Sha Peng called out to him, everyone lowered their vigilance.
However, their scrutinizing gazes fell on Chu Yunfan.

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