When the homeroom teacher came in, he swept a glance over the room and could tell that everyone had arrived.
He possessed quite a level of cultivation so this level of discernment was ordinary for him.


“All right, since everyone has arrived, then I will announce that this morning, we’ll be testing on various subjects in the liberal arts.
Regardless of whether you want to take the liberal arts or martial arts classes, you will have to obtain outstanding results in this aspect!” The homeroom teacher said.
“There is naturally no need to mention the liberal arts class.
This time, the placement assessment will directly determine whether you are in the regular class or the focus class.
Some students will also have to take martial arts classes.
This is also a must.
If your goal is the focus class, then you will have to get good marks on the liberal arts exam!”


The students all nodded their heads.
They had long known about this.
Since a long time ago, the Federation government’s already abandoned the broken model of only emphasizing the liberal arts.
Instead, they now emphasized both liberal arts and martial arts.


Nowadays, society looked down upon martial artists who only studied the arts or did not have any brains.
They were all brawn and had no brains.


“In the afternoon, you will be taking part in the martial arts assessment.
You will get the results this evening.
After this assessment, you will have five days of vacation.
The school will complete the placement of your classes within these five days!


“All right, go to your exams!”


Everyone rushed to different classrooms to take the exam according to the arrangement of their seats.
This exam was a continuous examination until the end of the exam.
If this had been the Common Era, the students would not have had enough physical strength to last until then.
However, for the current students, this was a very simple thing.
There was no need for them to divide the exam into a few days.


The exams tested them briefly on language, mathematics, ancient seal characters, physics, chemistry, cultivation theory, and so on.
Each paper covered an extremely wide range of subjects.
A student who could obtain a good evaluation or higher in these subjects was considered a relatively comprehensive all-rounder.


A month ago, if Chu Yunfan wanted to obtain good results in all the subjects, it would have been a little difficult.
However, now that his body had been improved by the Godhead, his brain seemed to have undergone immense optimizations.


These questions were not difficult at all.


It was not until noon that he finally finished answering all the questions.
Although the results were not out yet, Chu Yunfan estimated it himself.
Not only could he get good grades, but he could even get excellent grades.
There should be no problem for him to get excellent grades.

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The current exam had long eliminated the scores from the previous Common Era.
It was now only divided into four categories: failed, pass, good, and excellent.


However, he knew that the final decision on class assignments was to be made during the martial arts exam in the afternoon.


After finishing the exam, Chu Yunfan handed in his exam paper and went out.
After a while, Gao Hongzhi exited the exam hall as well.
The two of them decided to go to the cafeteria to have lunch first before preparing for the martial arts exam in the afternoon.


“Do you know how the exams will go later?” Chu Yunfan asked as they ate.


The food in the school cafeteria was not exactly delicious, but it was enough to fill one’s stomach.


“I’ve asked around.
It should be the same as last year’s Year 3 examination.
Basically, it was all done in the virtual network according to the recommendations.
It should be virtual combat.
In the end, the better your basic performance, the higher your score will be.
I don’t know exactly how the score is calculated, but as far as I know, it’s not just dependent on your individual skill, but also on the actual combat situation!” Gao Hongzhi said.
In this field, he had more connections.


Chu Yunfan nodded.
No wonder Liu Yushu was practicing the Devilish Tiger Punch before the class allocation assessment.
There was indeed a reason.


Noon soon passed.
Many students had sat around the entire afternoon, waiting for the final assessment.
It also determined whether they could pass the final class allocation assessment.


The third-year students all gathered in one training room.
Then, they were given special virtual glasses.


Chu Yunfan put on the glasses.
Suddenly, his vision went black.
He had entered the virtual space.
This was software specially developed for the examination.


In this place, no matter what strength they had in the real world would temporarily translate into this space.
Originally, if martial artists above the Qi Sea Stage wanted to project their real strength in the virtual network, they would need to spend money.
Now, they could temporarily do it and they did not have to spend money.


However, once they exited this software and left this exam, they would return to their original state.


“The Year 3 examination of Calm Ocean City’s No.
13 High School is ready to begin.
Chu Yunfan, are you ready to start the assessment?”




Chu Yunfan nodded.
Immediately, a figure appeared in front of him.
This figure’s face could not be seen clearly, but there was an obvious valiant aura on his body.
It was a virtual martial artist.


Before Chu Yunfan could even react, this virtual martial artist attacked him.
He had good technique.
He threw a punch at Chu Yunfan.


However, Chu Yunfan was not afraid at all.
This virtual martial artist looked aggressive, but in fact, the figure was only equivalent to someone in the Blood Renewal Stage.
This was also the basic line to test whether one had the qualifications to enter the martial arts class.
If one had not even reached the Blood Renewal Stage, then one would definitely have to go to the martial arts class.


Chu Yunfan took a step forward then shot out like a bullet, directly connecting with the opponent’s fist.




With a loud muffled groan, this virtual martial artist’s entire arm was shattered by Chu Yunfan’s punch and he tried to retreat.
Chu Yunfan did not let off.
He took a step forward and kicked.
The virtual martial artist was kicked to the ground by Chu Yunfan and could not move.


“Chu Yunfan has won.
Do you want to enter the next level?”


At this moment, a clear and melodious notification sounded in Chu Yunfan’s ears.


The enemies in the second level were three virtual martial artists in the Blood Renewal Stage.
They appeared at the same time.


If the first level was only a test to see if they had reached the bottom line of the martial arts class, then now it was a test to see if they had reached the level of an elite of the regular class.
To be able to defeat these three virtual martial artists in the Blood Renewal Stage, one was already considered an elite of the regular class.


It was very obvious that even if there were three virtual martial artists in the Blood Renewal Stage, they were still not a match for the current Chu Yunfan.
He easily defeated these three virtual martial artists in the Blood Renewal Stage.


Very quickly, he entered the third level.
The next martial artist that appeared jumped to the Qi Nourishment Stage.


Chu Yunfan also easily defeated this Qi Nourishment Stage martial artist.
Moreover, his speed was very fast.
This virtual martial artist was defeated by Chu Yunfan without having any chance to fight back.


Chu Yunfan’s astonishing speed of clearing the levels attracted the attention of many invigilators.

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