Bai Ling’er was the focus of everyone’s attention.
As she moved, everyone’s gaze turned to a corner of the classroom.
There sat a young man who was looking out of the window as if pondering something.


Bai Ling’er walked up to him quietly and suddenly shouted.
Her face revealed a look of anticipation as if she wanted to see Chu Yunfan scared.

Unexpectedly, Chu Yunfan just turned his head lazily and glanced at her.
He spat out one word, “Childish!”

With Chu Yunfan’s cultivation, how could he not have noticed Bai Ling’er who was getting closer? Bai Ling’er had only just entered the Energy Refinement Stage, so how could she hide from Chu Yunfan who was already in the Acquired Stage.

I’m the childish one.
You’re so mature.” Bai Ling’er sat down gloomily in the seat in front of Chu Yunfan.
Although she knew she would not be able to scare Chu Yunfan, seeing that Chu Yunfan had no reaction at all, she felt extremely crestfallen.

“Why have you come to class today? This isn’t your style,” Bai Ling’er asked.

“What’s my style? Why can’t I come to class?” Chu Yunfan said as he glanced at Bai Ling’er.

“You’re so impressive now.
You even dared to go against the president of the student council.
I’ve heard much news about you,” Bai Ling’er said.

“Hehe!” Chu Yunfan did not want to comment on this matter, so he ended the topic with a chuckle.

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“You promised my elder that you’d take care of me.
Is this how you’re going to take care of me? It’s been a few months since classes started and I’ve barely seen you.” Bai Ling’er pouted and widened her beautiful eyes.
She looked so fierce that it looked like she wanted to scare Chu Yunfan.
Many of the boys beside her were staring at her wide-eyed.

Bai Ling’er was too adorable!

Then, they all turned and glared at Chu Yunfan.
Who was this guy that could make their goddess treat him so differently? Although Bai Ling’er had a reputation, she was also famous for being cold and aloof.
It was difficult for ordinary people to even speak to her.

Not to mention, this was the first time Bai Ling’er had taken the initiative to talk to someone.

However, the more they listened to this conversation, the more they felt that something was wrong.
Why did they feel that this conversation was a little ambiguous? What “take care of?” How was he supposed to take care of her?

“You’re doing so well.
Do you need me to take care of you? Stop fooling around.
Besides, I’m just trouble.
What benefits would you get from being friends with me? It definitely won’t turn out well for you,” Chu Yunfan said.

“You’re right.
You’re so much trouble.” Bai Ling’er nodded solemnly.

Chu Yunfan really wanted to give her another hehe.
It was simply impossible to respond to this.

“You really don’t know how to converse.
I don’t want to chat with you anymore,” Chu Yunfan said bluntly.

“Chu Yunfan, let’s have another match.
I’ll definitely beat you this time,” Bai Ling’er said in a serious tone.
She had been an outstanding person among her peers since she was young.
After entering Federation University, she had become one of the most outstanding people in Federation University’s alchemy department.
There were not many who could stand shoulder to shoulder with her.
Those who could surpass her could be counted on one hand.

On top of that, Bai Ling’er was still young.
When she got to the same age as them, no one believed that she would not be able to compete with those seniors who were currently in the limelight.

Ever since Bai Ling’er was young, there had never been anyone who could stir up her desire to win or lose like Chu Yunfan.
Ever since she had lost to Chu Yunfan, she had been working even harder.
She had been waiting for her next opportunity to defeat Chu Yunfan.

After entering Federation University, the vast amount of knowledge about alchemy in Federation University significantly broadened Bai Ling’er’s horizons.
In just a few short months, she could feel that she had improved by at least twice as much as before.

Chu Yunfan glanced at her and said, “No.
I’m afraid that it will affect your self-confidence.”

“How do you know I’m not better than you? You can’t possibly be afraid of me, right?” Bai Ling’er said without showing any signs of weakness.

At this moment, the students who were watching from afar were thrown off by the two’s words.
Bai Ling’er was the goddess of their department.
Her talent in alchemy was praised by many professors of the university.
She was hailed as the one with the highest possibility of becoming an alchemy expert in the future.

What kind of status was that? There were not many such figures within the Federation.
Bai Ling’er’s elder, Bai Hong, was also an alchemy expert.

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Although an official alchemist was only a few ranks away from becoming an alchemy expert, it was like a natural moat.
This was because alchemy was different from martial arts.
When one’s cultivation reaches a certain level, one would be able to raise their strength.
It was fine to cultivate bravely and diligently.

On the contrary, an alchemist needed to practice countless times and accumulate vast amounts of knowledge before they could raise their strength.
Every increase in level represented a huge difference in one’s strength in the path of alchemy.

In the past, there were many students who managed to become junior alchemists in their first year and second year.
However, they were not able to become intermediate alchemists until they graduated.
There were no rushing things when it came to alchemy

With Bai Ling’er’s status in the alchemy department, it had always been others who came to challenge her.
This was the first time that she had challenged someone.
At the very least, this was something they had never heard or seen before.

“I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today.
This scene is completely wrong!”

Bai Ling’er had taken the initiative to issue a challenge, but the youth opposite her acted like he cared little for it.
He even said that he was afraid of hurting Bai Ling’er’s confidence.
Yet Bai Ling’er acted like she was unperturbed.
She was unwilling to accept it and continued to challenge him.

Many felt that their worldview was about to collapse.

However, these people quickly reacted.
After all, they were the elites and geniuses of their peers.
Although they felt that this scene was subverting their worldview, they did not act rashly.
There were many hidden dragons and crouching tigers in this world.
No one dared to say that they were invincible.

Many looked toward Chu Yunfan and began to look him up.
Who exactly was this fellow? What right did he have to make Bai Ling’er look at him in such a light?

“I remember now.
Isn’t he that Chu Yunfan who became the champion of the instructor competition?”

“Right, I remember now.
That’s right, he’s Chu Yunfan.
I heard that he made an appointment with the student council president, Jiang Lingxiao, to have a life-and-death battle one year from now.”

“I’ve also heard of this.”

Many people began to discuss animatedly.
Many started to recognize Chu Yunfan.
Only now did they realize that this unremarkable-looking youth actually had a great background.

To them, the champion of the instructor competition was an extremely high-leveled and highly valuable champion.

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