Seeing that Chu Yunfan was fine, Jeang Yuanbin looked at Jiang Lingxiao and said, “How dare you hurt my student!”

Jiang Lingxiao could feel the terrifying aura radiating off Jeang Yuanbin, but he did not back down.
He was also an Innate master and had his pride.

Jeang, it’s not that I want to hurt him.
It’s just that this kid actually dared to injure my student council members.
If this matter isn’t dealt with promptly, I’m afraid it will affect the university.
People will think that Federation University’s students aren’t disciplined,” Jiang Lingxiao said coldly.

Jeang, I never wanted to make things difficult for those council members, but President Jiang here ordered them to summon me.
They tried to use force.
I think this should be counted as self-defense.” Chu Yunfan coughed a few times.

“Jiang Lingxiao, you really think you’re so powerful, huh? Do I need you to discipline my students for me? You don’t have the authority.
Those members of yours sure are bold to approach my student.
They deserved that beating,” Jeang Yuanbin said even more domineeringly.
To him, even if they were not his disciples, he could beat them to death.

Jeang, this matter isn’t something you have control over.” Facing Jeang Yuanbin, Jiang Lingxiao did not give in.
He sneered.
“Even though you’re an instructor, I think that if the higher-ups of the university were to question you, you would not be able to bear it.”

“Shut up.
Do you really think I don’t know that? I used to be the president of the student council.
Do you think that I don’t know what a student council is?” Jeang Yuanbin said, “I won’t bother saying unnecessary things.
I will just return to you what you did to my disciple today.
Since you tried to cripple his martial arts, I will cripple your martial arts too.
This is only fair.

“As for the higher-ups coming to find trouble with me—let them.”

Jeang Yuanbin was unafraid of trouble.
He was incredibly domineering.
However, many students of Federation University did not feel disgusted by his attitude.
On the contrary, if they had such an instructor, they would certainly be very happy.

“Jeang Yuanbin! How dare you!”

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A loud roar suddenly came from afar.
An aura that was not inferior to Jeang Yuanbin approached and landed among them almost in an instant.
It was a tall middle-aged man dressed in a long red robe.
His face carried a malicious expression.
He stood before Jeang Yuanbin.

“Jeang Yuanbin, you sure are bold!” The middle-aged man began berating Jeang Yuanbin as soon as he arrived.

“Zhu Bumie, am I not allowed to touch your student who dares lay a hand on mine?” Jeang Yuanbin said fearlessly.

“Zhu Bumie? Is he the director?”

This was most students’ first time seeing Zhu Bumie, the academic affairs director of Federation University.

Without a doubt, this man—the academic affairs director—was one of the core members of Federation University and Jiang Lingxiao’s instructor.
No wonder Jiang Lingxiao managed to become the president of the student council.
He was most certainly influential, but it would have been impossible for him to bag the position without the support of such an instructor.

“So this man is Zhu Bumie.
I remember now.
Chu Yunfan’s instructor is called Jeang Yuanbin.
There’s a legend about them in the university.
They had been competitors when they were students.
And now Zhu Bumie is the head of the administrative office while Jeang Yuanbin is one of the top instructors of Federation University.”

One of the students came to a sudden realization and mentioned the identities of the two.
Although these two people were famous, not everyone knew what they looked like.

After all, adding together the instructors, students, and personnel, Federation University had a total of over a million residents.
Unless it was someone very, very famous, such as the chancellor, many did not know what they looked like.

“Jiang Lingxiao is the most outstanding disciple of Federation University over the past few years.
You dare to lay your hands on him? I think you must be tired of living.
I won’t let this matter rest.
I will bring this up at the next staff meeting.
Just you wait!” Zhu Bumie thundered.

“So many years have passed, and yet, the only thing you do is complain.
You haven’t improved one bit.
Besides, I too would like to see judgment passed.
I have yet to put my hands on your disciple, yet your disciple has seriously injured mine.
This matter is just as you put it.
There won’t be an easy way to solve this.” Jeang Yuanbin was unwilling to be outdone.
Although he held no specific position in the school, he was a top instructor and was not someone to be bullied.

“Very well,” Zhu Bumie said with a cold smile, “This matter isn’t over.
When the staff meeting rolls around.
I want to see what you’ll have to say.

“Let’s go,” Zhu Bumie said to Jiang Lingxiao.

“Hold on.”

Suddenly, they heard a voice calling for them to stop.
Everyone turned around and saw that the person calling for them to stop was none other than Chu Yunfan.

They watched as Chu Yunfan got up off the ground with great difficulty.
Then, he pulled out the Shadowless Saber fragments that were embedded in his body piece by piece.
Every time he pulled one out, fresh blood would spurt out.

The bystanders were shocked, but Chu Yunfan did not even frown.
Chu Yunfan’s blood flowed down his body.
He looked as if he had gone through a great battle.
He was heavily injured, but he stubbornly wanted to get up.
He stared at Zhu Bumie and Jiang Lingxiao with a steely look and said, “Jiang Lingxiao, I will never forget what happened today.
I will repay today’s humiliation in double in the future.
Jiang Lingxiao, do you dare to enter the Death Arena? A year from now, let’s have a life-and-death duel.
Do you dare?”

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Chu Yunfan’s words instantly caused an uproar.
Everyone stared at Chu Yunfan in shock.
Regardless of whether it was Federation University or the Federation Government, they all had strict rules.
Sparring was allowed, but once it came to a person’s life, no matter what the situation was, they would be severely punished.
There was only one exception, and that was the Death Arena.

Entering this arena was equivalent to signing a death waiver.
No one would interfere in a battle within the Death Arena, and revenge was not allowed after.

Similarly, once one entered the Death Arena, there was only one possible end—the death of one of the participants, or both.

Without a deep hatred between the two parties, no one would enter the Death Arena.
Once they entered, there would be no chance to back out.

Jiang Lingxiao pondered, then sneered at Chu Yunfan and said, “Since you wish to die, I will fulfill your wish.”

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