It was not that there was no one skilled in martial arts, but generally speaking, the human body was unable to directly contend against monsters.
However, Chu Yunfan showed a completely different style of battle, displaying a body that was not inferior to these monsters.
He was even stronger than the monsters in terms of physical quality.

However, this was a strange scene to look at.
In the eyes of many, Federation University was a holy land of martial arts.
It was normal for them to have many methods to strengthen their bodies.

The battle went on well past the sunset—until signs of the night sky started appearing.
When the stars started to shine, the battle finally ended.
It was not that the battle had ended, but reinforcements had arrived.

The arrival of a large number of reinforcements had saved this precarious line of defense.

“Is that the true main force of the human race?” Chu Yunfan looked at the incomparably large warships that were flying past in the distance.
Countless cannons were opening fire and vast amounts of energy waves swept past.
In an instant, hundreds and thousands of flying monsters were blasted into a pile of flesh and blood.

Groups of mecha flew out from the battleships and rushed into the midst of the flying monsters at lightning speed.
They killed all the flying monsters in one fell swoop.
And in the distance, there were loud explosions.
Countless huge steel beasts were approaching.
The armored troops of the human race had finally arrived.
The human race finally displayed their terrifying strength that could contend against the monsters.

In less than an hour, the monster swarm that had massacred Verdant City had been completely wiped out.

Chu Yunfan and the others finally had a chance to rest.

Chu Yunfan lay on the ground to recover his strength.
This was the first time that he had completely exhausted his strength since he had cultivated the Imperial Physique.
In that situation where he had been surrounded by monsters, the armor on his body had been torn to shreds.
Because Chu Yunfan had constantly circulated his True Energy, his defense was absolutely astonishing.
If it were anyone else, they would have long fallen.

On the battlefield, the outcome of a battle was not decided by such a simple thing.

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The Thunder Winged Beast stood beside Chu Yunfan, guarding him like a guardian god.
The people around him had long become accustomed to this.

There were quite a few people who tamed monsters.
However, Chu Yunfan’s Thunder Winged Beast was obviously extraordinary.
It was clearly different from other monsters.

On the other side of the Thunder Winged Beast, Tang Siyu was leaning on it and was falling asleep.
After a whole day of battle, she had exhausted all of her strength.

Everyone was glad that they had survived.
In recent years, as the strength of humans increased, although there were many instances of monsters attacking cities, few of them were successful.
After encountering such a situation, it was good enough that they had survived.

Many people were on their phones, making contact with the outside world.
They wanted to find their loved ones and confirm that they were safe or to tell the outside world that they were safe.

All sorts of discussions were going on.
There were many helping to set up tents used for camping in the wild.
At least half of the people here were going to be homeless today and had to live out in the open.

In the sky, one after another, planes dropped supplies from the sky.
The soldiers from the main army who came from afar were doing the post-disaster reconstruction project in an orderly manner.

Suddenly, in the darkness of the night, the figure of a man slowly appeared.
Every step he took seemed to shake the hearts of the people.
Even if one was not looking at the figure, they would involuntarily be attracted by his footsteps.

The Thunder Winged Beast woke up from its slumber.
It opened its eyes and stared at the person in front of it.

The person before the creature was a 20-year-old young man.
His aura was extremely powerful and there was a sense of recklessness radiating from his body.

“A Thunder Winged Beast?” Surprise flashed through the youth’s eyes.

Soon, the strange movements of the Thunder Winged Beast alerted Chu Yunfan who was resting.

Experiences from the wilderness had long made Chu Yunfan used to be alert even while he was sleeping.

Chu Yunfan quickly got to his feet.
He had already recovered more than half of his strength.
When he looked at the person who had appeared, he was instantly shocked.
It was none other than Jiang Lingxiao.

At this moment, many students from Federation University had spotted Jiang Lingxiao and surrounded him.
They all looked at Jiang Lingxiao with strange expressions, then at the unfamiliar Chu Yunfan.
They did not know how Jiang Lingxiao was related to Chu Yunfan.

As if sensing the hostility in its master’s heart, the Thunder Winged Beast leaped to its feet.
It stared at Jiang Lingxiao with a cold gaze, letting out a series of low growls.

“Greetings, President!”

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Many of the Federation University students were greeting him.
Jiang Lingxiao was powerful, even by Federation University standards.
This made him famous within the university.

Jiang Lingxiao nodded at the crowd.
He said, “This time, the monsters attacked the city and caught us off guard.
However, you’ve all performed very well.
Every single one of you has made contributions.
I will have the university reward you all.
You have shown the world the spirit of our university students.
You have made our university proud.

“Each of you carries a personal terminal on you.
It has recorded your contributions.
The more monsters you’ve killed, the more points you’ll receive.
I will put out the order.
When the time comes, I will allow you to exchange for some precious medicinal pills.
With these pills, you will be able to greatly improve your strength.”

When everyone heard this, they revealed pleasant looks of surprise.
They knew how difficult it was to obtain these precious medicinal pills.
It was not just because the price of these pills was very high, wanting to exchange for these precious pills required permission.
Ordinary students did not have the qualifications to exchange for them.

Only after making an outstanding contribution to Federation University could one raise their status.
Only when their status had improved would they be able to exchange for better medicinal pills, promote their cultivation, and then make even greater contributions to Federation University.

In reality, the outstanding students in Federation University all participated in this process.
This would form a virtuous circle and the average student would hardly ever come across such an opportunity.

Now that Jiang Lingxiao had made the decision, they finally had the opportunity to obtain these precious medicinal pills for themselves.
Many revealed looks of gratitude on their faces.

“This is great! This way, our strength can be improved!”

“The president is indeed as magnanimous as the rumors say!”

“As expected of the president!”

After making this proclamation, Jiang Lingxiao turned his gaze to Chu Yunfan and asked, “Are you Chu Yunfan?”

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