Chu Yunfan’s fist shot out like a heavy cannon toward the devilish youth.
His fist pierced through the air, and each punch was as heavy as a thousand pounds!

The devilish youth was not slow to react.
He matched Chu Yunfan’s speed.

At this moment, the devilish youth no longer looked as graceful as before.
He had grown taller and his arms and legs had become thicker.
It was obvious that his entire body had undergone a transformation.

The devilish youth’s cultivation level was higher than Chu Yunfan’s—third level of the Acquired Stage.
Ordinary people of the same cultivation level would not be able to withstand even three moves from Chu Yunfan, much less put up a fight.

Clearly, this transformation had provided the devilish youth with a fighting edge.

Compared to the Blood Bat, the devilish youth was clearly on a higher level.
Moreover, the side effects were not that serious, and he would not normally become like this.

Clearly, in the Monster Cult, if they were to undergo transformation, they would be divided into different levels.
And the devilish youth belonged to a higher level.

However, the more this was the case, the more Chu Yunfan wanted to kill the other party.
Just like how the Monster Cult would frequently make a move on the geniuses of the Federation, once the Federation discovered the outstanding talents of the Monster Cult, they would often make a move to kill them.

If the Monster Cult become the leader of the Federation government, they would be equivalent to the terrorists of the Common Era.
In fact, they would be even crazier and more terrifying than the terrorists of that era.

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It was obvious that the devilish youth had also thought of this point.
His eyes stared fixedly at Chu Yunfan—his killing intent palpable.
A student of Federation University who was only in the Acquired Stage would not be able to cause him to lose his composure.
He remembered that half a year ago, Chu Yunfan was a nobody that was not worth mentioning.

At that time, he only feared Dong Fnaghao and the others.
In fact, based on his age, he was indeed similar to them.
Although he was one step behind them, he was not too far behind.

What kind of people were Dong Fanghao and the others? They were the cream of the crop among the tens of millions of examinees in the Federation.
They were one in a million.

It was shameful to have to chase Dong Fanghao’s shadow!

At that time, Chu Yunfan was just a tiny spot of trouble in the devilish youth’s eyes.
But now, after just a few months, Chu Yunfan was able to stand shoulder to shoulder with him.
It was different from the transformation he had undergone.
This was a genuine cultivation.
If he did not kill such a person, he would definitely become a big problem in the future.

Those important figures in the Federation would naturally be dealt with by those important figures in the cult.
The devilish youth’s opponents would be someone like Chu Yunfan who was about the same age as him.

Thinking of this, the devilish youth’s killing intent boiled even hotter!

But the cruelest fact was that no matter how much killing intent the devilish youth had, he was being suppressed and beaten by Chu Yunfan.
His strength was already tyrannical amongst those at the third level of the Acquired Stage.
However, against Chu Yunfan—a first-level Acquired newbie—he was completely suppressed and beaten.

Although the devilish youth was not at a disadvantage, only he himself knew that he was doing his best.
He had used all sorts of strengthening methods.
He had done his best.
He had used all his trump cards, but he still could not take down Chu Yunfan.
This was the biggest problem.

The devilish youth could not go on doing this.
On the contrary, Chu Yunfan did not have this kind of trouble.

“Hahahaha, your strengthened body just to be a punching bag?” Chu Yunfan laughed.

Chu Yunfan punched the devilish youth again and again.
Each punch was like a thousand pounds.
When it landed on the body of monsters of the same realm, they would not be able to withstand it.
However, the devilish youth was able to block Chu Yunfan’s attacks consecutively.

Not to mention other things, just the ability to withstand these punches was first-class.

Chu Yunfan now understood even more clearly that this fellow absolutely could not be allowed to live.
If this kind of person did not encounter an existence that was even weirder than him, ordinary people would be at a disadvantage if they encountered him.

For example, Sha Peng and the others.
Although they were elites and were well-known figures, if they encountered this fellow, they would be in big trouble.

If it was an ordinary Acquired Stage, it would be difficult for them to do anything to the devilish youth even if they were to double their strength.

The two of them had a strong killing intent toward each other, and at this moment, it finally erupted.

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“Go to Hell!”

Chu Yunfan’s words triggered the devilish youth.
With a roar, the True Energy in the devilish youth’s body erupted.
A strange and demonic True Energy instantly erupted.
It was extremely terrifying.
All of it gathered together and instantly flew toward Chu Yunfan.

The devilish youth had sent out at least half of True Energy.
He used a dead move to ensure that Chu Yufan would be killed.

“I’ll finish you off with one strike!”

Chu Yunfan roared and did not hesitate anymore.
His eyes shone with a bright light.
He unsheathed his Shadowless Saber and all of his aura was gathered into the blade.
In an instant, it was as if all of the aura in the world had started to circulate as well, Then, he ruthlessly slashed down.
The power was unimaginable.


The collision between the two sides set off a wild tide.
True Energy swept out in all directions, sweeping up the dust on the ground and covering everything.


Immediately after, another loud sound was heard.
Then, a figure was seen flying out from the wild tide.

It was none other than the devilish youth.
He rolled across the ground.
There was a huge bloody scar on his chest.
It was a terrifying injury caused by Chu Yunfan’s saber energy.
It had almost split him in half.
If he had not blocked it, that would certainly have been the outcome.

From the middle of the wild tide, Chu Yunfan pounced out.

“Die!” Chu Yunfan roared.
He understood the logic of chasing after a bandit with all your remaining courage.
One should not be known as a learning tyrant.

“Rrragh!” the devilish youth let out a huge roar like a wild beast.
The Acquired monsters that were occupied by the Thunder Winged Beast rushed over and blocked Chu Yunfan with their lives.

“Get lost!”

Chu Yunfan was furious.
He slashed at the monsters one by one and knocked them to the ground.
Although these monsters were terrifying and powerful, they were nothing in front of Chu Yunfan.
They could not even block a single move.

After defeating these monsters, Chu Yunfan turned around to discover that the devilish youth had disappeared.
Although there were bloodstains that he could follow, Chu Yunfan noticed another wave of monsters charging in their direction from afar.

Chu Yunfan knew that he had lost his best chance at killing the devilish youth!

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