“I really have become stronger!”

Chu Yunfan laughed and felt his spirit rise.
Two months ago, he would at most be able to remain undefeated, let alone instantly kill such an opponent.

One of the Bloodmane Ape alphas was killed, but it did not scare these Bloodmane Apes.
On the contrary, it stimulated the ferocity in their bloodlines and frenziedly they pounced toward Chu Yunfan and the others.




Chu Yunfan sent one Bloodmane Ape after another flying.
He was like a terrifying killing machine.
It was impossible for these beasts to exhaust Chu Yunfan to death.

After cultivating the Imperial Physique, Chu Yunfan realized that it brought endless benefits.
His recovery ability before cultivating this technique was already quite impressive.
And now, Chu Yunfan’s recovery speed has grown even more astonishing.
In an instant, all the energy he expended was replenished.

Unless Chu Yunfan was surrounded by a group of Innate Stage experts, it would be impossible for any mere Energy Refinement Stage expert to exhaust his physical strength.

In addition, the recovery speed of Innate Stage experts was several times faster than that of Energy Refinement Stage experts.
At this moment, Chu Yunfan felt unprecedentedly powerful.

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Chu Yunfan was in the mood to kill, but he heard a burst of exclamations coming from the cave.
Chu Yunfan immediately came back to his senses.
This was not the time for him to go on a killing spree.
He let out a long howl and called out to the Thunder Winged Beast.
Then, he began to fly in the direction of the cave.

Chu Yunfan and the Thunder Winged Beast—the man and the beast—were like heavy bulldozers.
They swept through everything before them.
Wherever they passed, the Bloodmane Apes were all knocked away.

If they were just extremely strong, they would not be so ferocious.
Sooner or later, they would be surrounded.
But regardless of whether it was Chu Yunfan or the Thunder Winged Beast, both of them were extremely fast.
These Bloodmane Apes simply could not catch them.
Thus, it was impossible for them to surround the two.

Before the other Bloodmane Apes could rush over to help, there would already be a large number of casualties.

A man and a beast rampaged their way into the cave.
Soon, they had reached the entrance of the cave.

“How’s the situation inside?” Chu Yunfan asked loudly.

“Captain Chu! It’s Captain Chu!”

“This is great.
The captain is here!”

“We’re saved!”

At this moment, a wave of surprised voices came from inside the cave.
It was indeed just as Chu Yunfan had guessed.
It was Sha Peng and the others.

“We’re fine, Captain.
Be careful.
There’s more than one Bloodmane Ape alpha here,” Sha Peng called out.

Even without Sha Peng’s warning, Chu Yunfan knew that there was more than one alpha here.
This was because there was a Bloodmane Ape charging over.
The commotion caused by Chu Yunfan’s arrival had clearly attracted the attention of these alphas.

Immediately, two Bloodmane Ape alphas retreated from the cave.
Two tall alphas pounced toward Chu Yunfan like two small mountains.
One of them was an old friend of Chu Yunfan.
It was the Bloodmane Ape alpha that Chu Yunfan had used as a grindstone for half a month.
The other one was unfamiliar and ruthless.
It was clearly the Bloodmane Ape alpha of a different troop.

When the Bloodmane Ape alpha saw Chu Yunfan, it instantly recognized this enemy.
During that half a month, not only was it unable to take down Chu Yunfan, but Chu Yunfan had beaten it into submission.

Almost immediately, it locked onto its target and pounced on Chu Yunfan.
The other Bloodmane Ape alpha was stopped by the Thunder Winged Beast, forming a one-on-one situation.

Watching the Bloodmane Ape pouncing over, Chu Yunfan was not afraid.
He merely laughed and said, “Right on time!”

The sharp claws of the Bloodmane Ape alpha were like blades and swords, instantly chopping down at Chu Yunfan’s head.

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Chu Yunfan did not even stop to think and instantly attacked.
His five fingers clenched into a fist as he threw a punch.


Chu Yunfan’s punch was like a heavy cannon, piercing through the air and stirring up airwaves.
It met the sharp claws of the Bloodmane Ape alpha.
Chu Yunfan had not even used his saber.

Chu Yunfan wanted to meet the alpha head-on.
He also wanted to know the true limit of the Imperial Physique he had cultivated.

Chu Yunfan’s fist emitted a crystal clear light.
It was a sign that he had activated the Imperial Physique.


When the fists and claws met, a sound like metal clashing rang out.
Sparks flew in all directions.

The alpha was sent flying at this great momentum.
After flipping through the air a few times, it finally landed on a rock.

The alpha looked at Chu Yunfan in shock.
It had a deep impression of this mortal, but it remembered that two months ago, Chu Yunfan could only retreat under its attack.
Chu Yunfan could only barely hold on and not be killed.

However, in just short two months, Chu Yunfan’s strength had risen to a level that was comparable to the alpha.
This was undoubtedly a subversion to its understanding.

These kinds of situations were a very common thing on the human side because the lifespan of humans could not be compared to monsters.
A monster like the Bloodmane Ape would easily live past two hundred years as long as it did not get sick and did not encounter any disaster even though it was only in the Energy Refinement Stage.

Humans, on the other hand, could only live up to a hundred by relying on science and technology.
This was a huge gap.

Although humans could not be compared to monsters in terms of lifespan, humans had wisdom.
These monsters would only absorb the essence of nature to cultivate and do everything by instinct.
Therefore, their cultivation speed was worlds apart from that of humans.

“You’re just all right.” Chu Yunfan chuckled as he looked at the ferocious beast that had caused him great pressure two months ago.
Now that they had met again, he felt that it was just so-so.
He had become much stronger in two months.

Chu Yunfan looked at his fist.
It had been scratched head-on by the sharp claws of the Bloodmane Ape alpha, but there were only a few white scratches and they were rapidly disappearing.

This was merely the skin stage of the Imperial Physique.
If he were to truly cultivate it to the point of flesh and bone, how powerful would he be? It was simply unimaginable.

Although the Bloodmane Ape alpha was not very intelligent, it recognized the contempt in Chu Yunfan’s eyes.
It flew into a rage and pounced toward Chu Yunfan once more.

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