The punch landed on the taller member’s body.
He felt as if he had been struck by a ferocious beast.
All the bones in his body were on the verge of breaking.
The feeling was simply too terrifying.
The intense pain drowned out all his senses.
He struggled on the ground for a moment but was unable to get up.

The shorter member had yet to react.
Everything had happened so quickly.
It was truly terrifying.
In just a split second, the victor had already been decided.
His partner had been so easily defeated by Chu Yunfan.

It was only one move.
From the beginning to the end, it was only one move.
Chu Yunfan had beaten his partner until he could not get up.
This was terrifying!

“It’s your turn,” Chu Yunfan’s cold voice rang out.
Then, Chu Yunfan instantly appeared in front of the shorter member.

“Sh*t!” the shorter member cursed.
Then, he instantly reacted.
His hands formed a cross and blocked the incoming attack.

However, Chu Yunfan’s punch was like a long spear piercing out.
In the blink of an eye, it had already arrived in front of the shorter member.


Although the shorter member had managed to block this punch, he too was sent flying and rolling across the ground.
At this moment, he finally understood the thoughts of his partner.
The person before them was not a human, but a monster wearing human skin.
Being hit by him was simply like an ordinary person being hit and sent flying by a large truck.

The two of them immediately lost their fighting strength, while Chu Yunfan did not even spare them a second look and just left.
He could not be bothered to say anything to them.

The two members had clearly not expected Chu Yunfan to be so strong having just stepped into the Acquired Stage.

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The arrival of the two council members had struck a warning bell for Chu Yunfan.
He knew that Jiang Lingxiao had already noticed his existence.
Even in Federation University, he had dared to brazenly send people to capture him.
If it was outside, one could imagine just how dangerous it would be.

In the minds of the students of Federation University, Jiang Lingxiao was a legend.
However, he was definitely not a kind person.
On the contrary, he was certainly vicious and merciless.

After leaving Federation University, Chu Yunfan quickly made his way toward the gathering place of the Bloodmane Apes.
Previously, he had arrived in minutes by riding the Black Hawk fighter jet.
Now that he was traveling on his own, it would take a very long time.
Fortunately, he could look up the maps in the encyclopedia he had been given and would not get lost.

The maps within Federation University’s encyclopedia were very complete.
Moreover, it was said that the university had its own satellite.
The various maps and terrain were updated in real-time, so there was no need to worry about taking a wrong turn.

Where dangerous monsters might appear and where there might be Innate stage monsters had been marked on the map as well.
It could be looked up at any time.
Of course, these marks had to be exchanged for using points.
Fortunately, it only required 1000 points to be marked permanently.
This could be considered a small benefit.

After leaving Federation University, Chu Yunfan immediately released the Thunder Winged Beast.
He no longer had to worry that it would attract the attention of others.
Although the Thunder Winged Beast was extremely precious, as an elite student of Federation University, he naturally had the qualifications to possess it.
Others could not help it even if they were envious or jealous.

This was one of the many benefits of being a Federation University student.
Just the banner of Federation University could provide Chu Yunfan with extremely powerful protection.
This was the fundamental reason why Chu Yunfan had risked his life to enter Federation University.

Chu Yunfan sat on the Thunder Winged Beast and flew toward the direction of the Bloodmane Ape’s territory.
Along the way, he tried his best to avoid areas where there might be Innate monsters.
However, the Thunder Winged Beast’s wind abilities were on full display here.

The Thunder Winged Beast became faster and faster, almost as if it was riding on the wind.
In fact, when the Thunder Winged Beast reached the Innate stage, it would grow wind wings which meant that it could really ride on the wind.

In just half a day, Chu Yunfan had already arrived at the Bloodmane Ape’s territory on the Thunder Winged Beast.
Just as he arrived at the edge of the forest, he could hear the loud roars of the Bloodmane Apes.

“Is this the signal that the Bloodmane Apes are attacking? And there’s more than one tribe?” Chu Yunfan’s expression changed.
During that half a month, he had been dealing with the Bloodmane Ape, so he had a certain level of understanding of what the Bloodmane Ape’s roars represented.

When the Bloodmane Apes had besieged him back then, they had roared like this.
Moreover, the number of roars was from at least a thousand Bloodmane Apes.

“Let’s go!” Chu Yunfan urged.
The Thunder Winged Beast beneath him and Chu Yunfan were telepathically linked.
Almost immediately, they flew into the pitch-black forest.

In a short while, Chu Yunfan saw the scene.
As expected, the Bloodmane Apes were besieging.
There were a total of over a thousand Bloodmane Apes surrounding a cave.
It was obvious that they were attacking something.

Chu Yunfan could only vaguely see what was happening.
However, he was familiar with this scene.
This was how the Bloodmane Apes had acted when they surrounded and attacked Chu Yunfan previously.

Normally, the Bloodmane Apes led by an Acquired Stage alpha would only have a few hundred in its troop.
However, with over a thousand Bloodmane Apes gathered here, there was clearly more than just one group.

Chu Yunfan was familiar with this location too.
Was this not the cave that he and his teammates had hidden in back then?

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And it was obvious who those inside the cave were.
It was Sha Peng and the others.

Chu Yunfan felt that it was strange.
Thousands of Bloodmane Apes were extremely dangerous.
Why did Jeang Yuanbin not stop them? Moreover, when he entered just now, he had not noticed Jeang Yuanbin’s jet.

“Forget it.
I have to save them first!”

Chu Yunfan roared.
The Thunder Winged Beast beneath him instantly charged in.




The Thunder Winged Beast was so fast and the impact it created was so great that it was extremely tyrannical.
It charged toward the Bloodmane Apes.
In just a moment, it had knocked away a few of the apes.
Then, it charged into the middle of the apes.

The apes reacted quickly.
When they realized that someone had charged in, they immediately surrounded Chu Yunfan.

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