The pain was too intense.
It was not just the feeling of being stabbed.
On the contrary, it was the feeling of being torn apart from top to bottom.
There was not a single part of his body that was not in intense pain.

Moreover, the pain went deep into every one of Chu Yunfan’s cells.
It was unbearable.
There was a single part of him that was not in pain.
Even breathing had become extremely unbearable.
It was as if his entire body was being torn apart.

Although Chu Yunfan knew that he could not endure it any longer and it was impossible for him to master the Imperial Physique, he could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.
At this moment, he finally understood why it was so difficult for anyone besides the Emperor Supreme to master the Imperial Physique.
This was simply abnormal.

How could an ordinary person endure such terrifying pain?

This had nothing to do with strength.
Even an Innate level expert would find it difficult to endure such an intense tearing sensation.

Just as Chu Yunfan was about to give up, a clear current suddenly flooded Chu Yunfan’s mind.
His face was overcome by a calm expression.
The terrifying and intense pain no longer affected his will and it could not shake his mind.
It had even become a form of enjoyment for him.

Just like the Bodhisattva in the myths and legends, being able to show a merciful smile while in hell was only possible when one’s state of mind had reached an unimaginable level.

It was fine if one did not want their physical body, which was just a bag of flesh and bones.
The pain one received was an illusion of the material world and could not affect the consciousness in the spiritual world.

Of course, Chu Yunfan could not reach that kind of spiritual level and could treat all the pain he received as an illusion.
After experiencing thousands of calamities and tribulations, one would attain enlightenment.
Even if that person’s cultivation was not high, once they had cultivated their spirit, everything would become unbelievably fast.
It was not a myth for one to ascend overnight.

However, to Chu Yunfan, the effect he could achieve was the same.

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Even if it was like being in Purgatory, Chu Yunfan could feel a wisp of clear current flowing through his entire body.
Every time he was about to collapse, a clear current would alleviate this boundless pain.

Chu Yunfan hurriedly took advantage of this opportunity to circulate the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method.
After that, he desperately absorbed the medicinal strength within the medicinal bath.

Chu Yunfan could feel that every time his body was torn apart, the medicinal strength would enter and fuse into his body.
His Imperial Physique was continuously being formed from the tearing and reassembling of his body.

This was an extremely painful process.

After a full day and night, Chu Yunfan finally came to his senses.
The whole pool which contained the medicinal bath had become a body of clear water.
Chu Yunfan had absorbed all its medicinal efficacy and there was not a single bit left.

Chu Yunfan climbed out of the medicinal bath and prepared another bucket of medicinal bath.
After that, he entered the pool and once again began to cultivate.

In the following period, other than eating and sleeping in short intervals, Chu Yunfan spent the rest of his time in cultivation.
Every time he started to cultivate, it was extremely unbearable.
In the end, he would absorb all the medicinal efficacy of the medicinal bath and turn it into a pool of clear water.
After that, he would change it and continue cultivating.

Slowly, time passed, and Chu Yunfan’s Imperial Physique gradually took shape.
As the Imperial Physique took shape, his absorption ability greatly increased—from the original one bucket of medicinal bath a day, it became two buckets a day, and then went up to three buckets in the last few days.

It continued for a total of 49 days before Chu Yunfan finally finished absorbing the medicinal energy from the last bucket of the medicinal bath.

Chu Yunfan crawled out of the medicinal bath that had turned into clear water, revealing his streamlined muscles which looked as perfect as a sculpture.

‘I’ve finally completed the first stage of the Imperial Physique!’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.
He could feel the explosive energy hidden within his body.
If one were to say that their body could only store about a bottle of True Energy, then Chgu Yunfan held at least around a tank of True Energy now.
His strength had increased by leaps and bounds.

Even if there were no changes to Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level, he could feel that he could now contend against a third-level Acquired expert with his Imperial Physique.

When Chu Yunfan circulated his True Energy, the surface of his skin emitted a faint luster.
This was the strength of the Imperial Physique.
Chu Yunfan tested it out.
When he used his Shadowless Saber to cut his hand, under the circumstances where he circulated his cultivation to defend, he could only leave a white mark.

As long as he was not hit by a heavy weapon, his opponent would not be able to break his defense.

In other words, it was like Chu Yunfan was wearing a layer of light armor.
At the critical moment, it was very likely that he would be able to turn defeat into victory.
It was as if Chu Yunfan had an extra life.

However, in regards to the Imperial Physique, this was merely the first stage.
The cultivation of the Imperial Physique was divided into three stages, namely skin, flesh, and bone.
And now, Chu Yunfan had only just completed the skin stage.

And at the flesh stage, Chu Yunfan’s defense would have further increased.
Even if one used a heavy weapon to hack him to death, it was unlikely that he would die.
And at the bone stage, he would be even more powerful.
That was the true strength of the Imperial Physique.
At that time, not only would his defense be enhanced, but his overall physique would also be enhanced.
Most importantly, he had mastered the Imperial Physique.
Even if he did not circulate his Inner Energy, he would still be able to unleash the might of this technique.

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However, Chu Yunfan was unable to complete the last two stages.
Right now, he was only in the Acquired Stage.
To be able to complete this stage was already his limit.
If he continued, he would collapse on the spot.
Chu Yunfan knew that it was better to not overdo it.

The flesh stage of the Imperial Physique could only be completed when Chu Yunfan reached the Innate Stage, and the bone stage could only be completed when he had gained divine abilities.

These were things that could not be rushed.
One had to eat one mouthful at a time, and one had to walk one step at a time.


Chu Yunfan circulated the Inner Energy in his body, and the True Energy in his entire body crazily swept out, almost forming a material storm.

“Not bad, I haven’t spent the last two months in vain.” Chu Yunfan smiled slightly, feeling the explosive power in his body.

“It’s time to seek out that Bloodmane Ape alpha.”

When Chu Yunfan had previously fought the alpha, although he was not killed, he had been at a disadvantage.
He had treated the alpha as a whetstone.
But now, he could finally finish it off.

Thinking of this, Chu Yunfan immediately changed into a martial arts suit, put on his light armor, and headed out.

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