get better!”

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Chu Yunfan was secretly heartbroken seeing his sister’s rather skinny body and that she was trying her best to smile.

He secretly swore that he must treat his sister’s illness.
However, it would cost at least 10 million coins to do that.
It might even cost tens of millions.
It was indeed a rich man’s disease.


Although he had the Alchemy Emperor’s memories which let him refine many medicinal pills, he could not get rich overnight.
He would need to take the test to get an official alchemist license.
He would have to take one step after another to be able to achieve that.


However, he was not far away from achieving his goal.
Compared to being almost hopeless in the past, at least he had the confidence now.
It was just a matter of time.

Chu Qingxuan nodded and said, “Alright!”

Suddenly, the house’s door opened.
Their father, Chu Wencheng, and mother, Yang Yayun, walked in quickly.

Chu Yunfan lifted his head and looked.
He saw his mother appeared angry, while his father looked rather embarrassed.

“Alright, stop being mad!” Chu Wencheng looked at his furious wife, but he was not mad at all.
Instead, he felt guilty.


“Don’t be mad? How can I not be? What did we do to deserve this? The family was only giving our Yunfan 100,000 coins initially, and Yuntian from Big Brother’s family gets a million coins from the education fund.
Isn’t it just great now? Everything is given to Big Brother now by that old lady’s order.
In the end, we get nothing!”

Yang Yayun got even angrier when she recalled that.

“Did you hear what the old lady said? She said our Yunfan isn’t talented, so it doesn’t make much difference if we get the 100,000 coins.
Instead, the fund should be given to Big Brother’s family.
After Yuntian gets into Federation University, he’ll take care of us when he makes it in the future? Can we wait until that day comes?” Yang Yayun was pissed as she talked about it.

“Look at you go! The kids are here!” Chu Wencheng signaled to Yang Yayun that the person concerned, Chu Yunfan, was present.

It clearly seemed that Yang Yayun was pissed, and Chu Wencheng was guilty; but the one who was the talking point of the conversation, Chu Yunfan, was very calm.

The old lady that Yang Yayun mentioned was Chu Yunfan’s grandmother.
It was nothing new for her to play favorites.
He had gotten used to it long ago.
He was already numb to it, so he did not care now.

He had heard about the family’s education fund.
The Chu family was a big group, so they always had policies to support their descendants.
Even though they were just distant relatives, they would be supported as well.

Everyone was well-aware that in modern society, for a family to grow, talent was the most important thing.
Therefore, the Chu family had always been supportive of their descendants from the day they were born until they got to university,

Naturally, because Chu Yunfan did not show much talent, the amount of support and funds was low.

For the most challenging Year 3, the family only gave 100,000 coins to Chu Yunfan.
Meanwhile, the genius Chu Yuntian was given up to a million coins.

However, Chu Yunfan knew that the support the family gave Chu Yuntian was not just that one time.
There were at least three million coins in total.
Including the secret funds from their grandfather and grandmothers, as well as the money they borrowed from Chu Yunfan’s family, Chu Yuntian had spent five million coins over the years.

Having talent alone was useless for anyone.
Without money, they would not stand out when they were young.

Without the five million coins, it was impossible for Chu Yuntian to be guaranteed a place in Federation University when he was still in high school, no matter how talented he was.


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