In front of Shangguan Tianyou, Chu Yunfan turned into an afterimage and disappeared from the spot.

Shangguan Tianyou’s spear had not pierced Chu Yunfan, but the afterimage of him.

“What kind of movement technique is this?!” Huang Baiqing almost jumped out of his skin.
With his sight, he could clearly see that this was a movement technique that Chu Yunfan cultivated.
That was how he had easily dodged Shangguan Tianyou’s lightning-fast attack.

At this stage of cultivation, one could not just rely on their physical fitness to resist incoming attacks.
It was necessary to practice movement techniques.

However, Huang Baiqing could tell at a glance that the movement technique Chu Yunfan practiced was not ordinary.
In fact, it was even more brilliant than what he knew.

“This isn’t good.”

After watching Chu Yunfan use this movement technique, Huang Baiqing knew that the situation would be very disadvantageous for Shangguan Tianyou.
At this moment, Chu Yunfan posed a huge threat to Shangguan Tianyou.

As expected, in the blink of an eye, the afterimage disappeared and Chu Yunfan appeared right in front of Shangguan Tianyou.
It was the Nine Cyclone Phantoms.

“What?!” When Shangguan Tianyou missed, he realized the severity of the problem, but he had not expected Chu Yunfan to directly charge him.

“Luring the Tiger!” Chu Yunfan roared and threw a punch at Shangguan Tianyou.

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Shangguan Tianyou was indeed an Acquired expert.
His reaction was quicker than that of a student at the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.
He instantly reacted and raised his hand to block Chu Yunfan’s punch.


Terrifying True Energy collided and exploded.


The soles of Shangguan Tianyou’s shoes dragged on the concrete, creating a loud and ear-piercing sound.
He had been knocked back.

A terrifying power surged through Shangguan Tianyou’s body.
He could not even take a step forward.
He could only forcefully withstand it and was pulled backward by the huge force.

Chu Yunfan, on the other hand, did not budge at all!

One of Shangguan Tianyou’s arms was numb.
Before he could recover from his shock, he saw the half-smile on Chu Yunfan’s face and was instantly infuriated.

He was an Acquired level expert, but he had been pushed back by a guy at the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.
This was a great humiliation.

Across from Shangguan Tianyou, Chu Yunfan sneered.
Although Chu Yunfan was only at the peak of the eighth-level Energy Refinement Stage, his strength was already comparable to the first level of the Acquired Stage.
His level had already been raised to the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage and he was now much stronger than before.


Even Shangguan Tianyou, an expert who had stepped into the peak of the first level of the Energy Refinement Stage, would suffer a great loss in this matter.

“That was just an appetizer.
Now, it’s time for the main course.
Watch carefully!” Chu Yunfan shouted and stomped his feet on the ground.
He looked like he had teleported and appeared in front of Shangguan Tianyou in an instant.

“D*mn it, don’t underestimate me!” Shangguan Tianyou roared and the spear in his hand stabbed toward Chu Yunfan once again.


The spear pierced through the air and swept through everything.
A terrifying sonic boom swept up an incomparably huge surge of True Energy.

Even if they were both first-level Acquired experts, Shangguan Tianyou thought that it was impossible for his enemy to come out unscathed from this attack.

Facing Shangguan Tianyou’s attack, Chu Yunfan did not even think before unsheathing the Shadowless Saber on his back and abruptly chopped down.

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Chu Yunfan’s speed, strength, and technique were all impeccable!


The two weapons collided in mid-air.
The spear and the saber radiated with terrifying power.
Then, the two terrifying powers rebounded into their respective bodies.

Thud, thud, thud!

Shangguan Tianyou retreated a few steps before he managed to shake off the terrifying power in his body.
It was different from earlier.
This time, he felt that the power in Chu Yunfan’s body was like an endless sea.
His attack had been like a clay ox entering the sea, disappearing into nothingness.

Drip drop!

Fresh blood dripped down.
Both of Shangguan Tianyou’s palms had been shattered by the impact.
Both of his arms were trembling violently.
The terrifying power made his arms feel like they were about to give way.

“What? How is this possible?!”

Huang Baiqing’s students felt incredulous when they saw this scene.
Everyone could see that Shangguan Tianyou had suffered a great loss during the collision.
Chu Yunfan, who was opposite him, did not move at all.
Clearly, the collision just now was nothing to him.

Sha Peng and the others were not surprised at all.
What kind of joke was this? During that half a month, they had watched Chu Yunfan fight the Bloodmane Ape alpha every night.
Although he had always been at a disadvantage, how could someone who managed to stand up to a Bloodmane Ape alpha for more than ten days be defeated by Shangguan Tianyou? This was something that was all wishful thinking from the very beginning.

Chu Yunfan stretched out his hand and loosened his muscles and bones.
“So weak.
Is that all you have?”

The continuous exchanges had given Chu Yunfan an understanding of Shangguan Tianyou’s strength.
Although Shangguan Tianyou was already at the peak of the first-level Acquired stage, his strength was at most about the same as when Chu Yunfan had just broken through half a month ago.

And in the next half a month, Chu Yunfan had undergone a complete transformation.
Be it in terms of strength or physical fitness, he had already made a huge breakthrough.
Otherwise, how could he have fought the Bloodmane Ape alpha for more than ten days? If it had been Shangguan Tianyou in front of that alpha, he would probably not be able to hold out for long before he was beaten to his knees.
Especially before a monster such as the Bloodmane Ape, which was known for its violent strength.
If one’s physical fitness was not strong enough, they would be beaten until they vomited blood.

“It’s already been two moves.
What do I do now?” Chu Yunfan asked coyly, “Looks like there’s no other way.
I have to finish you in one move.”

“Finish me in one move? You must be joking!”

Shangguan Tianyou had confirmed Chu Yunfan was indeed very dangerous, but after being provoked by Chu Yunfan’s words, he instantly became angry again.


Shangguan Tianyou thrust his spear at Chu Yunfan.
It almost pierced through Chu Yunfan.

“Watch carefully.
Broken Flow!” Chu Yunfan roared as he abruptly took a step forward.
All the True Energy in his body instantly gathered on his saber.
The power of Heaven and Earth actually began to flow into Chu Yunfan, turning into a terrifying strike that swept out.


The attack swung down and landed on Shangguan Tianyou’s spear.
The terrifying power raged.

Shangguan Tianyou let out a miserable cry.
Both his arms had been dislocated, and the attack landed squarely on his body.
Although his armor absorbed most of the attack’s power, he was still sent flying.
He rolled across the ground and screamed in pain.

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