Huang Baiqing saw through Chu Yunfan’s cultivation with a glance and was immediately relieved.
He thought to himself, ‘Jeang Yuanbin, so what if you’re a little stronger than me? Your choice of disciples is not as good as mine.’

This time around, from among the new students, Huang Baiqing had single-handedly snatched two Acquired Stage students.
In contrast, his old rival, Jeang Yuanbin, did not have a single one.

Huang Baiqing finally had the chance to crush Jeang Yuanbin in a field.
Although it was not him directly suppressing Jeang Yuanbin, but was a fight between him and Jeang Yuanbin’s disciples.
However, to Huang Baiqing who had never won before, it was enough.

Jeang Yuanbin and Huang Baiqing were the current top professors of Federation University.
The most direct way of comparing their strengths was through their students.

In this way, not only will Huang Baiqing suppress Jeang Yuanbin, but he could also obtain one billion points from Jeang Yuanbin.
This was truly satisfying.

“What’s the rush?” Jeang Yuanbin did not elaborate any further.
He had absolute confidence in Chu Yunfan.

“I had wanted to deal with you later.
Since you can’t wait to throw your life away, then I shall fulfill your wish,” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer.

“Hahahaha, you really don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.
This fellow here couldn’t even withstand three of my moves, so how many do you think you’ll be able to withstand?” Shangguan Tianyou said as he stared at Chu Yunfan.

“You’ll know when you try,” Chu Yunfan said.

“Sir, your bet of one billion is not small.
If I win, how about sharing half of it with me?” Chu Yunfan joked.

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“If you win, I’ll give you 500 million.
But do know that we’re betting points,” Jeang Yuanbin said bluntly.
One billion was no small amount to him, but it was not an astronomical figure either.

The Black Hawk was worth five billion points.
If Jean Yuanbin could afford that, how would he not be able to afford just 500 million?

“Ok then,” Chu Yunfan said.
He had only been joking.
He had not expected his instructor to so generously agree.
He still did not have a single point yet, and the value of 500 million points was higher than 500 million yuan.

What could be bought with money, could be exchanged for at Federation University using points, but what could be exchanged with Federation University points, money might not be able to buy.

“However, I have one condition.
Three moves.
If you can defeat him in three moves, I’ll give you 500 million points.
More than that and you get nothing,” Jeang Yuanbin said as he casually shrugged.

“Three moves.
Got it.” When Chu Yunfan looked at Shangguan Tianyou again, it was as if the person in front of him was not a person but a moving target.

Shangguan Tianyou spotted the look in Chu Yunfan’s eyes and felt extremely uncomfortable.
How could he not understand Chu Yunfan’s thoughts? Immediately, a fierce glint flashed through Shangguan Tianyou’s eyes.
‘This guy actually dares treat me like a moving target? What a joke,’ he thought.

Shangguan Tianyou had made up his mind.
Although he could not kill, there was no doubt that he had to break this fellow’s bones.
He wanted Chu Yunfan to know what a joke he was.
It was just wishful thinking.

But just as Chu Yunfan was about to make a move, Sha Peng suddenly gritted his teeth and said, “Captain, let me go first.
He’s right.
As a student of Federation University, how can I retreat without a fight?”

“But you’re no match for him,” Chu Yunfan said straightforwardly.

“I understand.
But if I retreat, I might lose my courage.
I’m afraid it will be difficult for me to break through to the Acquired Stage then,” Sha Peng said through gritted teeth.
Shangguan Tianyou had appeared at the right time.
If Sha Peng retreated without a fight, it might leave a shadow in his heart and affect his breakthrough.

“All right then, be careful,” Chu Yunfan said.

Sha Peng called out, “Shangguan Tianyou, didn’t you defeat me earlier? Then try this one for size!” He then roared and charged toward Shangguan Tianyou.

Shangguan Tianyou merely smiled in disdain and easily dodged Sha Peng’s attack.
Then, Shangguan Tianyou’s weapon appeared.
It was a spear.
This spear was entirely bronze in color.
From afar, it looked like a bronze battle spear.
However, it was not made of bronze, but an extremely powerful alloy.


The spear was like a bronze bolt of lightning as it swept toward Sha Peng.
Within a split second, it had already arrived before Sha Peng.


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At the critical moment, Sha Peng blocked this attack.
His entire body trembled.
Although Shangguan Tianyou had only used one hand, the power he displayed was truly terrifying.

Sha Peng held his breath and felt a sense of relief wash over him.
Recalling the training he had done with Chu Yunfan over the past half a month in that mountain range, he felt lucky.
It was a good thing he had witnessed Chu Yunfan’s strange strength.
Otherwise, he might not have been able to withstand such a terrifying attack.

“To be able to withstand this move of mine is not bad.” Shangguan Tianyou’s face carried a disdainful smile.
“But it ends here!”

Shangguan Tianyou attacked once again.
On the tip of his spear, True Energy burst out and surged forward.
The spear had yet to reach its target, but the True Energy at its tip had reached Sha Peng.

This was the battle energy of a weapon.
Only after reaching the Acquired Stage and forming a small cycle of the meridians in the body would one have sufficient strength to form such a terrifying attack.


The spear rammed into Sha Peng’s armor, leaving behind a crack.
If this attack had landed on a person’s body, blood would surely have covered the ground by now.

Sha Peng, in extreme pain, quickly retreated.
He knew that several of his ribs had been broken after being directly hit by that terrifying strange force.

And at this moment, Shangguan Tianyou’s next wave of attack swept over.

“Even if I’m going to lose, I have to make at least one move!” Sha Peng roared.
The saber in his hand slashed out with all his strength.


The saber and the tip of the spear collided.
This collision only lasted for a second, and Sha Peng was already sent flying.
He could not hold out.
He could not even withstand three moves.

Sha Peng rolled across the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Shangguan Tianyou was not bothered to even look at Sha Peng.
He only said in contempt, “Trash, you don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!”

Then, Shangguan Tianyou looked at Chu Yunfan.
He pointed his spear at Chu Yunfan and said, “Now it’s your turn.
I hope you won’t disappoint me and can block these three moves of mine!”

Chu Yunfan ignored Shangguan Tianyou.
He just walked toward Sha Peng and asked, “Are you okay?”

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