Riding the Black Hawk, Chu Yunfan and the rest soon returned to the Metropolis.

Upon landing, Chu Yunfan did not stop.
He quickly bade farewell to the rest and returned to his villa.
Not long after, the herbs he had ordered earlier were delivered.
However, he had not expected the person to personally deliver the herbs to be Lu Qingxuan.

“Why are you here?” Chu Yunfan looked at Lu Qingxuan in surprise.

During this time, should Lu Qingxuan not be so busy flying around that her feet would barely touch the ground.
Shanhe Alchemy was currently in the process of rapid development.
Every minute and every second was the key.

“I came to deliver the herbs to you,” Lu Qingxuan said with a smile.
She was dressed in a business suit and looked neat and tidy.
As she said this, she instructed the robot to carry the items into the villa.

“You should have just arranged for a delivery company?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“Of course, not.
This is something that you personally asked for,” Lu Qingxuan said with a smile, “Moreover, these herbs are worth one billion in total.
They’re even more valuable than our company at this moment.
It would be terrible if we lost them.
Although the insurance company will pay for it, some of these herbs are very difficult to obtain.”

Lu Qingxuan went on, “Just for this matter of yours, I’ve traveled to many places in the past half a month.
Oh my god… There were so many herbs.
I don’t even know half of what I was looking at.
Chu, where did you get to know all these?!”

“Do you know what a genius is? I’m a genius!” Chu Yunfan laughed.
“Having you borrow one billion didn’t affect the company, right?”

“Not at all.
Who doesn’t know that our company has a pill recipe that’s currently on fire? Who knows how many banks are crying and wanting to lend us money,” Lu Qingxuan’s voice had a quiver of emotion.
She remembered that back when the company had been in dire straits, she could not even get a loan of one million.

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But now, even if they asked for ten billion, as long as they were willing to use the recipe patent as collateral, there would be banks that would come knocking on their door at any time.

This was the difference.
With the right boss, all the paths would open up.
All the difficulties in the past now looked like a joke.

Only now did Lu Qingxuan truly understand how important it was to have a backer.
In the past, she had loathed being a part of such a thing.
She thought that she could rise up by relying on her own strength, but the facts proved her wrong.
In this era where corporations ruled the world, those who did not have a backer had to put in ten times, or even a hundred times, more effort to climb up.

And Chu Yunfan, which was not even considered the biggest of golden gooses, had already allowed Lu Qingxuan to enjoy the convenience and speed of development that she had never got to enjoy before.

It’s a good thing that everything went smoothly.
If it weren’t for the fact that I really need this batch of herbs, I wouldn’t have asked you to get a loan under the company name,” Chu Yunfan said.
He knew that this was a very important period for the Shanhe Alchemy.
If it was not because the Imperial Physique was extremely important, he would not have done this.

Mastering the Imperial Physique was the most important task right now.
If it came down to it, selling the company would not be a big deal.
The reason Chu Yunfan had established this company was to help with his cultivation.
That was his true goal.

“What the company needs most is stability right now.
There’s no rush to expand.
Shanhe Alchemy is destined to become famous, so there’s no need to rush,” Chu Yunfan said calmly.

“Yes, I understand.” Lu Qingxuan nodded.

“Right, you should also hire a bodyguard.
Your cultivation level is just average.
If those companies get desperate and come up with a drastic plan, you’ll be in danger.” Chu Yunfan reminded Lu Qingxuan.

“I understand!” Lu Qingxuan’s expression was solemn because she too had realized this problem.
She was no longer a small timer considering she was in charge of a company that was worth more than ten million yuan.

The laws of the Federation were very strict.
This was true.
Normally, the price to pay for killing an ordinary person would far exceed their imagination.

However, if the benefits were large enough, someone would take the risk.
Just the formula that Chu Yunfan had provided would rake in hundreds of billions of profits in the future.
It was not an exaggeration.
In front of hundreds of billions of dollars, one human life was nothing.
A million was enough for one to take a risk.

Therefore, Lu Qingxuan had to ensure her own safety.
The general manager of a financial group would naturally be in a better situation than Lu Qingxuan.
This was because they were backed by a huge tree.
No one could withstand the revenge of a financial group that was backed by a big family.
People might be afraid of Chu Yunfan, but only a little.
Chu Yunfan’s means of revenge were limited.

Regardless of whether it was Chu Yunfan or Shanhe Alchemy, they were still growing.
It was far from enough to make others tremble in fear.

“Apart from sending you the herbs, I’m also here to report to you about the company’s recent development.
There are still many who want to meet you.
They want to discuss possible collaborations.
Some of them are big shots who can’t be rejected,” Lu Qingxuan said as she observed Chu Yunfan’s reaction.

“You can talk to them.
I’ll leave everything to you.
You can do whatever you want,” Chu Yunfan said, “As for those so-called important figures, don’t bother about them.
Tell those who aren’t willing to talk to you to come and find me.
I’ll be busy training at Federation University.
Tell them to look for me here.”

Lu Qingxuan immediately understood what Chu Yunfan meant.
Right now, to Chu Yunfan and Shanhe Alchemy, Federation University was the best form of protection.
Federation University was famous for supporting its students in starting their own businesses, so all sorts of policies were given the green light.

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The students of Federation University could do whatever they wanted outside.
This clearly showed their disposition.
Of course, those big shots would not come to Federation University to look for Chu Yunfan.
They were only trying to pressure Lu Qingxuan.

With Chu Yunfan’s guarantee, Lu Qingxuan felt much more at ease.
After reporting to him about the latest development, she took a shuttle back to Earth.
Now, the company needed her to take the reins.

After Lu Qingxuan left, Chu Yunfan asked the AI robots to move the herbs into the Mountain River Diagram.
Before he could take a break, he received a message from Sha Peng.
There were only two words, “come quickly,” and then he sent an address.

Without thinking, Chu Yunfan immediately flew toward the address that Sha Peng had sent.

When Chu Yunfan arrived, he discovered that there was a group of people confronting his instructor, Jeang Yuanbing, and his fellow teammates.

Opposite them stood a group of people.

They faced each other from a distance.

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