hough the 20 students were not experts, they were at Tier-5, Tier-6, and even Tier-7 Physical-Stage, Blood Renewal.

Despite this, they could not hit Chu Yunfan even once.
Working together was meaningless.

Not only were the students from other classes who followed them there stunned but also the students from Class 11.

They knew more than the rest of the students.
After all, Chu Yunfan defeated their class monitor, Feng Deying.

However, even though that was the case, not everyone had witnessed it themselves.

Knowing about something was one thing, and seeing it with their eyes was a different story!

Let alone it did not look as majestic as him defeating over 20 students from Class 15 like a storm compared to the time he defeated Feng Deying.

The students from other classes’ jaws dropped.

They started asking around.

“Who is that guy? How is he so powerful? I’ve never heard of him before!”

“When did your class have such a ruthless person?!”

“That’s too strong!”

They were shocked, especially seeing Chu Yunfan was not clumsy at all.

Chu Yunfan stepped over the students from Class 15 groaning on the ground and arrived before Song Fei.
He said calmly, “Let me say this again.
Give our class’ training room back or I won’t let you go!”

At that moment, even the arrogant Song Fei understood that this young man, who he had never heard of before and looked so ordinary, was not a pushover.
He was definitely not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry.

“You’re talking about not letting me go after you hurt so many people from our class?” Song Fei stared coldly at him, “Take my fist!”

The muscles on Song Fei’s body shook, and he released his aura.
He charged directly at Chu Yunfan like a devilish tiger.

“Luring the Tiger!”

His punch was aiming for Chu Yunfan’s face.
His speed and strength were far beyond the other students from Class 15.
He was at least a few times more powerful.

There was a reason why Song Fei was Class 15’s leader.
Although he was equal to Feng Deying, his mastery of the Devilish Tiger Punch was more thorough than Feng Deying’s.

He definitely would not lose if he encountered other students at Qi Nourishment.
They would fight an intense battle.

Unfortunately, he encountered Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan did not hold back and charged with the Ferocious Tiger’s Heart Plow.


The duo’s fists collided, but the result was not what anyone had expected.


Chu Yunfan remained stable, but Song Fei retreated far back.
Extreme horror flashed through his eyes.
He was at a disadvantage just from that single punch.

His arm had gone numb.
The intense pain went directly to his head, making him clench his teeth.

“You dare to steal our class’ training room with nothing but that?” Chu Yunfan scoffed and charged quickly.
His body was like an arrow that had left its bow and he threw two fists at Song Fei.

Song Fei, still recovering from the earlier punch, could not react in time.
He was hit and his entire body was thrown back immediately.
He fell on the ground roughly.

Chu Yunfan merely looked at the people who were groaning in pain on the ground coldly and said, “Scram!”

Those students lying on the ground got up quickly, ignoring the pain they felt.
They helped Song Fei up and got out as if they were running for their lives.

They did not even dare to say anything harsh..
They were completely shocked by Chu Yunfan.

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