The more Chu Yunfan fought, the more excited he became.

Although Chu Yunfan did not have the upper hand in terms of strength, he did not care that the battle line between the two sides had been pushed further apart.
Chu Yunfan had charged into the center of the Bloodmane Ape troop.

The apes surrounded Chu Yunfan, intending to kill him.
But due to the narrow passageway, only a few apes could surround Chu Yunfan.
If it was before, they might have posed a threat to him to a certain extent.
But that Chu Yunfan’s strength had reached the Acquired Stage, these Bloodmane Apes had no way of threatening Chu Yunfan.

Just the frenzied tide that Chu Yunfan stirred up as he charged was enough to send them flying.
On top of that, he would occasionally strike out at one of the apes.

At present, Chu Yunfan’s strength was substantially superior to these Bloodmane Apes.
Just like how the ape alpha could easily repel Sha Peng’s attacks, Chu Yunfan could also easily insta-kill these ordinary Bloodmane Apes.

Although Chu Yunfan was being held back by the ape alpha, it could not stop every attack.
And so from time to time, one of the beast’s brethren would fall by Chu Yunfan’s hands.

Slowly, the number of dead apes exceeded ten.
When the alpha saw that Chu Yunfan had killed ten of its brethren, he roared in anger and pounced on Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan turned around and continued to fight the alpha.
However, every time he repelled the alpha, he would turn around and kill another one of the Bloodmane Apes that was approaching him.

The intense battle lasted late into the night before Chu Yunfan finally drove off the Bloodmane Apes.
To be honest, he had not really driven them off.
The alpha had actually given up on its plan to kill Chu Yunfan when it realized it could not be done.

It had wanted to rely on its Acquired Stage expert’s demonic energy to exhaust Chu Yunfan to death.
However, who would have guessed that Chu Yunfan’s cultivation was much more profound than the average peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Moreover, Chu Yunfan was not a monster.
Not only could he rely on his own body to recover, but he also took medicines, Qi Replenishing Pills, and energy elixirs.

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Using these various methods, Chu Yunfan was not the slightest bit tired although he had fought for half a night.
On the contrary, the more he fought, the more frenzied he became.

The alpha was intelligent.
It seemed impossible to take down Chu Yunfan, but more than twenty of its brethren had been killed one after another.
In addition to the apes that were killed by Sha Peng and the others, more than thirty Bloodmane Apes had died here.

In the end, the alpha told its troop to retreat.
If this fight were to go on, the alpha did not know if it would be able to kill Chu Yunfan, but its brethren would surely all be killed by Chu Yunfan.

When the Bloodmane Apes retreated, Chu Yunfan and the others finally let out a sigh of relief.
Sha Peng and the others no longer cared for their image.
They collapsed and lay on the ground.

“We finally drove off those d*mn Bloodmane Apes.
That was terrifying.
Fortunately, we’re in a cave.
Otherwise, I’m sure we would’ve drowned within their numbers in minutes!” Sha Peng said as he panted.

Tonight, Sha Peng had single-handedly killed quite a few Bloodmane Apes.
After this intense display, he could feel himself undergoing an indescribable transformation.
Once the transformation was completed, he knew that he would become very strong.

“It’s not over yet.
I saw the hatred in the eyes of the alpha.
I reckon that it’ll return.
When that time comes, there will again be plenty of fighting to do.
Hahaha, from now on, we won’t get lonely at night!” Chu Yunfan laughed.
He was not laying down but instead sat cross-legged.

Chu Yunfan had gained much today.
He had broken through to the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage and his strength had also reached the Acquired Stage.

Although Chu Yunfan had barely stepped into the Acquired Stage, his strength had solidly planted itself in the Acquired Stage.
Originally, he could not do anything to that Bloodmane Ape.
He had relied on his armor to fight to the death, but after his combat strength broke through, he could withstand the ape alpha.
He even had the time to kill a few other Bloodmane Apes.

After a night of fighting, Chu Yunfan finally understood that the leader of the Bloodmane Apes should be at the third level of the Acquired Stage, similar to the Thunder Winged Beast.
In terms of strength, it was definitely inferior to the Thunder Winged Beast.
After all, the potential of the Bloodmane Ape only reached a certain level, unlike the Thunder Winged Beast.
As long as it was given time and space to grow, Thunder Winged Beasts would become existences that could come to possess divine abilities.

“After tonight’s battle, I’ve come to realize that these Bloodmane Apes are only so-so,” Ke Rui said as he chuckled, “Although they’re a little stronger than us, we humans still possess higher intelligence.”

“It was thanks to you that we were able to hold on today, Captain Chu,” Ji Shiqing said, “Without you, it would’ve been impossible for us to hold out today no matter what.”

“Yeah, that’s right.
I now completely understand.
We’re far from those Acquired Stage students.
We have to work harder to catch up to you,” Ruan Yingyu said.

“It’s good that you’re willing to work hard.
We are each other’s mentors and fellow disciples.
More than that, we’re a team.
In the future, we’ll need to take care of each other.
The stronger you are, the better it is for all of us,” Chu Yunfan said.

After a day, these geniuses and elites who had come from all over the world had come to acknowledge Chu Yunfan.
To be more precise, they had now acknowledged Chu Yunfan as their team captain.
After witnessing the strength of the Acquired Stage, their blood boiled even more.

“In half a year’s time at the Dao Conference, all of us will have to show off our might!” Sha Peng declared.

While there’s still time, let’s quickly meditate and recover.
There will be more monsters coming out to hunt during the day tomorrow.
We’re still in a dangerous situation,” Chu Yunfan prompted.

Everyone thought about it.
This place was not occupied by just the Bloodmane Apes.
It was just that the Bloodmane Ape was the most powerful.
That did not mean the other monsters were not dangerous.

Thinking of this, everyone hurriedly sat cross-legged to meditate and recover.

Chu Yunfan sat cross-legged as the True Energy in his body continuously circulated.
However, his mind was occupied with other things.
He had finally reached the threshold of the Acquired Stage.
To the Ancient Zenith Civilization, the Acquired Stage was only the beginning of cultivation.
Therefore, many powerful martial skills and cultivation techniques really began at the Acquired Stage.

This meant that Chu Yunfan had enough qualifications to start cultivating those secret manuals that could make him even stronger.

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