“Sh*t, it’s the alpha!” Sha Peng roared as the saber in his hand headed straight for the alphas.
However, the ape alpha just casually waved its hand and blocked the incoming saber.



Sha Peng instantly felt his entire arm tremble.
The terrifying power shook his entire body.
A hint of shock flashed through his eyes.
The Bloodmane Ape alpha was so strong.
He was no match for it.

However, the alpha was not targeting Sha Peng.
Instead, it charged straight toward Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan’s gaze turned steely.
He immediately released the four-fold gravity on his body.
If he did not release the binding now, he would surely end up in his grave.
Even in his peak state, Chu Yunfan was barely a match for the alpha, let alone in his incomplete state.

After releasing the bindings, Chu Yunfan instantly felt his entire body relax.
The energy he had expended during the battle earlier also rapidly returned.

The Bloodmane Ape alpha was one size larger than the average Bloodmane Ape.
It was at least eight feet tall.
Moreover, the size of the mane behind its head was obviously much larger and its body carried a terrifying murderous aura.

Facing the alpha, Chu Yunfan let out a loud roar.
He felt not the slightest bit of fear as he slashed down with his saber.


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Chu Yunfan’s long saber collided with the sharp claws of the alpha.
For a moment, sparks flew.
The terrifying strength of both parties caused both of them to retreat.

Thud, thud, thud!

Chu Yunfan had to retreat a handful of steps before managing to negate the terrifying strength of the ape alpha.

As for the alpha, it merely took two steps back before it steadied itself.
In terms of strength, it was above the current Chu Yunfan.

Monsters were stronger than humans, to begin with, not to mention that this alpha’s cultivation level was much higher than Chu Yunfan’s.

After being pushed back, Chu Yunfan caught a hint of a sinister smile on the alpha’s face.
Yes, it was a very human-like sinister expression.

Its expression roused Chu Yunfan’s fighting spirit.

“Come on! Do you think I’m inferior to a beast like you?!”

Chu Yunfan roared and charged forward, once again colliding with the Bloodmane Ape alpha.




Loud explosions reverberated through the air as Chu Yunfan’s violent saber slashed down viciously.
Each slash seemed to cause the entire world to tremble.

The ape alpha too fought head-on because there was not much space for both sides to dodge in this cave.
Humans were smaller in stature, so they had more leeway to dodge incoming attacks.
The larger alpha did not have much space to dodge, so its fighting style became brutal.

And this was in line with Chu Yunfan’s plan.
If the alpha had ways to dodge his attacks, it would undoubtedly become more difficult to deal with.
These Bloodmane Apes may not be small in size, but they were fast.
Now, the battle had become a contest of pure strength.

For the first time in a long while, Chu Yunfan’s arm felt numb.
This Bloodmane Ape alpha was overwhelmingly strong.

“Again!” Chu Yunfan refused to admit defeat.
He roared and clashed with the alpha.

Cracks appeared on Chu Yunfan’s palm as fresh blood spurted out.
On the other side, the alpha had sustained a couple of wounds.
In terms of technique, Chu Yunfan was a few streets ahead of him.
The alpha was unable to leverage its speed, but Chu Yunfan was able to use his technique to the extreme, continuously leaving wounds on the alpha’s body.

However, none of it was fatal!

The alpha could not leave a fatal wound on Chu Yunfan’s body.
But similarly, Chu Yunfan was also unable to leave a fatal wound on the alpha’s body.
Every time the two sides collided, their True Energy would rebound crazily.

Originally, three to four Bloodmane Apes could enter the cave at the same time, but now, only one could come in at a time.
This was great news for Sha Peng and the others.
They did not have to face several Bloodmane Apes at once.
As long as they faced one, they could join hands and imitate Chu Yunfan.
After releasing the restraints of the weighted suit, they made quick work of the incoming apes.

Jeang Yuanbin had told them to put on the weighted suits and not remove them casually.
It was not that they could not remove them forever.
At this moment of life and death, survival was more important.

After all, the weighted suit was meant to train their physiques.
It was not that they had to wear them in a life and death battle.
There was no need for that.

On the other side, Chu Yunfan was being suppressed by the alpha.
He fought fiercely, but the alpha was even more terrifying.
The alpha ape’s fighting style was ferocious.

As they fought, Sha Peng and the others watched Chu Yunfan in shock.
If they were the ones in Chu Yunfan’s position, they would probably be beaten to their knees by the alpha within three moves.
Their internal organs might even be crushed by the alpha’s terrifying strength.

However, Chu Yunfan was able to hold on for such a long time.
Although he was at a disadvantage, he had no intention of being defeated.

If they could see Chu Yunfan’s eyes at this moment, they would discover that there was not a single trace of emotion in his eyes.
There was only an ice-cold glow of rationality and wisdom.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan had entered a mysterious state.
It was as if he had entered a rational mode.

In this state, he was analyzing every movement the alpha made.
The True Energy in his body was surging crazily toward the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
He was already at the peak of the eighth level and could step into the ninth level at any time.
He had planned to wait until tonight before making a breakthrough.

But now, it seemed like he did not have the leisure of time on his side.
He had no choice but to make a breakthrough right then and there during the battle.

It was either success or death!

Don’t leave a way out for yourself.
It was either do or die!

Unknown how much time had passed, but it was finally here.
When Chu Yunfan was completely at a disadvantage, the True Energy in his body surged and he instantly broke through the barrier.


Chu Yunfan’s aura exploded!

The ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage!

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