The sky turned dark.
Even in this dark forest, one could feel the light changing.
Darkness overcame the sky and the faint moonlight shone down through the leaves, scattering mottled shadows on the ground.

At the mountainside, in an empty cave, Chu Yunfan’s team was huddled within.
They lit a bonfire and could keep watch on the situation outside the cave.

This cave had a grotto within it.
The interior was large, but the entrance was narrow.
Only half a dozen people could enter at once.
If it was a monster the size of a Bloodmane Ape, they could only enter three or four at the same time.

Although it was not ideal, holding off hundreds of enemies at once was not something Chu Yunfan could imagine doing.
Ke Rui had only found this cave when the sun was about to set.

Chu Yunfan and his teammates sat cross-legged.
As they waited for the Bloodmane Apes to come, they meditated to bolster their strength.

On the ground by the side laid a box.
Inside it was filled with Qi Replenishing Pills and energy elixirs, ready to be used to restore their strength at the drop of a hat.
Chu Yunfan predicted that the war would go on all night, maybe even more.
Therefore, they had to be prepared.

“We have to defend the cave entrance.
If they overwhelm us, we’ll be done for.
We will drown if they’re too many of them.
Do you understand?” Chu Yunfan said.

“Loud and clear, Captain Chu.” Sha Peng and the others nodded.
They were looking toward Chu Yunfan, clearly following his lead.

“I’ve already thought about it.
Sha Peng, Ji Shiqing, you guys are to fight with me over the first half of the night.
Then Ruan Yingyu and Ke Rui will swap out with you guys in the second half to assist me.
It will be difficult for us to endure the night, but that’s the only option we have.
To all of us, this will be transformation,” Chu Yunfan said, “If we don’t make it, we might as well just die.”

Chu Yunfan’s voice was extremely calm.
This was because he had the Mountain River Diagram.
If things did not work out, he could hide in there.
He even had the Thunder Winged Beast stowed away within the space.
The creature could protect him and open up a path if needed.

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However, Chu Yunfan would only use that as a last resort.
Only by abandoning all paths of retreat would he be able to truly hone himself.

Sha Peng and the others nodded solemnly.
They understood that this night was extremely important.

Chu Yunfan stopped speaking.
He sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes to rest.

After another hour or so, angry roars came from afar.
It was undoubtedly the cries of the Bloodmane Apes.
Through the cave entrance, Chu Yunfan could see numerous figures swaying in the huge trees outside.

In a short while, they had already arrived at the team’s cave-dwelling.
Then, the apes swarmed in.

“Everyone, to your feet! The Bloodmane Apes are here!” Chu Yunfan bellowed.
Sha Peng and the others jolted awake.
Their eyes fixed on the entrance as they picked up the weapons.

There was a Bloodmane Ape that was particularly fast.
It charged in like an arrow released from a bow.
From the illumination of the night sky, everyone could see the ferocious expression on its face as well as its huge fangs.
It was capable of biting off a person’s head with a single chomp.

“Attack!” Chu Yunfan shouted as the saber in his hand hacked down.
A thunderous sound burst forth, reverberating through the entire cave.

Chu Yunfan’s actions were fast and accurate.
His saber slashed down, and the Bloodmane Ape flew in.
It was as if it had crashed into Chu Yunfan’s saber.


With the sound of metal piercing through flesh, Chu Yunfan’s saber slashed into the body of the Bloodmane Ape.
The Bloodmane Ape writhed in pain.
It roared, wanting to kill Chu Yunfan.
It stared at Chu Yunfan with its blood-red eyes and looked capable of tearing him into ten thousand pieces.

At this moment, Sha Peng, who had been waiting by the side, slashed down with all his strength.


The head of this Bloodmane Ape split open.
Although the skull was the strongest bone in its body, it could not withstand the reckless smashing of a human weapon.
If Chu Yunfan had not pierced through it first, that ape would not have allowed the next blade to strike its head without dodging.
Brain matter splattered everywhere.
This Bloodmane Ape died instantly.

Before Chu Yunfan and Sha Peng could catch their breath, more Bloodmane Apes pounced on them.

“They’re coming in on a large scale.
Be careful!” Ji Shiqing yelled.
Just as Chu Yunfan and Ke Rui had killed this Bloodmane Ape, a few more pounced on them.
Although they could not see the other apes behind them, they could see their ferocious faces through the cracks.

After Ji Shiqing yelled, the sword in her hand swept out, blocking the Bloodmane Apes’ incoming attack.

“Kill them!” Chu Yunfan roared as he charged forward.

A terrifying battle erupted.
Less than half a dozen Bloodmane Apes stood at the entrance of the cave, and in front of them stood three humans, with two humans supporting them from the sidelines.

In this cramped environment, the Bloodmane Ape’s nimble figure could not be fully displayed.
Thus, they could only use brute force to tear apart the defensive line set up by Chu Yunfan’s team.
Unfortunately, in terms of brute force, Chu Yunfan was more terrifying than these ordinary Bloodmane Apes.

Chu Yunfan slashed at them one by one until they were forced to retreat.
However, the other apes outside the cave were pushing and shoving to get in, making it impossible for the ones inside the cave to retreat.

These apes could only choose to fight head-on.
At this moment, the students wearing armor were performing well.
They might have even managed to gain an advantage.
They were not afraid of fighting head-on.
The method of exchanging injuries for injuries was the best for them.

Finally, they killed another Bloodmane Ape.
However, one of the apes immediately pounced on them and filled in the gap.

The battle lasted for a very, very long time.
Chu Yunfan felt his strength rapidly decreasing, and he did not know how long this battle would last.

Suddenly, at this moment, a terrifying figure with an unimaginable aura charged in.
It even knocked into one of the Bloodmane Ape and sent it flying, almost colliding with Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan’s expression froze.

The alpha was here!

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