After learning that Chu Yunfan had been carrying double gravity all this while, Sha Peng, Ke Rui, Ji Shiqing, and Ruan Yingyu were finally convinced.

They thought that Chu Yunfan was only slightly stronger than them, but now it seemed that Chu Yunfan was not just slightly stronger than them.
He was not someone they could compare to at all.

To be able to defeat them at lightning speed whilst carrying double gravity, how terrifying was Chu Yunfan truly?

It was simply unimaginable.

Under double gravity, the consumption of each movement was much greater than before, and the burden on the body was also more severe.
If one was not a cultivator and they were in a double gravity environment for a long time, all their bones and muscles would be deformed and their internal organs seriously damaged.

And Chu Yunfan was practically flying under this double gravity situation.
The gap between him and them was crystal clear.

“Seems like you’ve fully adapted to the double gravity.
Their standard is no longer suitable for you.
Raise it by double again,” Jeang Yuanbin instructed.

Chu Yunfan nodded and immediately adjusted the weighted suit to four-fold gravity.
He instantly felt the pressure on his body increase.
His blood flow slowed down and he could feel that it was more difficult for him to circulate even one circle of True Energy.
His body was used to double gravity, but now, it was four-fold.
He started to feel the difficulty of each breath.

“You should already understand the benefits of the weighted suit.
Now that you’re adults, it’s no problem for you to use it.
If you’re underage, long-term use of the weighted suit will affect your body’s development.
That will be counterproductive,” Jeang Yuanbin said, “Over the next one month, we will be conducting special training here.
In this area, there is the Bloodmane Ape.
It’s a monster with varying degrees of power.
An adult Bloodmane Ape is about the same height as an ordinary person, but its strength is much greater than an ordinary adult.
When it reaches adulthood, it can reach the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.”

“What?!” Sha Peng and the others exclaimed.
When not affected by the weighted suit, they were only at the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
There were still some ways to go to reach the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.

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What was the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage? It meant that one had truly completed the cultivation of the Energy Refinement Stage and could step into the Acquired stage at any time.

For example, Chu Yuntian had such cultivation!

And now, their strength was suppressed by the weighted suit.
Whether it was speed, strength, or True Energy, they were suppressed in all these aspects and could not be compared to their peak.

“We stand no chance of winning,” Ke Rui said exasperatedly, “Now that we are suppressed, it’s hard to say whether we can muster up even the strength of the peak eighth-level Energy Refinement Stage.”

“How could it be called training otherwise? Do you think I brought you out here for a spring outing?” Jeang Yuanbin said with an icy look on his face, “How can a true powerhouse only challenge the weak? Challenging existences stronger than oneself is the best way to temper one’s willpower and strength.
Don’t worry, I have a full medical set on my fighter jet, so you don’t have to worry.
Even if you come out with broken limbs, I’ll be able to treat you.
I will provide you with the most perfect logistics, so you go all out in your attacks.”

When Chu Yunfan and the others saw Jeang Yuanbin’s expression, they knew that there was nothing they could do.
They were really only complaining.
They were not afraid of challenges.
After all, those who could reach their current level were all dragons amongst men.

“But sir, if we were to train here, what about our liberal arts class?” Chu Yunfan asked.

Federation University was not just about the study of martial arts.
There was also the liberal arts that would be counted into their scores.

“Not to worry.
There will be people recording the liberal arts classes and sending them to you.
You can attend them after your training.
As long as you finish your homework on time, it’ll be fine.
You will be able to study on your own.
All of you are human elites who were able to enter Federation University.
Not only are you outstanding in the martial arts, but you’re also outstanding in the liberal arts.
You can complete your studies on your own,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

Everyone nodded.
It made sense.
With their self-study ability, it would not be a problem for them to learn on their own.
However, they could imagine that it would definitely be a tough time.
Not only would they have to train hard, but they would also have to find time to attend their liberal arts class.

“All right, you guys can head down now.
I’ll watch you from up here.
The first thing you should do upon reaching the ground is build a base.
Otherwise, you’ll be sleeping out in the open for one month,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

When the five students were ready, they slid down a rope and descended into the mountain range.


Chu Yunfan landed heavily on the ground.
The four-fold gravity had put a huge strain on his movements.
Otherwise, he would have been as light as a feather.





The other four landed with similarly heavy footsteps.

The towering trees that were over 300 feet tall were lush, blocking out most of the sunlight.
However, some sunlight still stubbornly seeped in, preventing this place from turning into a pitch-black world.

This light was enough for them because their vision was highly developed.
As long as there was some light, they had the equivalent of night vision.

The process of human cultivation was the process of constantly developing their bodies.
They became less and less like humans and became more like Gods of legend.

Chu Yunfan discovered many mushrooms under these trees all across the forest floor.
These fan-shaped mushrooms emitted a faint light.
Coupled with the limited sunlight that seeped in, they formed the light source of this dark forest.

“These mushrooms are called Illumiterna Mushrooms.
In dark places, they will emit specks of light.
Especially during the night.
The Illumiternas are an important tool to help us see clearly in dark places such as this forest,” Chu Yunfan said.

“I know this mushroom.
My home has many of these luminous mushrooms.
We place them in the living room so that it won’t be completely dark when we turn off the lights at night,” Ji Shiqing said.

The others came to understand this fungus better.

“Our top priority is to think of a way to build a tree hide.
These trees are very large.
We can dig a hole through to the middle and we can reside in it,” Chu Yunfan said.
He flipped through the Encyclopedia of Cultivation as he scanned the area.
“We can also take a look around.
Many monsters like to build a tree hide in big trees such as this.
There may be some abandoned ones that we can use.”

“Yes, Captain,” the others chorused one after another.

Suddenly, a black shadow with a hint of red flew down from the sky and pounced on Ruan Yingyu.

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