“Sects?” Chu Yunfan was puzzled.
He had only briefly heard this term in passing.
Many used the mantra: “Get into a good university and join a good sect.” However, he did not know much else about these sects.

Although Sha Peng and the others were not as strong as Chu Yunfan, their knowledge was much more profound than his.
It was evident that they had some understanding.

“Those from the sects will be participating as well?!” Sha Peng asked in astonishment.

“Yes, that’s right.
They will also be participating in the conference.
They are elites from younger generations the same age as you,” Jeang Yuanbin said, “Do you think the Dao Conference is just a competition made up of a few schools with nothing better to do?”

Everyone looked at Jeang Yuanbin.

Jeang Yuanbin sighed and said, “You guys are the elites of the future human race.
Others may not know it, but you should.
We, humans, have excavated many relics in the past hundred years.
They belong to the sects from the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
Most are under the control of the Federation Government, but there are exceptions.
These modern sects have established themselves using the relics of the Ancient Zenith Civilization!

“There are many ruins with relatively complete inheritances, which in turn allowed for the establishment of those sects.
Besides that, some became what people call reclusive sects or reclusive families.
These are forces that wander outside the Federation.
Thanks to these forces, society did not suffer a crushing defeat due to the dire situation we are in.
These forces have developed to a vast extent.

“Although they’re not a match for the Federation Government, them joining forces would cause the government a lot of trouble.
On the surface, the Dao Conference aims to gather the younger generation to exchange pointers, but in reality, it’s a form of deterrence,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

“The most crucial thing for a sect to continue growing, other than its excellent strength, is whether or not the younger generation can keep up.
The Federation leaders are the ones who carry society’s banner in our fight against the monsters.

“Other than the fact that they possess numerous experts, many universities provide the government and army with an endless stream of talents,” Jeang Yuanbin explained further.

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“I understand now.
That’s a way for the government to show its strength.
They will be happy as long as the young disciples from the various universities are stronger than those from the reclusive sects and families!” Chu Yunfan’s eyes lit up.

“That’s correct.
It’s also a chance for the reclusive sects and families to show their strength to the government.
They can only wander outside the human federation where they’re considered strong.” Jeang Yuanbin looked at Chu Yunfan approvingly.
“That’s why they will undoubtedly send their best disciples.
Therefore, one would say the annual Dao Conference is a competition between the most elite young geniuses of the entire human race!”

Chu Yunfan finally understood everything.

These powers were benefits obtained from the relics of the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
Some of them were like the Chu family or alchemy kings who had chosen to join the Federation to serve the human race.
They were rooted within the Federation.

However, there were also some powers that did not wish to be controlled by the Federation.
They wandered on the outskirts of the Federation’s control.
They could be considered the outer powers of humanity.
There was competition, hostility, and cooperation between them and the Federation.

Chu Yunfan paused to think for a moment.
At this moment, he finally recalled Bai Hong’s attitude from before, as well as some of the probing conversations that followed.
Looks like Bai Hong had treated him as a disciple of those reclusive sects.
No wonder Bai Hong had been so easily convinced.
Turns out Bai Hong thought he had such a big background behind him.

In this way, Chu Yunfan unknowingly used the reclusive sects as a banner.

This was rather interesting.

However, from this, Chu Yunfan could imagine how intense the competition at the Dao Conference would be.
Even the top scorer of this year’s college entrance examination might not be able to become the champion.

Chu Yunfan was not put off in the slightest.
He only felt his blood boiling.
Although he could not be compared to Dong Fanghao and the others, it was still uncertain who would win in the next half a year.

To have the chance to fight against all kinds of top experts.
That feeling made Chu Yunfan’s blood boil just thinking about it.

“At last year’s Dao Conference, Federation University had failed.
The champion of the conference wasn’t a student from our university and wasn’t even a student from one of the top ten famous universities.
Instead, it was a disciple from a reclusive, world-shaking sect.
The higher-ups of Federation University are very upset over this.
So this year, we must not fail.
The other instructors think that all their hopes should be placed on those disciples in the Acquired Stage.
However, I beg to differ.
Your aptitude may only be slightly inferior when compared to them, but it’s not irreparable.
Things can be turned around.
In the next half a year, I will try my best to force out all of your potential.
At the conference, we will defeat all the rest!”Jeang Yuanbin proclaimed.

Sha Peng and the others sucked in a breath of cold air when they heard this.
They understood how powerful the top students of Federation University were.
Even so, they had been robbed of the champion title by the disciples of a reclusive sect.
It was clear that this Dao Conference was not what they had thought it was.
The conference was a civil war.

However, they were not ones to easily admit defeat.
They believed that their talent was not subpar.

“We understand now.
We will definitely claim back the champion title at the conference,” Chu Yunfan said as he got to his feet.

Sha Peng and the others looked at Chu Yunfan in astonishment.
Although they believed that they were not inferior to others, they had never thought of becoming the champion.
At most, they would do their best to not ruin Federation University’s reputation.
Who knows, they might even gain some reputation.

“Good, such ambition is good.” Jeang Yuanbin looked at Chu Yunfan, his eyes flashing with appreciation.

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“If we don’t become the champion, won’t it be meaningless? Since we are to participate, we must become the victors,” Chu Yunfan said simply.

Sha Peng and the others looked at Chu Yunfan with a complicated look in their eyes.
Although what he said sounded very arrogant, for some unknown reason, there was an inexplicable sense of hot blood surging through their bodies.

That’s right.
If they don’t become the champion, it would be meaningless.

Even if their opponents were powerful, if they admitted defeat now, they would have no hope of surpassing them for the rest of their life.

“Get ready.
Next up will be some special training,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

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