“Sir, what is this Dao Conference?” Sha Peng asked.

All of them also looked at Jeang Yuanbin curiously.

“Every year, each university will hold such a conference.
Although there’s no age limit for participation, according to past management, the sophomores, juniors, and seniors will not participate.
It’s a contest between first-year students who have just entered,” Jeang Yuanbin replied.

“Why won’t they participate?” Ke Rui asked, “Isn’t it a chance to make a name for themselves?”

Ke Rui could imagine what a big stage those conferences would be.
To perform well, one must amaze others with a single feat.

“Do you think there is only one such conference? There are many other conferences they can participate in.
The main reason one should participate is for consideration.
Most senior students are either doing their internships or starting a business from scratch and have no time for such school affairs.

“Although the sophomores and juniors are only one to two years older than you, they can still crush you,” Jeang Yuanbin said with a faint smile.

Ke Rui and the others shrunk their necks.
Although they claimed they were not afraid of anything and acted like the best, they knew their limits.
The talent of the sophomores and juniors could rival theirs.

They could now see how strong they really were a year ago.
It was ideal to separate the students this way because they would probably lose horrendously if they were put together regardless of age.

“However, I feel that the value of the Dao Conference might not be as crucial as our school’s internal competition,” Ji Shiqing said.
In her mind, the most outstanding students came from Federal University.
She thought this kind of inter-school competition did not hold much meaning.

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Sha Peng and the others also seemed to agree.
They were not arrogant, but they had always been taught to think this way.
They believed the most outstanding students would attend Federal University while second-best students attended other universities.

Chu Yunfan frowned because this did not convince him.
If that were the case, this kind of inter-school competition would be meaningless because Federation University would take over the rankings.
Even if the students from Federal University did not think it was pointless, the students from other universities would not be willing to become cannon fodder for Federation University.
No one would be so self-torturing.

But since there was such a thing as the Dao Conference, it would only mean Federation University was not as extraordinary compared to various universities.
At the very least, their strengths were not significantly different.

“Do you honestly think there’s no difference? Why do you think they do not reveal the top university students on the spot but instead wait to compare them later?” Jeang Yuanbin asked.

Sha Peng and the others instantly understood when Jeang Yuanbin said that.
Indeed they had long discovered the best liberal arts student, but the rankings for the martial arts students were still undecided.
That in itself was unreasonable!

“Firstly, the martial arts examination differs from the liberal arts where one can take the examination while gaining as many points as possible.
Secondly, there are simply too many participants, and the examination methods are different.
It’s tough to measure them objectively.
Moreover, the top ten universities recruit students independently.
It’s entirely different from the typical university student ranking,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

“That’s why we must wait until each university’s enrollment is complete before selecting the strongest people as the top university students.
Of course, this has nothing to do with you guys.

“Although this selection method isn’t the most outstanding, there’s nothing wrong with it, considering the goal is only to select the best students.
The best students from each school will be entered into that year’s strongest students,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

“Does that make the conference a civil war between the schools then?” Sha Peng asked.
He had witnessed those Acquire Stage students in action—each was as terrifying as the last.
Those students resembled dragons among men.
Even if he was not convinced, he had to admit there was a significant gap between them.

If the elite students of Federation University were like that, imagine the students of other schools.

“You’re wrong to think that way.
Do you think the top ten universities don’t have tricks up their sleeves? The professors of Federation University will contact the most outstanding students of the university beforehand, and so will the other universities.
They might even make their move earlier than us, so don’t underestimate them.
Their overall quality can’t compare to ours, but that doesn’t mean they can’t support a few promising students.

“There will be several students who stand out and even have the ability to become the top scorer every year.
It’s not like there isn’t a record of other universities claiming the top scorer spot,” Jeang Yuanbin sneered.

Chu Yunfan’s expression turned solemn as he understood what Jeang Yuanbin meant.
There was an unsurpassable gap between the top ten universities and Federation University.
However, the capabilities of the top ten universities could prove helpful for a few of them.
There would not be a problem for a dozen students to stand out.
One would say that it would be rudimentary to them.

Although the other universities lacked resources compared to Federation University, the gap was not too large.
They still had access to a vast network of people from all walks of life.
And coupled with their name of being a famous university, they had the potential to give Federation University a run for its money.

Therefore, the selection for the top university students differed from Federation University’s internal competition.
There were undoubtedly students from other universities who could threaten Federation University.
After all, Federation University had suppressed them for years.
They had a long-term goal to make a comeback since they had not been able to best Federation University in the past.

“Although, since we’re already fighting for the top scorer position, what’s the purpose of the Dao Conference?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“This is a matter of fact.
Although those top students play important roles, the various universities aren’t prepared to nurture humanity’s elites.
If humanity wants to ensure their survival, relying on just one or two people would be pointless.
Only by improving the overall quality of humanity can it be possible,” Jeang Yuanbin said, “In addition to the students from the top ten universities, there will be others participating in the Dao Conference.
Have you ever heard of the sects?”

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