According to their understanding, although a lot of dark horses would appear in the competition for instructors that the instructors had not noticed before, how dark could they be? At most, they would be on par with them.

They could accept another teammate, but he wanted to be the captain right from the start.
How could they just admit it out of the blue?

“If I let you be the captain, do you have the confidence to carry the title?” Jeang Yuanbin did not respond to the doubts of the others and only directed this question at Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan replied without hesitation, “Of course”

Although Chu Yunfan had not expected Jeang Yuanbin to appoint him as the captain right from the start, he knew that this was not the time to be modest.
He naturally showed his confidence.

“Good!” Jeang Yuanbin nodded as he stood with his hands behind his back.

Chu Yunfan walked forward and looked at the other four.
“Are you not convinced that I’m capable of being your captain?”

“That’s right.
What a joke.
Though this is Mr.
Jeang’s order, I don’t agree with it.
This is preposterous!” the tall student, Sha Peng, said with an unconvinced look on his face.

“I won’t say anything else.
If you’re not convinced, you must think that I’m not strong enough to be your captain.
Since that’s the case, then let’s see who’s the real deal,” Chu Yunfan said lightly.

“Good, straightforward.
Just based on your straightforward attitude, even if you can’t become our captain, I can still accept you as a member of our team,” Sha Peng said loudly, “I’ll battle you first.”

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“No, I think you’ve misunderstood me.
What I mean is all of you should make your move together so as not to waste time,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.

Sha Peng and the others were instantly angered.
Chu Yunfan had absolutely no respect for them.
This was simply contempt.

“Good, good, good.
Let me see just how capable you are to be our captain,” Sha Peng said with a cold smile.

Chu Yunfan could tell that these people were all well-known figures in their respective regions.
They had been recruited by Jeang Yuanbin before the college entrance examinations.
They were all clearly proud and arrogant people.

Defeating them one by one would probably be difficult to completely convince them.
Since that was the case, they might as well attack together.
After all, Chu Yunfan was not afraid of group battles.

Sha Peng was not the only one.
The other three were also angered.
They made up their minds to teach this guy a harsh lesson so that he would understand who was the boss.

The four of them surrounded Chu Yunfan and formed a battle formation.

“What are you guys good at? Weapons? Bare-handed fighting? It doesn’t matter to me,” Chu Yunfan said off-handedly.

“Such arrogance!”

These two words popped out from the gap between Ke Rui’s teeth.
He said, “Since it’s a competition within the team, we’d better not use weapons to prevent any accidents from happening.”

Although everyone was best at using weapons, it would be a great loss of face if they won because of their upper hand in terms of numbers.

Jeang Yuanbin stood aside to observe them.
He had no intention of stopping them.
Only a faint smile hung from the corner of his lips.

“All of you, attack together,” Chu Yunfan said in a low tone.

This time, even the two girls were furious.

“Since you asked for it, we won’t be polite!”

The four of them formed a battle formation.
During this period of time, their cooperation had given them a certain level of tacit understanding.
The four pounced on Chu Yunfan.

What did it mean to say one pair of hands could not fight against four? This was what it meant.
The four of them came at Chu Yunfan from all directions.
They locked down all the space that Chu Yunfan could use to dodge.

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When ordinary people faced such a problem, they simply would not be able to dodge it.

“You still dare to be arrogant? I don’t care how strong you are.
You actually dare to challenge the four of us at once?!” Sha Peng’s face revealed a cold smile.

But his smile instantly froze.
He realized that his attack had missed.
His fist merely passed through Chu Yunfan’s body.

Chu Yunfan had split into three figures.
All of their attacks had missed.

“A movement technique!” Sha Peng instantly became alert.

At the side, Jeang Yuanbin saw Chu Yunfan’s Nine Cyclone Phantoms movement technique.
A glint flashed through his eyes.
This was not the first time he had seen Chu Yunfan use the Nine Cyclone Phantoms.
he had been paying attention to Chu Yunfan’s battles during the competition.
However, this was the first time he was seeing it right in front of him.

The attacks of the four all missed.
It was as if Chu Yunfan had instantly dodged all of their attacks.

Suddenly, Sha Peng felt his vision blur.
A figure appeared in front of him.
Who else could this person be but Chu Yunfan?

Sha Peng was an elite student who had been through hundreds of battles.
When faced with Chu Yunfan who had suddenly appeared, he did not panic.
After clenching his fist, he flung it at Chu Yunfan’s head.


With a muffled sound of a collision, Sha Peng’s fist was caught by Chu Yunfan’s hand.
Chu Yunfan was like a man of steel.
The force of over a thousand pounds contained within Sha Peng’s fist was turned into nothingness and he could not move his body.


Sha Peng finally started to panic.
He realized that his attacks were useless against Chu Yunfan.
It was absolutely terrifying.

Sha Peng had stepped into the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
He thought that he was the most outstanding one in the group.
Otherwise, Jeang Yuanbin would not have taken him in.

The physical quality of a ninth-level Energy Refinement Stage was naturally first-class and tyrannical.
However, it was completely useless in front of Chu Yunfan.

After instantly receiving Sha Peng’s attack, Chu Yunfan launched out.
His five fingers clenched into a fist, and True Energy instantly surged into his fist.
He then punched Sha Peng.


Everything happened too quickly.
Chu Yunfan’s attack was like a bolt of lightning, directly hitting Sha Peng’s body.
Sha Peng instantly flew backward as if he had been struck by lightning.
He rolled across the ground a few times and did not get up.
He had lost his battle strength.


The other three saw that Chu Yunfan had eliminated Sha Peng with one move and turned pale with fright.
They were very clear about Sha Peng’s strength.
It was impossible for him to be so weak.
Immediately, they raised their vigilance against Chu Yunfan.

However, it was too late.
Chu Yunfan had already arrived before Ke Rui.
Ke Rui turned pale with fright, but he instantly reacted.
His two fists were like two large hammers as they flew toward Chu Yunfan.


Ke Rui’s fists pierced through the air, causing a loud explosion.

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