If not for the fact that Chu Yunfan was only at the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage, no one would have thought of him as a dark horse.

It was because Chu Yunfan was not on par with the others in terms of cultivation level that he had shocked everyone.
Of those who surpassed him, from the not very famous to some of the best among his peers, defeating those that were in the same cultivation stage as he was already extremely difficult, let alone defeating those who were even higher.

But regardless of whether they were willing to admit it or not, Chu Yunfan had become the champion.

Chu Yunfan exited the virtual world.
He was still in his assigned villa.
He was not in a hurry to find out who his final instructor was.
In any case, there would definitely be a satisfactory result in the end.

As soon as Chu Yunfan exited the virtual world, congratulatory emails flew into his inbox like snowflakes.
He did not know many people in Federation University, but there were a few that he had met when he had been in Exile Zone 66.

After replying to them one by one, Chu Yunfan realized that he had also received a congratulatory email from Bai Ling’er.
He could not help but smile.

All of a sudden, Chu Yunfan received a completely unfamiliar email.

[I am your instructor.
Gather here.]

In the email was an address attached.

Chu Yunfan did not suspect him because this email was sent through Federation University’s official system.
If it was not his real instructor, it would be impossible for him to send this email under the name of Federation University.

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The gathering place was on the rooftop of a teaching building in Federation University Metropolis.
The sun shone down and it felt warm.
The Metropolis had some of the most advanced ecosystems, so it was like spring all year round as usual.

The sun shone on his body and the warm spring breeze blew on his body.
Chu Yunfan felt a sense of intoxication as if it had been a long, long time since he had such an experience.

Tap, tap, tap!

A series of footsteps could be heard and a figure appeared at the top of the stairs.

It was a middle-aged man in his thirties with a resolute appearance.
He looked tall and sturdy, like a long spear piercing through the sky.
He gave off a feeling as if he was a pillar supporting the sky.

He slowly walked toward Chu Yunfan and said, “My name is Jeang Yuanbin.
I’m your instructor.”

“You’re my instructor?” Chu Yunfan looked at the middle-aged man suspiciously.

“Why? Are you doubting my capabilities as an instructor?” the middle-aged man, Jeang Yuanbin, said with a smile.

“That’s not necessary.
I’m the champion of the competition for instructors.
There must be many instructors who want to recruit me.
You must have something extraordinary to stand out from the crowd,” Chu Yunfan said while shaking his head/ He was not suspicious about this.

“You have good judgment.
That’s right, those guys wanted to compete with me for you.
Impossible,” Jeang Yuanbin said indifferently, “This is my first year being an instructor.
I’ve always been on the frontline of the human and monster battlefield.
I have just returned this year to be an instructor.
My disciples are very lucky to be my first batch of students.”

“First batch…” Chu Yunfan suddenly felt a dark shadow fall over his face.

Seeing Chu Yunfan’s doubtful look, Jeang Yuanbin explained, “Because you guys are the first batch, all of my resources will be placed on you.
You will be able to enjoy the best.
You have to know that many of the instructors don’t have just first-year freshmen.
Most instructors have students in each grade.
After all, Federation University has a lot of instructors.
But among the hundreds of thousands of students, each instructor only has a few students.”

Chu Yunfan nodded.
It made sense after thinking about it.

“This time, including you, I’ve recruited a total of five students.
I’ve already told them to gather here.
From now on, you’ll be fellow disciples.
You’re all my disciples,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

Instructors and teachers were different.
Modern instructors were more like the concept of an ancient master.
They imparted their knowledge to their students, were responsible for their growth, and would instill in them life values.
This was different from the concept of a teacher from past eras.

Not long after, four other figures appeared at the stairway.
There were two men and two women.

One of the two men was tall and had a resolute face.
The other had a muscular body.
He was about the same height as Chu Yunfan and had an ordinary appearance.

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One of the two girls was tall and stood at 5 foot 6.
Although her face was not particularly pretty, it was considered exquisite.
The other one was slightly shorter but had a more fiery aura.

The four of them looked travel-worn.
They had clearly just returned from outside.

“Sir, why have you called us back?” the tall student enquired.

“To introduce you to a new student.
This is my newly recruited disciple, Chu Yunfan.
From now on, he’ll be the captain of your team,” Jeang Yuanbin announced.


Jeang Yuanbin’s announcement had caused an uproar among the four.
They had not expected that the first thing Jeang Yuanbin would do when he summoned them back was to announce the appointment of a new team captain.

“That’s right.
As the saying goes, a snake without a head won’t make it.
I didn’t appoint a captain for you guys earlier because I was waiting for this moment,” Jeang Yuanbin said faintly.

“On what basis?”

“Who does he think he is? He wants to be above us?!”

“Who is this person? On what basis does he think he can be our captain?”

The four students burst out indignantly.
The four of them had been selected by Jeang Yuanbin more than half a year ago, so they had not participated in the competition for instructors.
They had arrived at Federation University a month ahead of schedule and had been training since then.

However, Jeang Yuanbin had never elected any of them to be the team captain.
Therefore, they had been competing with each other to become the captain.

They thought that Jeang Yuanbin had been testing them.
They had not expected their instructor to find someone else and parachuted them in to become the captain.

Even though this was their instructor’s order, they absolutely could not accept it.

Life was filled with such chaos!

Chu Yunfan too had not expected Jeang Yuanbin to appoint him as the captain.

“These are your classmates.
The tall one is called Sha Peng, the other is Ke Rui.
And these two girls are Ruan Yingyu and Ji Shiqing.” Jeang Yuanbin cared not for the indignant questions of the students.
“Your new captain is Chu Yunfan, the champion of this year’s competition for instructors.”

Hearing this, the students were not stunned.
They were not convinced at all.

So what if Chu Yunfan was the champion? In previous years, the champion was at most on the same level as them.
On what basis did he suddenly appear out of nowhere and stand above everyone else?

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