Everyone was stunned.
They were dumbstruck.
Perhaps they did not expect that Feng Deying would be defeated just like that.

One could say that only a few of them expected Feng Deying to be defeated, let alone beaten so miserably.

Watching the whole battle, he was the one who attacked 90% of the time, while Chu Yunfan had only attacked once.

As it turned out, that one attack was sufficient!

‘One hit? Feng Deying was defeated from only one hit?’

Everyone had that question pop into their head.
It was just too shocking.

Those who came to watch the battle basically knew about Feng Deying’s power, as most of them were their classmates.
They knew very well what he was capable of.
Apart from Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu, he had no match in class.

Gao Hongzhi could fight him, but defeating him was another story, let alone thrashing him so simply like what had just happened.

“H-How is Chu Yunfan so powerful?!”

“He’s too powerful.
We never realized before!”

Everyone had finally accepted the truth a long time later.

“How is it possible that I was defeated? How is it possible that I was defeated?!”

The one who found it most difficult to accept was Feng Deying.
He kept mumbling and repeating the same thing.
The first time he lost, he had suppressed his power, so it was still acceptable that he was defeated.
This time, he was genuinely beaten.

Chu Yunfan did not even bother to look at him.
He turned around and walked out of the battle ring.

“How is it possible that I lost?!”


Suddenly, a loud roar came from behind Chu Yunfan and a terrifying wind charged at him.

It was Feng Deying, still unable to accept the outcome.
He was triggered at that moment and threw a punch at Chu Yunfan’s back.

Chu Yunfan reacted immediately.
He turned his waist and kicked hard.
It landed directly on Feng Deying’s chest.


Feng Deying was sent flying again.
He fell hard on the ground and could not even get up this time.

If Chu Yunfan held back earlier to defeat Feng Deying, he put everything he had in this blow.

After that, Feng Deying would not be able to get up so easily.
All of the ribs in his chest were fractured.
He could not stop shaking from the pain and could not move at all.

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At that moment, everyone inhaled sharply.
They could not believe that Chu Yunfan did not use all of his strength when he defeated Feng Deying.
Nobody saw the kick.
They only saw Feng Deying charge at Chu Yunfan and get sent flying.

“H-How powerful is he exactly?!”

“I couldn’t tell before that he’s so overwhelming!”

“I suppose he can definitely get into the martial arts stream’s elite class.
We thought he couldn’t even get into the martial arts stream.
So he’s been hiding it so well!”

“That’s why I say a dragon doesn’t live with snakes.
Gao Hongzhi is so arrogant, but they’re so close.
How is it possible that Chu Yunfan is a commoner?!”

The crowd thought Chu Yunfan was merely hiding his abilities before.
None of them thought he improved at lightning speed recently, as it was just too unbelievable.

Some enough, they clumsily carried Feng Deying to the infirmary.

Although modern society’s medical technology was advanced, that kick alone would make him suffer for a long time.

However, he could not do anything to Chu Yunfan.
This was one of the reasons the battle ring was set up.
No matter how intense the fight, nobody would be investigated under normal circumstances.

If someone was unwilling, they should not get into the ring.
If they went in, they would have to follow the rules.

It was just that everyone thought the person who would lose would be Chu Yunfan, not Feng Deying.
The result was not what they had expected at all.

Many secretly thought Feng Deying deserved what he got this time.

Meanwhile, Ou Yang was among the many students that just left.

Chu Yunfan did not notice that the school’s popular boy had been observing him earlier.

At that moment, he was watching the people carrying Feng Deying to get treatment.
There was no expression on his face at all.
To him, defeating Feng Deying was a certainty.
The key was how to win beautifully.

There were only about ten more days until the stream division test.
He would not be satisfied with merely getting into the martial arts stream.
Instead, he wanted to get into the martial arts stream’s elite class.

He would have to break through to the Qi Sea Stage to guarantee a spot.

He had only cultivated with three Qi Nourishment Pills.
He would have to cultivate with two more to get to the peak of Qi Nourishment.

He would have to break through to the Qi Sea Stage after that.
Time was of the essence.

“I really can’t relax for even a second!” Chu Yunfan said while clenching his fists lightly.

Before going back to the classroom, the news of him defeating Feng Deying had spread throughout the class.
At that moment, every student in Class 11 was shocked.
They were in almost disbelief that Chu Yunfan had such abilities.

Before that, they thought it would be a miracle if Chu Yunfan was victorious.

Chu Yunfan had really shown them what teaching a person a lesson was.

After defeating Feng Deying, many thought Chu Yunfan was probably the best in the class.

Conversely, the battle did not cause a stir in the rest of the school.
After all, Feng Deying was rather popular, but that was it.
Most people did not know about him, let alone Chu Yunfan who defeated him.

At noon, Chu Yunfan was called to see the head teacher because of the battle with Feng Deying, but he was not being faulted.
Anything that happened in the battle ring would not be investigated.
What’s more, it was Feng Deying who tried a sneak attack from the back and ended up being injured severely by Chu Yunfan.

Many people saw that, so even the head teacher could not play favorites for Feng Deying.

The head teacher merely called Chu Yunfan to encourage him.
His explosive elevation in power had defeated Feng Deying.
He was clearly a seedling who could get into the martial arts stream’s elite class.

The school would reward regular teachers for each student that they sent to the elite class.
The Federation government would even reward them if there were students who could get into Federation University.

They were training talents for human society.

The head teacher had never been so happy with Chu Yunfan before, which made him realize that only real powerhouses would be taken seriously by society no matter what.
Who would pay attention or care about his previously mediocre self?

After Feng Dying lost, he was healing at home.
He wanted to prepare for the stream division test as well.
Therefore, nobody would disturb Chu Yunfan and he could cultivate in peace.

The stream division test was getting closer day by day!

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