Three swords cut Tang to pick the stars, everything was only within the scope of the three swords, and it was defeated like that!

Chu Yunfan's previous three-sword defeat of Tang Jiexing was not a boast, but a fact!

This is the reason for many people's horror, because it seems to them that Chu Yunfan's dark horse is a bit too black.

The color is too good!

And all of this happened so quickly, and as soon as many talents had settled down, Chu Yunfan had already ended the battle.

Many students who just joined in have not reacted yet, and everything is over.

It was said that the classic battle, the good master clash, it was like a torture that defeated Tang Jiexing.

“Is this Tang picking the stars too bad, or is this Chu Yunfan too strong!”

A student said dumbfounded.

“It goes without saying that this Tang Dixingxing must be too useless, so he is not an opponent at all!”

“How is this possible? I watched Tang Zaixing's game all the way before.
His strength is very strong.
Very few people can withstand 30 moves before, but I didn't expect to be killed in a second.
Chu Yunfan is too strong!”

Seeing this scene at this time, the various mentors were as crazy as they were, and they began to fight for it.

“I want this Chu Yunfan!”

A mentor of the congenital pinnacle said, not to mention the teacher of the postnatal pinnacle at this time, even the mentor of the congenital level is not easy to speak, because at this time, there is no doubt that it is self-defeating.

“Aren't you optimistic about that Bai Bingwu? Since you want that Bai Bingwu, then this Chu Yunfan belongs to me!”

Another innate pinnacle mentor said.

“Bullshit, obviously, this Chu Yunfan has greater potential.
He is just the Eighth Layer of Refining Qi Realm who can actually display such combat power.
The future of such a person is simply limitless!”

Another innate pinnacle mentor said.

These innate pinnacle tutors open their mouths to grab people, and ordinary tutors don't even have the qualifications to join, but they all know that arguing is useless at this time.

If you want to compete for such a good seed, you can't just say a few words casually.

Students must compete for good tutors, and their good tutors must also compete for good seedlings.
I don't know how many collisions and competitions there are.
These are things that students don't know.

But at this moment, Chu Yunfan had already left the space of the battlefield, and three moves to kill Tang Dixing Xing in a flash were nothing to him.

He knows where his limits are.
If among those people, the only one that might pose a threat to him is undoubtedly that Bai Bingwu.

Bai Bingwu's threat was even greater than Chu Yuntian's feelings.
The aura on her body was closer to mellow and consummation, that is to say, it was possible to step into the acquired realm at any time.

“Hahaha, it's so enjoyable, isn't that Tang Dixingxing very arrogant? Isn't he hanged now?” Gao Hongzhi's figure appeared accompanied by the loud laughter.
“Yun Fan, I think you can have a title, that is, a genius slinger.
No matter what genius comes to you, he can only be hanged.
There is no other possibility!”

Chu Yunfan looked at Gao Hongzhi with a black line, and said: “Genius slinger, what the **** is this!”

And soon, Tang Siyu's figure has also appeared, she didn't say much on her face, but her eyes are like waves, some things don't need to be said thoroughly, it is enough to understand.

After a while, Chu Yunfan actually saw Tang Jiexing's figure appearing not far away.
At this moment, he no longer had the faint arrogance.
On the contrary, he just watched Chu Yunfan gritted his teeth.

His dream of winning the championship was shattered in Chu Yunfan's hands like this, and he only supported three moves, which was simply ashamed and thrown home.

He never thought that one day, he would lose like this!

“Humph!” After Tang Jiexing let out a cold snort, he disappeared into the crowd.

Chu Yunfan smiled slightly without saying anything.
With a move of his mind, he had disappeared in place and entered a space of competition.
At this time, another battle of the top four was still in full swing.

By the time he arrived, he had not yet decided the victory or defeat.
After all, the battle between him and Tang Jiexing ended too quickly.
With only three swords, Tang Jiexing was completely defeated.

On the other side, the Bai Bingwu that Chu Yunfan paid special attention to had already achieved a complete advantage.
Although they were all cultivated at the ninth level of the Qi Refining Realm, it was clear that the strength of the girl who fought against Bai Bingwu There is obviously a gap with Bai Bingwu, and she also uses a war knife.

However, her battle sword could not break through Bai Bingwu’s defenses.
Instead, Bai Bingwu was completely crushed by the wind.
Bai Bingwu’s double swords danced like a fairy in the moon, but they were deadly swords and tricks.
Directly point to the vital part of people.

“The winner will be divided within three moves!” Chu Yunfan shook his head and said The girl who was playing against Bai Bingwu had lost her sense.

“Three tricks? How is it possible!”

Someone next to Chu Yunfan heard it, and he didn't believe it.
But soon, his mouth opened wide, because the three-stroke match was actually very short, but it was completed in a moment, and he immediately saw the result, sure enough.
By the third stroke, Bai Bingwu blocked the girl's sword with a sword, and the girl had already been pierced through with a sword, turning into a ball of light and disappeared.

“It's really three tricks!” Even if the student didn't want to admit it, he could only admit that Chu Yunfan was right, but he didn't know how Chu Yunfan judged it.
He turned his head and saw that he was still next to him.
Chu Yunfan has disappeared.

When Chu Yunfan saw there, he did not continue to watch, because he knew that the victory was divided, and he went straight out to prepare.
Sure enough, soon, he received a notice that the finals of the mentor competition this time will finally be it has started.

Without any hesitation, Chu Yunfan directly transmitted in.

At this time, Bai Bingwu was already waiting with two swords in her hand.
She had just fought, but she didn't have any fatigue.
Anyway, in the virtual world, she could return to her peak state in an instant.

At this time, the whole venue was full of excitement, and more than 100,000 people were watching this final battle.
Not only were freshman students, but there were also many famous sophomores and juniors.

“I didn't expect that my last opponent would be you!” Bai Bingwu said indifferently.

“But I knew that my final opponent must be you, unless you meet me in advance, otherwise the final finals must be me and you!” Chu Yunfan said decisively.
(To be continued)).

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