“Three slashes… Chu Yunfan actually did it… Wang Lin couldn’t even withstand three of his attacks…” a student said with his mouth wide open as if he had seen the most incredible miracle.
He could not believe it.
If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed it.

When Chu Yunfan said that he had hidden his true strength, the crowd had not believed him, just like Wang Lin.
But now, they finally believed him.
Chu Yunfan had been hiding his true strength, and it was not just a small bit of difference.

When Chu Yunfan had hidden his strength, he had been able to defeat a master of the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
If he had not hidden his strength, then how terrifying would he be?

“Could Chu Yunfan really be a monster in human skin?!”

“What kind of cultivation technique does he practice? How could he be so powerful?!”

“Oh my god, he’s so powerful! I’ve never seen such a powerful guy before!”

At this moment, the circle of instructors had fallen into a frenzy.
Most of them felt like they were a mess.
Chu Yunfan had exceeded their expectations again and again.
The tables had been completely overturned.
It was as if someone with large hands was strangling their necks and preventing them from breathing.

Just a moment ago, they had said that Chu Yunfan had reached his limit.
They thought it was impossible for him to make it past the quarterfinals.
He had created enough miracles today.

Within the top eight, aside from Chu Yunfan, everyone else had already been noticed by many instructors and was the first line in line to be accepted into the university.
They had then yet to enter Federation University, but their names were already like thunder among the instructors.

This was especially true for Wang Lin.
He was the target of many instructors.
If it was not for the fact that Wang Lin wasn’t satisfied, he wouldn’t have needed to participate in the competition for instructors.
He would have easily been able to come under the guidance of an extremely outstanding instructor.

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Among them, the only one who truly was the dark horse that no one knew about before this was Chu Yunfan.

And now, Chu Yunfan had released his hidden strength, telling everyone that he did not just want to reach the top eight, or even the top four.
His goal was to become the champion.

At this stage, it was entirely possible that Chu Yunfan would become the champion!

How was the impossible happening here!

Many people found it hard to believe.
An eighth-level Energy Refinement Stage was able to beat a group of ninth-level Energy Refinements and become the champion was equivalent to being slapped in the face.

If it had not been for that last moment, they would not have believed it!

“Amazing! Chu Yunfan is really something.
He should be able to lure out those top instructors.”

“I believe so.
Even ordinary Innate instructors are qualified to teach him.”

“With his strength, anyone under the Acquired Stage will have a hard time dealing with him.
And it’s only a matter of time before he steps into that level.”

“That’s right, I think he might really be like Dong Fanghao, Liang Haoyu, Jiang Pengfei, and the others who have the possibility of stepping into the Innate Stage before graduation.”

At the mention of this, the expressions of the instructors changed.
This was because they, the instructors, were only at the peak of the Acquire Stage.
Yet, a student from Federation University who was studying had the possibility of surpassing them.
This was a hard slap to the face.

But it was fortunate that they had gotten used to it over the years.
Over the years, more and more monsters have been appearing at Federation University.
It was not that they did not understand it, but it was more like the world was changing rapidly!

This was also proof that the overall strength of humanity was rising!

“Top four! Top four! Top four!”

Unknowingly, the students who were watching the battle started to cheer for Chu Yunfan.
Although they knew that it was a slim chance, Chu Yunfan who was previously an unknown existence might just be able to defeat those high and mighty elite students.
Just thinking about this made them quiver with excitement.

What level could Chu Yunfan, the most special student of the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage, reach? This was something that many paid attention to.

“After the semi-finals, it’ll be the finals.
Is it possible for him to become the champion?”

This thought emerged in many people’s minds.
At this time, Chu Yunfan becoming the champion was no longer an impossible thing to accept.

Chu Yunfan exited the ring.
Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi appeared beside him shortly.

Chu Yunfan was still feeling the burst of strength.
He was used to wearing the weighted suit.
Releasing the restraints of the weighted suit felt extremely good.
It felt a little like breaking through.
Like he had suddenly become omnipotent.
His strength was boundless and could fly into the sky.
He felt relaxed.
Although, Chu Yunfan knew that most of this was just an illusion.

“Hahaha, this is fantastic.
Wang Lin was so arrogant.
You sure taught him a lesson.
You defeated him in three moves.
This is the legendary beating!” Gao Hongzhi laughed.
He was extremely happy that his good friend had won.
He was even happier than Chu Yunfan.
If people did not know any better, they would have thought that the winner was not Chu Yunfan but him.

“Congratulations,” Tang Siyu said with a smile.
Her exquisite face also revealed some excitement, but she was much more restrained compared to Gao Hongzhi.

“Your opponent for your next battle has already appeared.
It’s Tang Zhaixing,” Gao Hongzhi who had received the news reported.

Tang Siyu’s expression did not change at the mention of Tang Zhaixing.
Although she had been defeated by him in three moves, a loss was a loss.
It was because her strength and skills were inferior to his.
There was nothing much to say.

“Him? Great!” Chu Yunfan said as grinned.
He patted Tang Siyu’s shoulder and said, “I’ll help you get revenge.”

Tang Siyu’s fair cheeks blushed a little.
She then opened her mouth and said, “He’s very strong.
Be careful!”

“Don’t worry.
With Yunfan’s strength, he won’t have any problems!” Before Chu Yunfan could open his mouth, Gao Hongzhi spoke first.
Among these people, he had the most confidence in Chu Yunfan.

It was not that Tang Siyu did not have confidence in Chu Yunfan.
It was just that with a single sentence, the concern would cause chaos.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan got a notification that the semi-finals were about to begin.
He said, “I have to go now.
Watch carefully.
I’ll go and get revenge for you guys.”

Chu Yunfan disappeared after proclaiming these words.

Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi turned into balls of light and disappeared as well.

The semi-finals were finally starting!

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