After reading the many messages sent by Lu Qingxuan and sorting out the sequence of events, Chu Yunfan was shocked by Lu Qingxuan’s methods of overturning the Heavens.

In just a short month, Lu Qingxuan had faced so many things, so many attacks, and so much pressure from those big alchemy companies.
Lu Qingxuan had only been in this game for a short time but she was able to wipe out all these attacks.

Lu Qingxuan had swept away the competition!

Chu Yunfan clicked his tongue in amazement at Lu Qingxuan’s talent for business.
Her talent in cultivation was average, but her talent in business was truly astonishing.

In just a short period, though Lu Qingxuan had continuously employed more and more alchemists, those already in her employment had nothing to say.
After all, they had an equal share of the profits and she had gotten the city council to endorse them.

Even though Calm Ocean City was only a satellite city, it still boasted a population of over ten million.
There was no doubting the strength of such a city’s governing body.
After Calm Ocean City’s city council became Lu Qingxuan’s ally, the company became successful in all its endeavors, cutting off the hands the big alchemy companies had extended by forcefully pressuring the higher-ups of the council.

Furthermore, by roping in small and medium-sized alchemy companies to share in the profits, the idea the big alchemy companies’ had of allying against Shanhe Alchemy was disintegrated.
The situation was set in stone and the big companies were forced to lower their heads at lightning speed.

Those well-known companies that had at least a hundred years of history became the building blocks of the Shanhe Alchemy Company.
Whether they were accepted or not was up to Shanhe Alchemy to decide.

Lu Qingxuan had played every move in her books.
With such a powerful CEO, Shanhe Alchemy would have a difficult time not growing.

Of course, Lu Qingxuan had spent a lot of money on making all this happen.
The 500 million that Chu Yunfan invested had all been spent.
Lu Qingxuan had also spent this month’s profits.
She had spent a lot on networking, advertising, building goods, paving roads, and so on.
According to what Lu Qingxuan said, they needed at least half a year to break even.

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Things would have been different if it was Bai Hong, who had huge sales channels, connections, and a reputable company were in that situation.
He would not have had to worry about such things.

Shanhe Alchemy on the other hand was a blank slate.
Everything had to be done from scratch.
This was a huge investment in itself.
Shanhe Alchemy did not have much time to complete things step by step.
To build their foundation in the shortest amount of time, they had to spend a lot of money.

Chu Yunfan was not anxious.
He knew that there was no use in being so.
Once the company developed, it would be big support for Chu Yunfan.
No matter how much the company had spent, no matter how big the amount, Chu Yunfan felt that it was all worth it.

But Chu Yunfan noticed another problem.
Those big alchemy companies were eyeing them covetously.
Where conventional methods did not work, it was likely they would resort to more extreme methods.
Assassinations, for example.

This was not something that only he had to pay attention to.
As a shareholder and the current company CEO, Lu Qingxuan also had to pay attention to this.
It would be best if she hired a few bodyguards.
Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Lu Qingxuan’s cultivation level was too low.
She was only in the Energy Refinement Stage.
If it were Bai Hong, there would be no need for bodyguards.
This was because Bai Hong was himself a martial arts expert.

Chu Yunfan was not one to overestimate the moral integrity and bottom line of those people from large corporations.
He was not stingy in guessing their character with the worst possible outcome.
Reality had proven many times that it was better to believe in their gut than to believe a fish could climb a tree.

Chu Yunfan only relaxed after messaging Lu Qingxuan his thoughts.
After this month, he knew he could put his full trust in Lu Qingxuan.
With him backing her, Lu Qingxuan’s talent in business had been fully unleashed.
The small company before had not given Lu Qingxuan any leeway to display her true talent.

And now, Chu Yunfan could devote all his energy to training.

After leaving Maple Leaf City, Chu Yunfan returned home.
After spending a few days with his parents and sister, he set off for Federation University.
Earlier, his grandfather had invited Chu Yunfan and his family to dinner, but Chu Yunfan had rejected them.
He had no interest in seeing them at all.
It was impossible for Chu Yunfan to not have any ill feelings toward the past.
He could understand his grandfather’s actions, but he could not accept them because he was the one who had been treated differently.

But although his grandfather and the rest of the extended family had been biased, they had not really harmed him.
Hence, Chu Yunfan did not harbor any resentment toward them and could only ignore them.
Perhaps time would dilute all things.
But this was clearly not the time.


Chu Yunfan had not gone to dinner, but his parents did and took Chu Qingxuan with them.
His mother, Yang Yayun, was the most excited.
All these years, she had been suppressing her anger.
Especially toward Yan Bing, Chu Yunfan’s aunt.
All this time, Yang Bing had been suppressing Yang Yayun with the fact that Chu Yuntian was better than Chu Yunfan.

And now, Chu Yunfan has finally done Yang Yayun proud.
Chu Yuntian, who was originally the best in the family, had been defeated by Chu Yunfan.

Yang Yayun had not been at the scene when Chu Yunfan bested his cousin.
But after she was told, she could barely suppress the joy in her heart.

Chu Yunfan thought of this and felt an ache in his heart.
In the past, no matter how much his parents had suffered, they had not been able to raise their heads in front of their relatives and friends.
As their child, he had indeed failed.
Fortunately, everything was different now.
Chu Yunfan had now become the pride of his entire family.

As the shuttle passed through the passage between the two worlds, Chu Yunfan once again arrived at the Kunlun Realm.
After another two hours of flying, the shuttle finally arrived at Federation University which was located on a plain.

Because of the hundreds of thousands of people in Federation University—including the instructors, students, as well as many others who had chosen to settle here—there were at least millions living in and around the vicinity of Federation University.
Therefore, this place had slowly transformed into a huge city.
On the outskirts of this city were walls that towered into the clouds.
From afar, the wall was equipped with all kinds of weapons.
It was a large-scale fortress city.

This place was indeed one of the Federation’s outposts against the monsters.
It was one of the places with the strongest defenses in the whole Federation.

Although this place was a university, the students who gained admission here were the elites amongst the elites.
There were countless experts, ranging from pre to Innate Stage experts.
Over the years, although this place was the defensive line of humanity, Federation University Metropolis had never fallen.
Although the walls of the city had come under numerous attacks from the monsters, they had never once fallen.
The Metropolis became the flagship of the human world.

The shuttle landed at the airport of The Metropolis.

Chu Yunfan had finally arrived.

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