These energy dragons surged into Chu Yunfan’s body, creating a strange phenomenon in the surroundings.
It soon attracted everyone’s attention.

Even Chu Yuntian, who was cultivating, and Chu Xuelian, who was also preparing for a breakthrough, could feel the fluctuations of the Spirit Energy.

They opened their eyes and saw Chu Yunfan’s strange movements in the distance.
They instantly understood that Chu Yunfan was breaking through.

Chu Yunfan, who was already at the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage, was clearly about to break through to the eighth level.
It was impossible for normal cultivation to create such a shocking phenomenon.
Only when one was breaking through would they absorb large amounts of Spirit Energy to help them do so.

Chu Xuelian bit her lip.
She had not broken through yet, and Chu Yunfan was already making another breakthrough.
It was obvious that he was going to pull ahead of her.
She was no match for him to begin with.
If he were to take another step further, she would be even less of a match for him.

At the thought of this, Chu Xuelian became conflicted.

Upon seeing this sight, Chu Yuntian’s expression turned grave.
He instantly resumed his secluded cultivation.
To him, this was a great humiliation.
He, who was two levels higher than Chu Yunfan, had been bested.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan had entered a state of undivided attention.
He felt his entire body was under his complete control.
His mind was incomparably clear.
The originally scorching environment was no longer able to affect his will.
Clear streams flowed out from the Godhead and enveloped Chu Yunfan’s mind, causing him to be in an extremely clear state.

All the things Chu Yunfan had learned previously, as well as the experiences in the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, appeared in front of his eyes all at once.
At the same time, he circulated the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method and controlled his True Energy to break through the eighth-level Energy Refinement Stage barrier.

The realm barrier that was extremely sturdy, began to falter under the frenzied assault of the True Energy formed from vast amounts of Fire Spirit Energy.

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Most people’s breakthroughs followed a long process.
They attacked and disintegrated the barrier bit by bit.
But when Chu Yunfan broke through, he appeared to be in a frenzy.
He forcefully charged forward with his strength that was several times stronger than that of someone in the same level.
This was something that an ordinary person would not dare to imagine.
If an ordinary person forcefully broke through, their meridians would collapse and suffer great damage.

Compared to external injuries, damage to the meridians was the most troublesome.
Even with modern technology, this was very troublesome and difficult to deal with.
Therefore, most people would be very careful.

But Chu Yunfan was different.
He did not have to worry and could use this kind of mode to attack crazily.

One round after another, under the control of the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method, the fury of the Fire Spirit Energy was nothing.
It was constantly converted into True Energy and then attacked the barrier of the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

After an unknown amount of time, finally, the barrier shattered under Chu Yunfan’s continuous attack.

Chu Yunfan’s True Energy, which was initially blocked by a dam, rushed out like a flood.
It flowed smoothly throughout his entire body.

After breaking through to the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage, more and more True Energy opened up in Chu Yunfan’s body.
He was getting closer and closer to the Acquired Stage, where he could open up all the meridians in his body and form a cycle.


The True Energy in Chu Yunfan’s body surged out, turning into a terrifying aura that swept out.

This phenomenon alarmed Chu Yuntian and Chu Xuelian.
They understood that Chu Yunfan had broken through to the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage, but the True Energy that was surging out of Chu Yunfan’s body at this moment was absolutely terrifying.
The dense and violent True Energy far surpassed Chu Xuelian’s.
Even Chu Yuntian could feel that Chu Yunfan was at least several times stronger than before.

It was not that Chu Yuntian had become weak, but that Chu Yunfan had become even more terrifying.

“Is he some sort of monster?” Chu Xuelian was stunned.
At this moment, Chu Yunfan had already equalized their levels.
She could feel that Chu Yunfan was emitting an extremely dangerous aura.
If she were to face Chu Yunfan now, she was afraid that she would not even be able to withstand three strikes from him.

This was true even for someone like her who was at the peak of the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
She was only half a step away from reaching the ninth level.
An ordinary eighth-level Energy Refinement Stage expert would probably be sent flying by Chu Yunfan with a single slash and would lose the ability to fight.

Previously, Chu Xuelian had not been able to understand how Chu Yunfan had defeated her when his cultivation level was clearly lower than hers.
But upon seeing this scene of Chu Yunfan breaking through, she came to understand.

At this moment, the elders of the Chu family who were monitoring the situation had also noticed Chu Yunfan’s strange movements.
After breaking through, Chu Yunfan emitted a terrifying aura.
But after a few seconds, his aura gradually weakened and disappeared.

The elders had been through hundreds of battles.
They understood that this was not because Chu Yunfan had become weaker.
On the contrary, it was because Chu Yunfan had slowly gained control over his strength that his aura had dissipated.

Chu Yunfan in this state was even more terrifying than before, and the strength he could display was even more terrifying.

“This kid.
What kind of monster is he!” an elder looking at the monitor could not help but say.

“When we were his age, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to withstand even a single slash from him.”

“In our era, those who were able to break through to the Energy Refinement Stage were already able to enter Federation University.
For someone like him, not to mention the same batch of students, even all of Federation University’s students would be beaten up by him.”

“That’s right.
Back then, Federation University did not have many Acquired Stage experts.
Students nowadays are really amazing.”

“If such a little monster had been raised in our home since young, he would have reached much greater heights by now.”

The elders discussed animatedly.
Many people began to recall their own extraordinary years.
At that time, humans had been in a much more dire situation than they were now.
It was not like they were fighting with monsters every day now.

“D*mn it!” Chu Yuntian gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.
His nails dug deep into the flesh of his palms, and he did not even know it.

Before this, Chu Yuntian did not have much feeling when he had not interacted with Chu Yunfan.
He only felt that Chu Yunfan’s strength had increased by a few notches after some time.
Now that they were cultivating together, he felt how terrifying Chu Yunfan’s progress was.

“This won’t do.
I must work hard to break through to the Acquired Stage,” Chu Yunfan thought to himself.
Originally, he had never set his sights on Chu Yunfan at all.
His eyes had been glued to the high and mighty existence which was Dong Fanghao.
He now realized that he could not do it anymore.

Chu Yuntian even had the thought that if things went well, Chu Yunfan might even surpass Dong Fanghao.

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