After more than half a month of cultivation, Chu Yunfan had finally reached the peak of the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
If he were in the outside world, he might have only reached this level after the summer break.

Not only was this place a sacred land of cultivation for Chu Yunfan, but there was also an endless supply of resources outside the metal door.
This allowed Chu Yunfan to quickly rise to this level.

Although Chu Yunfan could make a lot of money by concocting pills, many things could not be bought with money.
For example, sacred land for cultivation like this valley was not something that could be bought with money.
Even if he spent 100 million, he would not be able to persuade the Chus to open such a place for him to cultivate.

This was the difference between the old rich and powerful families and the nouveau riche.
This kind of foundation could not be bought with money.
It could only be obtained by slow accumulation.

Over half a month, Chu Yunfan was getting closer and closer to the seal.
Although he was still dozens of feet away from the seal, it was still very shocking to an ordinary person.
After all, both Chu Yuntian and Chu Xuelian were suppressed near the metal door and had no way to move forward.
The closer they got to the seal, the more dangerous it would be.
It was just like being in the ocean.
The shallow area and the deep area were two completely different concepts.

But Chu Yunfan could not help himself.
This was a sacred land of cultivation.
After being filtered by the Godhead, even the violent Fire Spirit Energy would be converted into pure energy and absorbed by him.
The amount of Spirit Energy he absorbed was several times more than Chu Yuntian and Chu Xuelian.
A considerable portion of it was also absorbed by the Godhead.

Chu Yunfan finally realized that to activate the Godhead, he needed energy.
Everything had to abide by the laws of energy conservation.
It was impossible for the Godhead to operate without energy.

If not for the Godhead absorbing a part of it, Chu Yunfan would have broken through to the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage by now.
However, if not for the Godhead smoothing out the violent Spirit Energy, he would not have been able to cultivate and break through so easily.

As the saying goes, everything has a price.

But the reason Chu Yunfan had become famous in these past few days was that he could absorb Spirit Energy so quickly.
Therefore, it did not take long for him to absorb all the Fire Spirit Energy within a range, and had no choice but to get closer to the seal.
The closer he got to the crack in the seal, the denser the Fire Spirit Energy was.

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Because the crack had been sealed, only a small portion of the Fire Spirit Energy leaked out.
The replenishment speed was slow.
At least compared to Chu Yunfan’s crazy absorption speed.
Therefore, Chu Yunfan had to constantly move his position to cultivate.

The closer he got to the seal, the more concentrated the Fire Spirit Energy became, and the heat also continued to rise.
The speed at which Chu Yunfan consumed True Energy was several times faster than before.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan understood why the Chus did not allow too many people in here at once.
If too many people came in, the Spirit Energy here would not be able to replenish itself.
And these three were only in the Energy Refinement Stage.
If it was a Houtian or even an Innate Stage expert cultivating, it would take long for the Fire Spirit Energy here to be completely absorbed.

“Wow, that kid actually moved his position forward.
Could it be that he’s about to break through?” Through the surveillance footage, an elder noticed that Chu Yunfan had moved forward a little.
It was obvious that Chu Yunfan needed more Spirit Energy.

Over the past two weeks, the elders had been paying attention to the trio on the other side of the metal door.
Chu Yuntian and Chu Xuelian were considered outstanding existences that had appeared within the Chu family over the past decade, but even their performance was considered relatively average.
Only Chu Yunfan, who was the one with the lowest cultivation level, had a completely different performance.

The Chus had been guarding this place for a few years, but they had never seen such a strange kid.
Chu Yunfan was getting closer and closer to the seal every day.
At first, they were puzzled and had no idea what Chu Yunfan was doing.
But they soon understood it was because Chu Yunfan had absorbed all the Spirit Energy within his vicinity.
This kind of absorption efficiency was something that even Acquired experts could not compare to.
This held their attention.

Although the elders did not know what kind of cultivation technique Chu Yunfan was cultivating to be able to reach such terrifying heights, through the high-definition cameras, they could see that the Spirit Energy that Chu Yunfan absorbed into his body formed a stream of air that drilled into his body.
The flow of Spirit Energy could be seen with the naked eye.
One could imagine how exaggerated the rate of Chu Yunfan’s absorption of Spirit Energy was.

What shocked the elders even more was that according to the average person’s cultivation speed, even if their meridians did not completely burst, the amount of Spirit Energy would usually damage the meridians.
But Chu Yunfan seemed to be fine.

Most importantly, the Spirit Energy that Chu Yunfan absorbed was enough to allow a person to break through two stages consecutively, but Chu Yunfan had only just stepped into the peak of the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

However, they did not know that every time Chu Yunfan broke through, he was able to beat a martial artist whose realm was higher than his.
Similarly, the amount of Spirit Energy he needed to break through was also much greater than that of the average person.
An ordinary family simply could not afford to support his cultivation.

“Seems like there’s no mistake.
This kid’s breakthrough is just around the corner.
I thought it would be the little girl who broke through first.
I didn’t expect it to be him.
Didn’t I hear that he’s already the champion? If he breaks through again, he’ll probably leave the other two far behind.”

“I didn’t expect the two most outstanding young descendants of our family this year would actually be branch descendants who aren’t listed in the family tree.
Tsk, tsk.
Truly impressive.
The younger generation sure is awesome.”

“That’s right.
In the past, it was the disciples of the main family who took the top three spots.
In the past two years, there have been more and more branch descendants.
The Federation Government has really put a lot of effort into education fairness.
The continuous rise of the commoners over the past few years is a sign.”

In the middle of the field, after shifting his position, Chu Yunfan discovered that when moved forward by just three feet, the temperature increased by at least ten degrees.
If it was an ordinary person, they would not be able to stay here for long before they would be burnt to a crisp.

The True Energy flowing through his body had increased by a lot.
He sat down cross-legged and began to circulate the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method.
The Spirit Energy around him began to flow over with him as the center.
One could even see the rolling of the air currents around his body.
It was like numerous energy dragons were surging into Chu Yunfan’s body.

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