It was as if the power of Heaven and Earth had been activated.
A terrifying power condensed into the blade of Chu Yunfan’s saber and slashed out with the astonishing Broken Flow!


A terrifying explosion went off and the entire world was immersed in this terrifying slash.

“This slash…” Chu Haoyue’s eyes instantly widened.
This was the first time he had been shocked by any slash since the beginning of this battle between these two cousins.

From the beginning of the cultivation levels to the Innate Stage, everyone knew that everyone used their internal strength to fight.
This was what the scientific theory called bioenergy.

This bioenergy came from living beings themselves.
However, it was a completely different story when one reached the Innate Stage.
After crossing a certain threshold one could connect with their very surroundings.
In other words, they could mobilize the energy flowing through Heaven and Earth to fight their battles.

This was the fundamental reason why Innate experts were powerful.
Human strength had its limits, while the energy of Heaven and Earth was boundless.
Compared to Heaven and Earth, human strength was just a blip in the sky, unable to stir up any waves at all.

And Chu Yunfan used his strength to mobilize the energy of Heaven and Earth, thus forming a terrifying blade force.
This was something only Innate experts could do.

Of course, this was not the end of an Innate expert’s strength.
But for Chu Yunfan to achieve this level was already extraordinary.

Chu Yunfan had many secrets.
It was impossible to see all of them from just his information alone.

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Chu Yuntian instantly felt the terrifying power of this slash.
But he was in the middle of an attack.
There was no way for him to dodge.

‘Since there is no way to dodge, I’ll go all out!’ Chu Yuntian thought as he gritted his teeth.
He gathered all the True Energy in his body into his saber.
His terrifying strength on the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage was completely unleashed.

Chu Yuntian faced the incoming attack head-on.


A terrifying collision sound was heard, and a terrifying shockwave burst out.
It was like a hurricane, sweeping out in all directions.

“What happened?!”

Everyone’s eyes widened as they looked at the ring.
They wanted to see everything that had happened.

The most important thing was, who would win and who would lose!

Was the outcome of this battle between the two amazing cousins finally about to be decided?

Not a single person dared to blink.
They were afraid of missing the crucial moment.
In the next instant, this scene that seemed to last for a century disappeared.
A figure flew out.

Everyone looked closely.
Who else could it be but Chu Yuntian?

Chu Yuntian somersaulted a few times in the air before landing on his feet.
But when he landed on the ground, he could not stand properly.
He stumbled a little before managing to stabilize himself.


Chu Yuntian spat out a mouthful of blood.
Although he was not instantly killed in the collision, he had been severely injured.

Chu Yunfan had tested this when he was at home.
With his strength, it was not a problem for him to beat someone at the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Once he used the Broken Flow, he could match the power of someone at the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

And Chu Yuntian had just stepped into the ninth level not long ago.
Faced with this terrifying attack, he was caught off guard and heavily injured.

Almost at the same time, a figure rushed out from the violent shockwaves.
In a few flashes, the figure appeared in front of Chu Yuntian once again.

And this person was none other than Chu Yunfan.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan was no longer as calm as before.
His entire body was soaked in sweat as if he had been fished out of a pond.
That attack had consumed more than half of his strength!

If not for the second strengthening of the Godhead and transformation of his body, Chu Yunfan probably would not have any remaining strength after this attack.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan was no longer performing at his peak.
Fortunately, Chu Yuntian was not in peak condition either.
Neither of them was in their peak condition right now.

“Heaven’s Thunder!” Chu Yunfan roared.
The long blade in his hand swept down like a bolt of lightning.
It was extremely terrifying.

Chu Yuntian did not want to be outdone and raised his saber to resist.




At this moment, both parties were not in their peak condition.
But at the same time, the difference in the quality of their physiques was revealed.
Chu Yunfan’s strength and True Energy were recovering at an accelerated speed.

Chu Yuntian kept slashing out with the Blazing Inferno.
But he discovered that Chu Yunfan’s recovery speed was faster than his own.
Each of Chu Yunfan’s slashes was stronger than the previous one.
Each slash was stronger and more terrifying.

But in the intense battle, Chu Yuntian did not have much time to think.
He could see that Chu Yunfan’s sweat-soaked clothes had dried up.
The situation was becoming more and more terrifying.
Chu Yuntian was forced into a corner.


Chu Yuntian once again spat out a mouthful of blood.
After repeated collisions, even though he had the advantage in terms of cultivation level.
Chu Yunfan was pushing Chu Yuntian’s limits to the extreme as Chu Yuntian was heavily injured.


Finally, Chu Yuntian could no longer control himself and was sent flying out of the ring.

The winner and loser were finally decided!

Everyone was stunned.
Although everyone was waiting for the result of the battle and wanted to see who would win and who would lose between these two stunning cousins, when this moment arrived, they could not help but be a little dumbfounded.

The performance of these two cousins was too amazing.
It seemed possible for either of them to win, and there was credible evidence of that.

Chu Yuntian’s performance so far had been stunning.
No one had been able to best him.
His cultivation of the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage was enough to allow him to sweep away all his strong rivals from this year’s descendants of the Chu family.
There were many examples of the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage obtaining the final victory in the past—too many to mention.

But even so, Chu Yuntian who possessed the qualifications to win the championship was defeated by Chu Yunfan.

All of this was reasonable, but it was also unreasonable!

In the end, Chu Yunfan was still better than Chu Yuntian!

After everyone recovered from their shock, they turned their gazes toward Chu Yunfan who was gradually recovering.

With the cultivation of the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage, Chu Yunfan defeated a strong opponent of the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
At this moment, Chu Yunfan seemed like a giant.

“What a pity.
If these two were in the past, they both would have stood a chance of winning the championship.
Now that they’ve been pitted against each other, it’s really a pity.”

“However, this also proves that we Chus have an endless supply of talents.
There are many geniuses and our family is flourishing.”

“In fact, up until now, Chu Yuntian’s chances of winning were greater.
However, in the end, it was Chu Yunfan who relied on that move called Broken Flow to turn the tables.
Although the level of this battle was not particularly high, it was indeed exciting.”

The elders started discussing excitedly.

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