Everyone quickly came to the same conclusion.
Chu Yuntian had already been forced into a corner.
Facing Chu Yunfan, who had the advantage in both speed and strength, Chu Yuntian had no choice but to face him head-on.

But no one dared to guarantee that Chu Yunfan would be able to win.
Chu Yuntian was extremely strong.
Even if Chu Yuntian were to face him head-on, CHu Yunfan would certainly have a hard time.

“You’ve forced me to this extent.
You’re indeed impressive,” Chu Yuntian’s voice was calm, but there was an icy edge to it.

Chu Yuntian could no longer remain calm.
Chu Yunfan had lit the flames in his heart.
And this was exactly what Chu Yunfan wanted.

Chu Yunfan could then completely unleash the advantage of his strength.

“It’s still not enough.
If we were on the same level, it wouldn’t be so difficult for me to defeat you,” Chu Yunfan was equally arrogant, not giving in in the slightest.

Chu Yunfan had been a pursuer in the past, but he was no longer one now.
He was an existence on equal footing with Chu Yuntian, and his mentality was no longer that of a pursuer.
He was a super powerhouse who was on equal footing with Chu Yuntian, and neither of them was inferior to the other.

“You sure are confident.” Chu Yuntian looked at Chu Yuntian coldly.
But Chu Yunfan gave him no chance to catch his breath.
Chu Yunfan wanted to defeat him in one breath.

“If I didn’t have the confidence to defeat you, my future would end here!” Chu Yunfan shouted.

The Shadowless Saber in his hand slashed out.
The blade’s light covered the entire sky above.
Then, he slashed down fiercely, wanting to beat Chu Yuntian until he had no strength to fight back.

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Chu Yunfan forcing Chu Yuntian into a head-on battle spelled Chu Yuntian’s doom.
Chu Yuntian could only lose.

Chu Xuelian and Chu Yuntian’s cultivation levels were about the same, and they were both dragged to death by Chu Yunfan.
Although Chu Yuntian’s strength was much stronger than Chu Xuelian’s, the results were no different.

This was Chu Yunfan’s absolute confidence!

After the second enlightenment from the Godhead within him and the improvement of his body, Chu Yunfan had become even more of a humanoid monster than before.
He had taken another step toward that level.

“If this was all I had, I could very well have been defeated by you,” Chu Yuntian said calmly, “But unfortunately, my strength doesn’t end here.
I thought I wouldn’t need to deal with you to such an extent.
I hadn’t expected to be forced to do this by you.”

As Chu Yuntian spoke, the extremely terrifying aura in his body increased to another level—from the peak of the eighth level to the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

“The ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage!”

Everyone was shocked.
When Chu Yuntian had been at the peak of the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage, it had been enough to shock them, not to mention the ninth level.

The ninth level meant that Chu Yuntian was only one step away from the Acquired Stage.
Even if he was not as strong as Jiang Pengfei and the others who had already reached the Acquired Stage, he was only one step away.

If one took into account the time that Chu Yuntian had been alive, he could be regarded as being on the same level as Jiang Pengfei and the others.
After all, the gap between them could be equalized at any time in the long life ahead.

The eyes of the elders shone even more brightly.
No matter what, they had to think of a way to recruit Chu Yuntian.
Such a genius was not inferior to Chu Haoyue back then.
If they nurtured him well, he might be able to become the next Chu Haoyue.
No one would let such a talent slip through their fingers.

Chu Yunfan’s expression turned solemn.
He could sense that Chu Yuntian had just broken through not long ago and his aura was still unstable.
It must have been something that happened in just the past few days.

Although Chu Yunfan had long been prepared, Chu Yuntian’s breakthrough still managed to make Chu Yunfan raise his eyebrows in surprise.

Chu Yuntian was indeed worthy of being the person who had crushed him for more than ten years.
To think that Chu Yuntian would produce another pleasant surprise at this stage.
But Chu Yunfan was not surprised.
On the contrary, he was happy.
Chu Yuntian was indeed an opponent worthy of being defeated.

After defeating Chu Yuntian who was at this level, Chu Yunfan’s state of mind would become even more perfect.

Chu Yuntian’s strength, which had suddenly erupted, rose to another level.
The situation where he had been suppressed by Chu Yunfan greatly improved.
Especially the pressure caused by Chu Yunfan’s terrifying strange strength.
The pressure had reduced by a lot in an instant.

A martial artist’s strength and the physical quality of his body were the foundation.
But that was not the end-all.
Chu Yuntian’s strength might not be able to match Chu Yunfan’s, but his cultivation level was much higher.

“Consider yourself lucky to lose to my full strength,” Chu Yuntian said proudly,

“Lose? I have no intention of losing,” Chu Yunfan said as he cocked his eyebrows.

“Still not giving up? Then I’ll show you the gap between you and me!” Chu Yuntian shouted, “Blazing Inferno!”

Chu Yuntian shouted and the Shadowless Saber in his hand slashed toward Chu Yunfan like a ball of flame.
Compared to before, it was a completely different level.


Chu Yunfan also thrust out his saber in time and clashed with Chu Yuntian.
The two sides were evenly matched.

After Chu Yuntian unleashed all his strength, he was no longer at a disadvantage in a head-on battle.

Chu Yunfan did not go down in one move.
Instantly, Chu Yuntian again swept out his saber.
It was like an invasive wildfire—its flames burning through all the powerful enemies before him.


A terrifying collision occurred.
The terrifying shockwaves caused by the collision of the two sabers escalated once again.




Chu Yunfan, who had monstrous strength, fell into a disadvantageous position.
The two sides were fighting violently.
They swept out their sabers.
They did not have any extra strategies.
They just wanted to beat the other party until they fell to their knees.

And this time, it was Chu Yunfan who was forced into a corner.
He was forced to the edge of the ring.

“Didn’t you want to force me to fight head-on? Why are you not fighting then? Where’s your earlier courage?!” Chu Yuntian shouted as he slashed down again.
The terrifying strength of a ninth-level Energy Refinement Stage cultivator erupted vividly.

Although Chu Yunfan did not want to be outdone, he was slowly losing his advantage.

“Is the winner about to be decided?”

“I thought Chu Yunfan was going to win.
I didn’t expect Chu Yuntian to have such a trump card.”

“I’m afraid there won’t be any accidents in this battle.
Chu Yunfan has great potential.
It’s hard to say who will win or lose in the future.
But as of right now, Chu Yunfan is still a little lacking.”

Many elders were no longer optimistic that Chu Yunfan would win.
Chu Yuntian’s trump card was enough to crush everything.

“Still unwilling to give up?!” Chu Yuntian shouted.

“You want me to surrender? Impossible.
Try taking on this strike of mine first.
Broken Flow!”

Chu Yunfan had been forced into a desperate situation.
He exploded.
The True Energy in his entire body condensed, and the power of Heaven and Earth was brought forward.
It surged into the Broken Flow strike and instantly slashed down.

This was the final decisive strike!

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