Chu Yunfan dodged Chu Yuntian’s lightning-fast attack with his Nine Cyclone Phantoms.
Three figures appeared, and Chu Yuntian’s saber slashed down the middle.

Chu Yuntian’s attack had missed, but his face did not change at all.

After dodging the incoming attack, Chu Yunfan attacked with lightning speed.
His feet also employed mysterious footwork.
In an instant, he counterattacked Chu Yuntian.


“Heaven’s Thunder!”

The Shadowless Saber in Chu Yunfan’s hand exploded with a thunderous sound as it cut through the air, slashing toward Chu Yuntian.

Chu Yuntian did not panic.
He took a step with astonishing footwork and instantly dodged Chu Yunfan’s slash.

In just a short moment, they had completed an offensive and defensive exchange.
Both parties were fast.
No one doubted what would happen to them if any of them had been struck by the other party.

The True Energy from the exchange of blows reverberated through the venue, as if it had formed a hurricane.

“What brilliant footwork!” an elder exclaimed.
The footwork displayed by the two cousins left the elders floored.

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“I’ve seen Chu Yuntian’s footwork before, the Nine Celestial Fire Steps.
But what footwork is Chu Yunfan using? It looks like he’s using two different sets of footwork.” The elders had sharp eyes.
They could see that Chu Yunfan’s Nine Cyclone Phantoms and Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations were two completely different movement techniques.
But no matter what, they could not tell what kind of movement techniques he was using.

“It’s clear that this Chu Yunfan is holding onto some secrets of his own.”

“To be able to cultivate to such a stage and to stand out amongst the juniors, who doesn’t have secrets? We were the same back then.”




Shortly, the two sabers had exchanged blows many times.
The sounds they created were different from the sounds of ordinary metal clashing.
Instead, they sounded like two wild tides colliding.

Every time they collided, an ear-deafening crash would burst out in between the Heavens and Earth.
It was as if a sea of people were shouting, shocking one’s mind.

The battle techniques the two employed were absolutely violent.
At the same time, their movement techniques were fully displayed.
Their figures continuously flashed in and out across the ring.
They looked like ordinary steps, but in the next second, they had covered vast distances as if they had teleported.

But the crowd quickly discovered that Chu Yunfan’s movement techniques were far superior.
No matter how Chu Yuntian dodged, Chu Yunfan could easily catch up to him.
He was unable to break free.

“You want to shake me off? That’s not possible!”

Chu Yunfan could tell that Chu Yuntian had reached the third step in his Nine Celestial Fire Steps.
Once Chu Yuntian stepped out, he could effectively launch a surprise attack from a very long distance.
The true essence of a fire invasion was vividly displayed.

And this was also the essence of the art of war.
Clearly, the person who created this movement technique was no ordinary character.
To have incorporated the essence of the art of war into his movement technique was an absolutely stunning idea.

But compared to the top-tier movement techniques that Chu Yunfan possessed, it was still lacking.
In addition, Chu Yunfan had already reached the fourth transformation of his Nine Heavenly Deity Transformations, which was even more shocking than Chu Yuntian’s mastery of the Nine Celestial Fire Steps.

Once Chu Yunfan unleashed it, Chu Yuntian had no way to shake off Chu Yunfan.

“Since I can’t shake you off, then I’ll just fight you.
I want to see how many strikes you can withstand!” Chu Yuntian shouted, sweeping out the Shadowless Saber in his hand.
True Energy violently surged through the saber.
It seemed to have transformed into endless flames that swept down toward Chu Yunfan.

“The Blazing Inferno Saber Technique.
This is the true power of this tyrannical saber technique.”

“The Blazing Inferno is an indomitable technique.
If you dodge blindly, you’ll be at a great disadvantage.
The braver and the more unafraid of death you are, the more powerful and terrifying the Blazing Inferno becomes.”

“I’m afraid Chu Yunfan is in big trouble this time.”

Facing Chu Yuntian who was sweeping his saber toward him, Chu Yunfan’s eyelids did not even twitch as he said, “I’m not afraid of meeting you in a head-on battle.”

Chu Yunfan’s expression did not change, but in reality, he was moved.
He had finally forced Chu Yuntian to this point.


The two Shadowless Sabers collided once again.

“Chu Yunfan had also cultivated the Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique to the point of perfection.
These juniors are great!”

“These juniors are getting more and more powerful with each generation.
Some say that in human society, there’s a level that remains the same every ten years.
Every ten years, the overall quality of human beings will experience a leap.
Looks like those words ring true.”

“Thirty years ago during our era, either of these two could easily become the college entrance examination’s top scorer, right? But now, if they want to become the college entrance examination’s top scorer, they have to at least be in the Acquired Stage.
In the end, they’re still a little lacking.”

Many people began to discuss animatedly.

“Father, between these two, who do you think will win?” Chu Haoyue asked Chu Yan.

“It’s hard to say.
In terms of cultivation level, Chu Yuntian has the advantage, but Chu Yunfan is strange.
Didn’t you notice that Chu Yuntian had fought head-on with Chu Yunfan in the beginning, but later on switched to a guerrilla tactic? I sense that he was shocked by Chu Yunfan’s strength,” Chu Yan said as he shook his head, “I don’t know if Chu Yunfan’s innate strength is boundless and his innate talent is extraordinary, or if it’s the result of his Acquired Stage cultivation technique.
Nevertheless, his strength is truly terrifying.
Even Chu Yuntian, whose cultivation level is higher than his, has suffered a loss.
However, Chu Yuntian has now realized that dodging is useless.
Chu Yunfan’s cultivation of movement techniques is a step above his.
Only by defeating Chu Yunfan head-on will he have a chance of winning.”

“That’s what I think too.
Chu Yunfan has a terrifyingly strong physique.
Previously, Chu Xuelian was almost exhausted to death while Chu Yunfan was just fine.
If Chu Yuntian hadn’t been such a fool, he wouldn’t have dragged the battle to such an extent.
In the end, he will end up like Chu Xuelian, which will leave him having to rely on the power of his final blow.” Chu Haoyue nodded in agreement.
“The final result will be out soon.
Either Chu Yunfan will be defeated, or Chu Yuntian will die.”

Soon, the other elders came to the same conclusion.
These elders were not like Chu Hongde.
They were all powerful figures in the Chu family.
They were all at least at the peak of the Acquired Stage and had experienced hundreds of battles.
In just a matter of seconds, they had made a similar judgment.

Chu Yuntian had no other choice!

Chu Yunfan’s strength was too terrifying.
He could suppress Chu Yuntian, who was levels above him, and force Chu Yuntian to dodge.

How had Chu Yunfan managed to cultivate such terrifying strength?

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