The spear swept across the sky and instantly flew toward Chu Yunfan.

The long spear was like a piece of silk, and it was extremely fast.
However, Chu Yunfan was even faster, and the saber in his hand was also extremely fast.
With a flash of black lightning, it struck the long spear.


With a loud crash, the spear and saber collided.

The moment they collided, Chu Xuelian’s hands felt as if they had been electrocuted.
She finally understood why Chu Tianzong has not been able to withstand even a single blow from Chu Yunfan.
This strange strength was terrifying.
Coupled with such astonishing speed, it created an unsolvable situation.

But Chu Xuelian was different from Chu Tianzong.
Chu Tianzong relied on drugs to reach the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage, but she was a genuine eighth-level Energy Refinement Stage cultivator.
This was the biggest difference.

Chu Xuelian retracted her spear and quickly stabbed Chu Yunfan.
She decided not to give Chu Yunfan a chance to catch his breath.
Chu Yunfan’s battle prowess was simply terrifying and had easily brought Chu Tianzong to his knees.

Chu Yunfan knew what Chu Xuelian was planning.
How could he give her such an opportunity? He too used speed to fight with speed and slashed down with the saber in his hand.



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Numerous shocking collisions erupted in mid-air.
Sparks flew in all directions and True Energy erupted.

The students outside the ring were instantly in an uproar.
They were finally seeing a battle that seemed evenly matched.
Chu Yunfan had easily swept through all of his previous opponents.
This time, he had finally met his match.

Many of the students present were from the main Chu family.
They naturally hoped to see someone from the main family be the victor.

“These two are rare geniuses of our family.
Although none of them were able to step into the Acquired Stage this year, they’re still considered outstanding.”

“That’s right.
Regardless of whether it’s their combat experience or their mastery of martial skills, they’ve already reached an extreme state.
It’s possible for either of them to win.”

“Chu Yunfan originally had a higher chance of winning, but his cultivation level is one notch lower than Chu Xuelian.
He might be disadvantaged if this becomes a prolonged battle,” an elder said confidently.

But the elder son got a slap to the face, and the one who slapped him in the face was none other than Chu Yunfan.


At first, it seemed like there was no difference between Chu Yunfan and Chu Xuelian.
They looked evenly matched—both attacking and defending.
However, everyone quickly realized that the one who was beginning to struggle was not Chu Yunfan, whose cultivation level was a notch lower, but Chu Xuelian.
Although she was clearly stronger than Chu Yunfan in terms of cultivation level, she was the first to start running out of energy.

Not long after, Chu Xuelian who was supposed to have great stamina began sweating profusely.
Her snow-white training suit was drenched in sweat, but Chu Yunfan opposite her was barely short of breath.
His performance was so stable that it was terrifying.

“How is this possible?” The elders were puzzled as they watched the scene unfold.
How could Chu Yunfan fight like this?

“Look at Chu Xuelian’s arms.
They’re trembling slightly.
What does this mean? It means that she’s continuously receiving heavy blows and her arms are slowly losing power.” Chu Yan was the first to notice that something was wrong with Chu Xuelian.

Everyone looked over and sure enough, they saw that Chu Xuelian’s arms were trembling.
After every collision, the trembling in her arms would increase a little.
She had used up much of her physical strength to maintain the stability in her arms.
To accurately make each move with her spear, she had to use up twice as much physical strength and True Energy as compared to those using a different weapon.
This made her exhausted after just a short while.

Opposite her, Chu Yunfan looked as if he was at ease.
He did not have to use excessive force.
He just had to exhaust Chu Xuelian to death.
Like an experienced hunter, he stared fixedly at the prey in front of him.

Chu Xuelian could feel that her strength was rapidly depleting.
If she had not seen it with her own eyes and personally fought Chu Yunfan, she would not have believed that there would be such a person.
Chu Yunfan who was standing before her did not look like a person at all.
Instead, he looked like a monster wearing human skin.
His terrifying strength and terrifying speed.
Every attack was just an ordinary attack to Chu Yunfan, but Chu Xuelian had to use all her strength in order to receive each one.

Chu Yunfan was like a ferocious monster, injuring its opponent bit by bit, draining its opponent’s blood, and killing the opponent with ease.

It was not that Chu Xuelian had never fought an opponent with incredible strength before, but there was no one who was as terrifying as the current Chu Yunfa.
If it was not for her strong willpower, she would have been unable to take it and would have collapsed much sooner.

‘A need to find an opening!’

Chu Xuelian immediately thought of a solution.
As her delicate face was drenched in sweat, she shouted, “Thunder Spear!”

Chu Xuelian retracted the spear in her hand and swept it out like a thunderbolt.
This was the essence of her spear technique.
The spear pierced through the sky like a thunderbolt, setting off a terrifying sonic boom and creating a visible air circle.
It swept out in all directions.

At the same time, the spear was like a giant dragon that flew out from a shocking wild tide.
It opened its bloody mouth and pounced on its opponent with the power of lightning.

This spear move was extremely terrifying.
Even an expert of the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage would be defeated if they were not careful.
This was the opportunity that Chu Xuelian had carved for herself.
The long spear swept across and pierced through everything.
This spear strike was impossible to dodge.
The terrifying spear light that was raised would not allow anyone to dodge.
It was too fast.
Like a bolt of lightning, it arrived in front of Chu Yunfan’s face.

Chu Yunfan’s expression, which was originally calm and leisurely, instantly turned solemn.
Then, the Shadowless Saber in his hand slashed down.
This slash produced an even more terrifying sonic boom.
A blade light seemed to split the sky in half as it faced the spear.


It was as if two fierce tidal waves had collided.

This scene seemed to last forever, but it was only for a few seconds.
The outcome of the battle between the two tidal waves was decided in an instant.
Chu Yunfan’s saber light broke through everything and forcefully suppressed the long spear that was emitting light.

Her spear was struck, and Chu Xuelian could no longer resist the terrifying power.
The spear flew out of Chu Xuelian’s hands as blood appeared from cracks on her palms.

The power of the saber did not decrease until it landed in front of Chu Xuelian.
It did not stop until it was three inches away from her.
It then stopped, dissipated all of its power, and returned to a calm state as if the collision earlier had never happened.

There was only one sentence left.

“You’ve lost.”

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