One move.
Just one move.
And it was a clean and crisp battle!

Such a simple battle style attracted the attention of many.
Compared to others who were engaging in exciting exchanges of attacks, Chu Yunfan’s simple sweeping style did not seem like much at first glance.
But after thinking about it carefully, the audience felt that this kind of battle was indeed the most enjoyable to watch.

“That muscular student from Federation University has also lost.
It’s the same as that student from the top ten famous universities.
From the looks of it, it really isn’t the difference between the institutions.
The reason is that this fellow is strong.
What’s his name again?” Many students became interested in Chu Yunfan.

“His name is Chu Yunfan.
He’s a descendant from a side family branch from Earth.
Up until now, he hasn’t been listed as a descendant yet.
Didn’t you guys read his introduction? It was all on the big screen.”

“Why would I have bothered to look before? Who could’ve guessed that he was so powerful? When I saw he was from Earth, I lost interest.
The Spirit Energy on Earth is too thin.
People from Earth are the weakest.”

“That’s true.
It’s not that there are no experts on Earth, but there are not many of them.
However, this Chu Yunfan seems to be one of the rare top-notch experts on Earth.”

Many students began to discuss animatedly.
The Chu family’s base had been set up in the Kunlun Realm.
There were people on Earth like Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo, but most of the Chus lived in the Kunlun Realm.

The Kunlun Realm was more dangerous, and the competition was fiercer than on Earth.
It could not be denied that there were many more experts here than on Earth.

For most of the students, Earth was their hometown, but it was also a distant matter.
Most of them had never been to Earth, so they naturally did not have any feelings for it.
In fact, Earth was just a geographical term to many.

For Chu Yunfan, although these opponents were not bad, they were clearly not enough.
And not far from his resting spot, Chu Yuntian looked unscathed as well.
These opponents clearly posed no threat to him.

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After another half an hour, the fourth round began.
This time, Chu Yunfan’s opponent was another Federation University student.
However, this guy was unable to block even one move from Chu Yunfan and was instantly defeated in one move as well.

After the fourth round, Chu Yunfan easily won his fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds.
One move, one move, one move!

As his number of wins increased, he attracted the attention of more and more people.
Many of them were not even calling him by his name.
They had given him a nickname—Chu One-Strike.

No matter how strong the opponent he faced, Chu Yunfan would strike them down in just one move.
There was absolutely no need for a second!

Among Chu Yunfan’s opponents were Federation University and the top ten famous university students.
However, the final result was no different.
These extremely strong students who were figures that could easily sweep away ordinary students were easily swept away by Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan’s outstanding performance attracted the attention of the Chu family higher-ups.
Especially Chu Yuntian.
Although he was not able to insta-kill his opponent like Chu Yunfan, he was able to force his opponents to surrender within a few moves.

The fighting styles of the two could not be any more different.

Chu Yunfan’s attacks were fast, accurate, and ruthless.
His strength was boundless.
Before his opponents could even react, he had defeated them with a single move.

Chu Yuntian’s attacks on the hand were full of flourishes, a sight to behold, and ruthless.
He quickly forced the other party into surrendering.

The relationship between the two cousins who came from a remote region of Earth attracted the attention of many.
On the high podium, the Chu family higher-ups were sitting in comfortable seats, but their gazes were locked on the people in the ring.

“Are these the strongest students this year? Sigh, I feel like they’re a lot weaker than the previous years,” one of the elders said as he let out a sigh.

“The previous years were truly a glorious generation.
Wasn’t Young Leader Chu Haoyue part of that generation?”

“This situation has been going on for a few years now.
We Chus haven’t been able to produce even one Acquired Stage student for the college entrance examination.
It’s a shame to even mention it.”

“There’s nothing we can do about that.
It’s not just our family.
Isn’t it the same in the other families? Who can guarantee that every year, there will be students who can compete for the top spot in the college entrance examination?”

Some of the elders thought of the Chu family’s decline over the past few years.
Their wave of glory had ended with Chu Haoyue.

“These two brothers are cousins from the same year.
Moreover, they came from Earth.
This can be considered free breeding.
Among the free-breeding clansmen, there are actually two outstanding seedlings.
If they were nurtured by our family from a young age, perhaps one of them would’ve stepped into the Acquired Stage.” one of the elders said with uncertainty.

Students who could enter the Acquired Stage were basically the best of the best.
It was normal for a monster like the Chus and Jiangs to only appear once every few years.
They were all hard-to-come-by geniuses that appeared only every ten years at least.

“I have some impression of Chu Yuntian.
His performance in the past few years has been very good and has always been the focus of the family.
On the other hand, Chu Yunfan seems to have appeared overnight.
There was no sign of him at all before this.”

“Could he have been enlightened? It’s not like there hasn’t been someone like this before.” Some of the elders speculated that Chu Yunfan might have suddenly become enlightened.
There had been many such instances since ancient times, so it was not strange at all.

“Someone get me a copy of Chu Yunfan’s information.”

After one of the elders made a request, the Chu family’s intelligence system was quickly dispatched.
In less than half an hour, all kinds of information about Chu Yunfan had been transmitted over from Earth.
One could imagine how efficient the Chu family’s intelligence network was.

Soon, all kinds of information about Chu Yunfan appeared in front of these elders.
After casually flipping through it, the eyes of these elders became brighter and brighter.
From the information, Chu Yunfan was basically useless before last year.
Before entering the third year of high school, he was just an ordinary person.

This kind of person was not worthy of their attention.
But everything changed in the third year.
Chu Yunfan went from the top of the class to the top of the school, then to the top high schooler in the Yunning district, then to the top high schooler in Calm Ocean City, and then got admitted to Federation University with top scores.

An ordinary person would not have been able to achieve such a feat in their entire life, and Chu Yunfan had done it in less than a year.

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