When Chu Yunfan turned around and exited the ring, everyone came back to their senses.
Especially the students.
They exploded like boiling water.

Many people had not expected that there would not even be a decent fight.

A student from one of the top ten universities was not able to block even a single of Chu Yunfan’s moves.
They recalled what Chu Yunfan had said before, “Make your move.
If I make my move, I’m afraid you won’t have the chance to strike at all.”

They thought that Chu Yunfan was being arrogant.
But from the looks of it, Chu Yunfan was not arrogant at all.
He was just too awesome.

“T-This is such a huge difference.
Could this be the difference between the students of Federation University and the other top ten universities? That guy couldn’t even block a single one of Chu Yunfan’s moves.
This is too terrifying!”

“The difference is indeed too great.
Is this the standard of Federation University students?”

“I don’t think so.
There were also students of Federation University who almost didn’t make it, right?” A student pointed out one of the previous battles.

There had been Federation University students who almost got beaten by their opponent earlier.
The strength of the two sides was about the same.
They were both at the fourth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
It was possible for either of them to win.

“Then it seems that it isn’t the difference between universities.
Although there’s indeed a difference between the two, the most important thing is the difference in their strength.”

Chu Yunfan was not even bothered to look back.
He exited the ring because he knew that he had won.
There was no need to look.
The strength of that student was even stronger than the former number one of No.
13 High, Ou Yang, who was in the third level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

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Among the students of the top ten universities, this youth could be considered one of the best.
However, he was paired with Chu Yunfan.
To Chu Yunfan, even if he did not use his full strength, he could easily defeat an opponent of this level in a single blow.

There was no question about it.

Chu Yunfan returned to his seat, sat cross-legged, and started meditating.
He was not affected by the noise around him.
The other students were doing the same.
After returning to their seats, they took advantage of the opportunity to recover their True Energy.
They all had to go through many consecutive battles.
This was also a huge test of their endurance.
After all, not everyone could instantly kill their opponents like Chu Yunfan.

After waiting for another half an hour, Chu Yunfan was called for the second round.
It was another youth who looked about seventeen or eighteen, and he had no intention of competing with Chu Yunfan.

The youth cupped his hands and said, “I admit defeat.
I’m not your match.
I don’t want to waste my strength and True Energy in fighting you.
I’m going to lose anyway.
I want to reserve my True Energy to deal with those who are about the same strength as me.”

This youth was an elite student from one of the top ten universities and thus was naturally smart.
He had seen Chu Yunfan finish his opponent with just one move earlier, so did not dare to fight Chu Yunfan.

These students were smart.
There were trade-offs.
Since they were destined to lose, they did not want to waste time.
If they sustained heavy injuries, not only would their ranking be dragged down, but they would also lose to someone else and would earn one million less.

Just thinking about how much money they would lose made their hearts ache.

Chu Yunfan did not make things difficult for him.
He nodded and turned to leave the ring.
He was happy to save his energy, even though he could quickly recover it.

Not long after, it was Chu Yunfan’s turn again.
But this time, his opponent was not a student from the top ten universities.
Instead, he was to face a student who had also passed Federation University’s assessment this year.

Students who had passed Federation University’s assessment had pride in them.
They would not simply surrender to Chu Yunfan.

This youth sported a buzz cut.
He had a muscular body, with muscles that looked primed to explode, his clothes clung to his body for dear life.
In his hand was a long mace.
He looked strong.

When the youth saw Chu Yunfan entering the ring, he grinned and said, “I advise you to admit defeat.
My mace won’t go easy on you.
If you are to get injured by it, I won’t be able to do anything to stop it.

“If your bones are broken, consider yourself unlucky.”

Hearing this, Chu Yunfan was not frightened in the slightest.
He could tell from a glance that this youth had some talent.
In fact, he could even be considered quite strong.
The youth was already at the peak of the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
He was probably only one step away from the seventh level and was only second to Chu Tianzong whom Chu Yunfan had met.

For an expert who used heavy weapons, even at an ordinary seventh-level Energy Refinement Stage battle, their opponent would find it troublesome.
They would normally not choose to take it head-on.

But Chu Yunfan was different.

“Let’s give it a go then,” Chu Yunfan said as he looked at the youth, “It’s useless to just talk big.”

“Then don’t blame me for what comes next!” the muscular youth roared, and then swung the mace in his hand and brought it down toward Chu Yunfan.

Before the mace landed, the terrifying force within it turned into a terrifying airwave that blew down, blowing at Chu Yunfan’s clothes and making them flutter.
One could even feel the strong wind on their faces which was like a steel knife, scraping their face and causing their skin to burn.

Just as the mace was about to hit Chu Yunfan, he struck out with his saber.
His Shadowless Saber struck out.


With a loud boom, the mace did not hit its target, and Chu Yunfan had not moved a single inch.
He had not dodged at all.
He struck out with his blade to block the incoming attack.

The saber was just an ordinary saber and not a heavy weapon.
And Chu Yunfan only used one hand to hold his weapon to block the impact of this mace that had a force of over a thousand pounds.

Before the proud expression on the muscular youth’s face had even disappeared, he saw an unbelievable scene.
Chu Yunfan managed to block his attack with just one hand.

‘How much strength did Chu Yunfan have?’

Just as this thought flashed through the muscular youth’s mind, he had a chance to feel it.
The instant he was stunned, Chu Yunfan pounced and charged him.

Chu Yunfan twisted his body and swept out his leg like a long whip, hitting the body of the muscular youth.

This youth who stood at six feet was instantly sent flying like a kite with a broken string.
He did not even have time to react.

Not only was Chu Yunfan extremely strong, but his attack was also as fast as lightning, making it impossible for anyone to resist.
The muscular youth could not retaliate at all.

“Chu Yunfan wins!”

Chu Yunfan easily won three consecutive victories.

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