Before the matches started, Chu Yan appeared on the large screen.
He opened his mouth and said, “Juniors of the Chu family, all of you are the cream of the crop of the younger generation of our family.
Being able to enter the top ten universities of the federation—or even Federation University—is proof of this.
At this year’s ancestor worship ceremony, everyone will receive a reward of a million yuan.
Every time you defeat an opponent, you’ll obtain an additional one million.
The top three will receive an even richer reward.
We Chus have never been stingy when it comes to nurturing those who have talent and have made contributions.”

The Chu descendants were in an uproar.
As long as one got into one of the top ten universities, one would be rewarded with one million yuan on the spot.
After that, they would be rewarded with an additional one million yuan for every opponent they defeated.
Everyone would be able to receive a huge chunk of change.

Many were interested in what rewards the top three would receive.
If an ordinary person were able to receive such rich rewards, the rewards awarded to the top three was unimaginable.
It would definitely be a large-scale reward.

Many people were envious.
In this era where the average salary was only a few thousand yuan, a reward of one million would make them rich overnight.

During this Kunlun Era, there were two sets of economic systems.
Ordinary people lived in the city, just like hundreds of years ago.
The average salary ranged between a few thousand to ten thousand yuan.
However, the warriors who fought on the frontlines, as well as large families, could easily earn hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan.

Normally, such a strange economic system would have collapsed long ago.
But though the wealthy of the Kunlun era had vast amounts of wealth, they went through it quickly by spending on cultivation techniques, pills, weapons, battle armors, et cetera.
These were all huge expenditures.

This would cause large amounts of money to flow down toward the lower-class citizens.
It caused this strange economic system to be able to continue operating.
But it also caused the gap between the rich and the poor to widen even further.

Therefore, one could imagine how attractive those millions were to the average student.
Moreover, with each victory, they would earn another million.
This excited everyone.
Even the descendants who were preparing to go on stage felt their breaths quicken.

This competition was based on a round-robin system.
Everyone had to exchange blows with a large number of experts until the final victor was decided.

In other words, it was possible that one could obtain even ten million as a reward.
It was no exaggeration to say that one would become rich overnight.

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Even Chu Yunfan was not indifferent when faced with a reward of millions.

A large family was indeed a large family.
It was completely different from school.
Being able to fork out millions to reward the top twenty students was already a great feat for No.
13 High.
But the Chus were able to give out hundreds of millions in just one match.
They were not on the same level at all.

Chu Yunfan had come only with the intention of defeating Chu Yuntian.
He had not guessed there would be unexpected gains.
No matter what reward the top three would be given, he had to get it.

“Now, let the competition begin!” Chu Yan started the competition with one sentence.

As there were more than 200 people, it was impossible for all of them to compete right away.
Chu Yunfan sat down cross-legged and waited for his turn.

After half an hour, it was finally Chu Yunfan’s turn to go on stage.

Chu Yunfan followed the information he received and entered the tenth ring.
He and his opponent were the last batches of people in this first round.

Chu Yunfan’s opponent was a youth that looked about eighteen or nineteen.
He wore a black training suit and faced Chu Yunfan from afar.

“You got into Federation University?” the youth asked as he looked at Chu Yunfan.

He had vaguely seen Chu Yunfan appear in the area where the students of Federation University were.

Chu Yunfan nodded with no intention of hiding anything.

The youth immediately turned solemn.
He knew his place and understood that those who were able to gain admission to Federation University—even those that Chu Tianzong thought had just gotten lucky—were top experts.
To people like the youth, it was because of these people’s strength.

If their strength was not enough, they would not even have a chance to be lucky.

“Make your move.
If I make my move, I’m afraid you won’t have the chance to strike at all,” Chu Yunfan said.

The youth was startled.
A furious expression appeared on his face.
He admitted that all those who were able to enter Federation University were extraordinary.
However, Chu Yunfan underestimated him and thought he would not be able to retaliate at all.

“All right, then please excuse me.
You’ll regret this!” the young man shouted before taking a step toward Chu Yunfan.
A sword appeared in his hand and he thrust it toward Chu Yunfan.
The tip of the sword was suffused with True Energy—directly flying toward Chu Yunfan.


A sword light flashed by and instantly swept toward Chu Yunfan’s neck like a bolt of lightning.

“Too slow.”

Chu Yunfan raised his hand.
His white fingers appeared in front of the sword before anyone even noticed.
He flicked his finger.
Although it looked like a simple flick, it bore the force of over a thousand pounds.


A sound of metal clashing rang out.
The youth immediately felt a terrifying power burst out and wreak havoc on the sword in his hand.

“How is this possible? He’s so strong!” The youth was shocked.
He had not seen Chu Yunfan make any big movements, but his weapon had almost flown out of his hand.
He barely managed to hold on to his sword.
His sword ray reached Chu Yunfan but it was more than a meter away from its target and had completely missed.

No one was surprised that the youth had missed.
But only he himself knew that he had not held back.
Facing a student from Federation University, he had to be extra vigilant.

However, it was useless.
The youth almost dropped his sword.
Before he could retract his weapon and prepare for another attack, Chu Yunfan pounced forward.

Chu Yunfan was fast.
In an instant, he appeared in front of the youth and swept out a kick toward him.


Chu Yunfan kicked the youth in the chest.
Then, his body was like a kite with a broken string.
He flew out of the ring and landed on the ground.

One move!

The referee outside the ring finally reacted after being attuned for a moment.
Chu Yunfan was too fast.
Not only was his movements swift, but he was also swift in ending his opponent.

One move.

Chu Yunfan used only one move!

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