Chu Haoyue’s heavy punishments stunned everyone.
However, no one dared to question his judgment.

With Chu Haoyue’s power, even if he was not the son of the clan leader, there were not many who could surpass him.
His judgment was the final decision.
It would be useless even if it was made known to the higher-ups.

The higher-ups would not go against Chu Haoyue for the sake of a few small figures.
Most importantly, Chu Hongde and the others knew that they were in the wrong.
Even if it reached the clan leader, there would be no difference in the final result.

On the contrary, it might further deepen the hatred of the higher-ups toward them.
At that time, they would not suffer just this little punishment.

As for Chu Yunfan, he was put into solitary confinement for three days.
And the place he was locked up in was the villa he was staying at.
He was fine with being put into solitary confinement.
He could use these three days to consolidate his cultivation base and did not have to worry about being disturbed.

What Chu Yunfan did not know was that there were originally many who had planned to visit him.
Everyone knew that those who were admitted to Federation University had an unlimited future.
Although this was not the most appropriate time to invest, it was still much better than trying to rope in these figures after they started shining.

Since the Chu family was so big, it was impossible for them to be united.
They were divided into many factions.
These factions needed to be replenished with fresh blood.
And Chu Yunfan had popped out of nowhere.
His background was as pure as a piece of white paper.
He was not supported by any of the factions within the family.

Someone with no support from the family had managed to reach this stage.
This dark horse was too good to be true.

If Chu Haoyue had not put Chu Yunfan in solitary confinement for the next few days, Chu Yunfan would probably have been harassed by these people.

This time of confinement was exactly what Chu Yunfan wanted.

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Three days passed in a flash.
When Chu Yunfan came out of solitary confinement, it was time for the Chu family’s ancestor worship ceremony to begin.
There was a flying car waiting for Chu Yunfan at the villa entrance.

Chu Yunfan was soon transported to the place where the ceremony was taking place.
The venue was enormous.
As the largest family in Maple Leaf City, when the Chus held their ancestor worship ceremony, they would without a doubt attract countless political and business celebrities who resided in Maple Leaf City.
There were even reporters everywhere.
Although these reporters were not allowed to enter the venue, word of the grand occasion had spread throughout the entire city.

Under the guidance of the attendants, Chu Yunfan quickly entered the venue.
As a special guest, Chu Yunfan naturally had a pass.
He was quickly led into a private room.
The view from the room was good.
It allowed him to watch the entire ceremony and could even rest there.

The ceremony was divided into two parts.
One part was open to the public.
The Chus had invited the entire city and many political and business celebrities.
The second part was an event only open to the Chus—a competition between the outstanding young Chu descendants.

Not long after Chu Yunfan closed his eyes to rest, an ancient bell chime suddenly rang through the entire venue, attracting everyone’s attention.
It let everyone know that the ceremony was about to begin.

Many people began to walk into the spacious square in an orderly fashion.
They were all wearing ancient Chinese robes.

The people in the lead had terrifying auras.
Of course, only Chu Yunfan could sense their extraordinary auras from so far away.

Chu Yunfan was surprised when he spotted a familiar figure.
It was none other than Chu Haoyue.

Chu Haoyue was also wearing ancient Chinese robes.
He looked valiant and dashing.
Beside him were a few extraordinary young men who were not inferior to him.
They were clearly the other young elites who were contenders for the clan leader position.

A large aristocratic family like the Chus valued the nurturing of their juniors.
When the juniors were well nurtured, their clan would be able to prosper for generations to come.

Among these people, the leader was a middle-aged man who looked to be in his fifties to sixties.
He was dressed in a gorgeous long robe.
There was some similarity between his brows and Chu Haoyue’s.
He exuded an imposing aura and was the focus of everyone present.

He was the head of the entire Chu family—Chu Yan.

The ancestral worship ceremony was led by Chu Yan.
The entire ceremony lasted an entire morning before it finally ended.
The political and business celebrities would leave after having lunch.
After all, their time was precious, and had little to waste.

After lunch, the internal activities of the Chu family officially started.

After a series of activities, it was finally time for the younger generation to exchange pointers.

The Chus had too many descendants.
Thus, only outstanding representatives could represent the countless people of their generation.

Chu Yunfan received the notice to head to the venue square.

Five huge rings had been set up in the spacious plaza, allowing five matches to be held at the same time.
It seemed like a small number, but there were only around 200 people participating in this competition.
Among them, there were only around 50 people who managed to get into Federation University.
The remaining were elite students who had managed to get into the top ten universities.

Although the top ten universities were inferior to Federation University, there was no doubt that they were the cream of the crop among elite students.
The Chus would not just ignore them like that.

Halfway through, Chu Yunfan met Chu Yuntian.

“Today, the grudge between us will finally be settled.” Chu Yunfan said as he looked at Chu Yuntian, “Don’t lose before you lose to me.
Otherwise, I’ll be very disappointed.”

“Me? Defeated? Hehe!” Chu Yuntian just sneered, and then the two of them went separate ways.

The big shots in the upper echelons of the Chu family who had grown tired over the day perked up.
These people represented the future of the Chu family and were closely related to their future.
In fact, many of them were their descendants, so it was impossible for them not to pay attention

Other than them, the ones who were paying rapt attention were the younger generation of the Chus.
Most of them had not passed the examination for the top ten universities and were not qualified to participate in the competition.
They could only look at the people on stage with envy.

Following the sound of the bell, the sparring competition of the ancestor worship ceremony finally began.

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