Chu Yunfan lifted his head and looked.
The young man in fancy clothes before him looked like he was in his twenties.
He had a rather overbearing expression on his face as he looked at Chu Yunfan angrily.

“So you’re the guy who dares to go against me and ruin my plan?” The young man glared at Chu Yunfan fiercely as he spoke.

Chu Yunfan was rather confused, but he figured out who he was in seconds.
Perhaps this man was related to the predicament that Lu Qingxuan had faced before.

He knew a little bit about the situation.

This man must have been the culprit!

“I’d like to see who exactly dared to ignore my order.
I want to exterminate you.
Don’t you dare dream that you’ll get any business in Calm Ocean City, no, in Donghua City!” Chu Zhiguo said ruthlessly.

“You idiot!” Chu Yunfan did not take Chu Zhiguo’s threat seriously.
There were just too many ways to sell medicinal pills.


Online stores were popular too.
It would be ridiculous if he thought he could exterminate him there.

Even though Lu Qingxuan’s company ended up being tricked into their predicament earlier, she would not be bullied to the point of bankruptcy as long as she was careful.

The world was massive.
Whether it was Calm Ocean City or Donghua City, they were merely a tiny fraction of the world.

“What did you say? Great, that’s just great!” Chu Zhiguo did not expect Chu Yunfan would humiliate him like that, “I’d like to know where you came from.
I’ll destroy your reputation.
Prepare to bury your career!”

Chu Zhiguo did not expect this young man before him was genuinely just a teenager instead of a man who had some method of remaining youthful.

He swore to teach this guy a great lesson!

One must know what consequences befell those that offended him, the Young Master Chu Zhiguo.

“I’ve called the police, Chu Zhiguo.
If you stay, I’m afraid it’d be bad for your reputation when they arrive.
You’re the young master of the grand Tengda Group.
I’m sure the paparazzi would be interested when you’re being taken to the police station!” Lu Qingxuan said coldly.
There was disgust in her eyes when she looked at Chu Zhiguo.

If she was merely disgusted by him before, then she really despised him now.

Chu Zhiguo merely looked at the both of them hearing that.
In the end, he scoffed and did not dare to stay.

After all, the Federation government was the most powerful on Earth.
Although the Tengda Group was powerful too, it was impossible that they were above the law.
Naturally, nothing would happen to him if he was taken to the police station.
However, it was humiliating for a person of his status to be taken in.
It was just too embarrassing.

“Watch out, the both of you!”

Seeing that Chu Zhiguo left after saying that, Lu Qingxuan walked to Chu Yunfan and said, “I’m sorry, Master Chu.
I can’t believe you’re being dragged into this.
I’ve no idea how he found out that you’re here!”


Chu Yunfan smirked and said, “Where else? I suppose he has his men watching your company.
He’s wealthy.
Hiring a man to watch is a piece of cake!

“However, you don’t have to worry about this.
What can he do? This is a feudal society.
Can his Tengda Group escape the authorities and attack me in Calm Ocean City?”

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Although not everyone was equal, it was much better than before.
At least the powerful people dared not bully others without any consequences.

“You, on the other hand, should watch out.
I suspect he’ll stir up trouble for you and your business again!” Chu Yunfan said.

“Don’t worry.
There’s nothing that he can do to me as long as I’m careful.
Even if he exterminated me in Calm Ocean City and Donghua City, I’ll just go to other base cities.
Worst case scenario, I’ll just make less money from the higher logistical costs!” Lu Qingxuan said, “He can influence the alchemists in Calm Ocean City and Donghua City.
I don’t believe he can influence those in the base cities such as Beihua City, Nanhua City, and Xihua City.
I don’t think his Tengda Group is that powerful!”

Lu Qingxuan was stubborn too.
She did not plan to retreat from this at all.

“I’ve refined the medicinal pills.
However, I’m using your alchemy lab as my training room temporarily!” Chu Yunfan said.

“Don’t worry.
Go ahead!” Naturally, Lu Qingxuan did not mind that.
“I’ll head out to handle some errands.
Call me anytime if you need me!”

Chu Yunfan proceeded with his closed-door cultivation.
The effects from the one Qi Nourishment Pill lingered in his body that had been cultivated completely.

The closed-door cultivation went on until the afternoon.
The alarm he set earlier woke him up.

It was time to head to the Liu residence to be Liu Yushu’s sparring partner.
Although he had just made a large sum of money that made Liu Yushu’s tuition fee seem like nothing, since he had promised her, there was no reason why he should not do it.

That was Chu Yunfan’s life motto!

When he rushed to the Liu residence, Liu Yushu had been waiting.
She had not gone to school either.
She had learned cultural studies in Year 1 and Year 2.
Her current priority was the stream division test.

“You’re right on time.
I have a feeling that I’m close to my breakthrough!” There was joy on Liu Yushu’s face when she saw Chu Yunfan arrive.

“Great, let’s try!” Chu Yunfan nodded.

Before waiting for her to move, Chu Yunfan charged at her directly like an arrow.
He threw a punch at her face fiercely.


As expected, Chu Yunfan’s strike was blocked.
Liu Yushu’s body shook slightly, and she even took a step back before she managed to stand properly.

However, she was not angry.
On the contrary, she was surprised.

“I can’t believe you’ve broken through to Qi Nourishment.
You’re so quick!” Liu Yushu said in shock.
Although she thought she was already overestimating Chu Yunfan, his improvement speed still astonished her.


It had just been a few days, but he had already completed the cultivation of Blood Renewal and broken through to Qi Nourishment.


Although he must have just broken through recently, such a speed was ridiculous.

She was even more certain that her earlier speculation had been correct.
Chu Yunfan had definitely been enlightened suddenly.
That was how his cultivation improved at lightning speed within such a short period of time.

Such a thing was not rare and was, in fact, very common.
Therefore, she did not find it strange or suspicious.

“Haha, I just took a Qi Nourishment Pill and broke through!” Chu Yunfan laughed out loud.
He was in a great mood, “Now, let’s help you break through to the Perfection Stage!”

“Let’s go!”

Liu Yushu got rid of all of the other thoughts in her head.
Her punch was like a spear, and she threw it directly at Chu Yunfan.

An intense battle broke out again.

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