A team of security guards appeared alongside the sound of hurried footsteps.

Each guard had an extremely valiant aura.
Each was a warrior who had been through hundreds of battles.
Chu Yunfan was familiar with their aura since his family hired similar people.

Although this team of guards was elite, they were only in the Energy Refinement stage.
Only the head of the team was in the Acquired stage.

Chu Yunfan’s family had built their security team entirely out of money, but the ones that showed up were also quite powerful.
In addition, they were in the Chu family mansion.
No one would dare be arrogant here unless they sought death.

The security captain took a step forward and asked as he looked at the crowd, “Who pressed the alarm just now?”

The people here were VIPs who had come to the ancestor worship ceremony.
Whether it was the other families, groups, government officials, or even VIPs in the Chu family, it would be a big deal if things got out of hand.
The security captain could not afford such a scenario, so he immediately led his team here when he heard the alarm go off.

As expected, the security captain found Chu Yunfan and the others in the midst of a confrontation when he arrived at the scene.

“It was me.
I pressed the alarm,” Chu Yunfan said as he raised his hand.

“Who are you and why did you press the alarm?” the security captain asked.

“I was invited to attend the family’s ancestor worship ceremony.
These people intended to hurt me, so I pressed the alarm,” Chu Yunfan said lightly.

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Since Chu Yunfan had made this decision, how could he not be prepared? He pressed the alarm the moment Chu Zhiguo and the others came to find him.
It was wiser for Chu Yunfan to seek the guards’ help.
Otherwise, he would have to use the Thunder Winged Beast.

“Who are you guys and why do you want to harm him?” the security captain hurriedly asked.

There was only one reason why Chu Yunfan got invited to the ancestor worship ceremony at such a young age.
It was because he was an elite that had been admitted to Federation University.

One would be wise not to offend these elites.
It did not seem like much now, but they would become part of the family’s ruling class in a few decades.

At that moment, Chu Hongde stepped forward and said, “Hmph! I’m the family elder, Chu Hongde!”

Chu Hongde was not surprised that the security captain did not recognize him since there were many people within the Chu family.
Elders like him were common.
Naturally, not everyone knew who he was.

The security captain’s scalp went numb.
He knew he could not offend either side.
He had just entered the Acquired Stage and could not compare to an elder like Chu Hongde.

On the other hand, Chu Yunfan was also extraordinary, and his future was limitless.
The security captain would lose his job if something terrible happened in the territory under his jurisdiction.
He was at a loss on what to do at that moment.

Then, Chu Hongde said arrogantly, “I suspect he has ulterior motives.
He sabotaged the ancestor worship ceremony.
Arrest him now.”

The security captain was conflicted as he said, “I’m sorry, sir.
Although you’re an elder, you’re not responsible for security.
You don’t have the authority to order me around.
The people here are the distinguished guests of the Chu family, and I haven’t received such orders.
So please forgive me for disobeying you,” the security captain could only say these words.

“You sure have the guts to defy me.
I can strip you of your job with just one word,” Chu Hongde barked.

“I believe that’s true.
But before that, I’m still in charge of this area, so please don’t interfere.” Chu Hongde’s words had infuriated the security captain.
Although he was lower class than Chu Hongde, he was in the Acquired stage and had the chance to become an elder in the future.
Although he was just a security captain, this ceremony was a significant event.
The Chus would not send out non-elites to deal with such a situation.

Chu Hongde was furious when he thought of the money Tengda would lose tomorrow.
He scolded, “What if I want to kill him? Will you stop me?”

The security captain stepped forward and said, “I will.
It is my duty to protect everyone here.
I won’t allow anyone to get hurt.” He could not retreat just because Chu Hongde was acting aggressively.
At the very least, the security captain would sacrifice himself for Chu Yunfan.

The future of a student of Federation University was simply boundless.

“I want to see a puny security captain like you stop me!” Chu Hongde thundered and charged toward Chu Yunfan.


Chu Hongde erupted with a terrifying Acquired stage expert aura, sweeping a horrifying wave of air as he attacked.
It was different from when he restrained himself.
But now, he did not hold back under the burning flames of his anger.

At that moment, even though the security captain knew he was no match for Chu Hongde, he still stood before him.


The two Acquired Stage experts collided in mid-air.
A terrifying aura instantly swept out in an airwave.

Even though Chu Yunfan was standing behind the security captain, he could feel the strong winds from the exchange of blows and felt some pain.

That was the power of a real Acquired Stage expert!

“Excellent! I’ll make you pay for what you did!” Chu Hongde’s anger grew as he attacked the security captain again.




Every attack forced the security captain to retreat.
Although the security captain was also in the Acquired Stage, there was a big gap between him and Chu Hongde.

However, a clear voice echoed just as Chu Hongde appeared before Chu Yunfan, “What are you people doing?”

The voice seemed to have magic powers and forced both sides to stop.

Everyone looked over and saw a young man in his twenties, wearing a long green robe with gold trimming.
He strode forward and stood between Chu Hongde and Chu Yunfan.

The young man had sharp eyebrows and bright eyes.
He looked incredibly valiant.
Even the slight frown on his face gave off a dignified feel.

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