Although Tengda possessed many real estates and several contract alchemists, the pill formulas were the company’s backbone.
If one were to take away their formulas, Tengda would be no different from a startup company.
The only difference was that Tengda would have deeper connections and more funds.

But Tengda, which had lost its foothold, would have a hard time in the future.
How could the company survive the fierce competition without its characteristics and foothold?

The market was sensitive to such things.
Tengda’s stock price would fall.
This one strike was enough to kill them.

At that moment, Chu Hongye felt the gap between him and those big shots.
It would not be a big deal if this happened to Bai Hong.
After all, he was a great alchemist who could continuously improve and create new formulas.
Bai Hong was like a great giant.
Such an event would not have affected him much.

Bai Hong’s strength was the source of everything; everything would be pointless without it.
He had always advised Chu Zhiguo about this.
And at that moment, Chu Zhiguo finally understood.

This slap was enough to make him dizzy and rendered him almost unable to recover.

“Who exactly is it that leaked the formulas? Who harbors such enmity against us?” Chu Hongye gnashed his teeth.
He wanted nothing more than to tear the other party to shreds.
Decades of hard work went down the drain in just one night.

How could anyone bear such a blow?

“It has to be Chu Yunfan,” Chu Zhiguo answered, “There’s no one else besides him.
That little b*stard is not as simple as he looks.
He had somehow obtained perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing pills and the improved Qi Replenishing Pill formula.
There has to be someone helping him.
It can’t be a coincidence.”

The more Chu Zhiguo spoke, the more he believed that this had something to do with Chu Yunfan.
No, Chu Zhiguo was sure of it.
There were no such things as coincidences.

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After Chu Zhiguo mentioned Chu Yunfan, Chu Hongye agreed.
No one else would bother stealing Tengda’s formulas and posting them online for fun.
There was no one stupid enough to do that.
It was evident that Chu Yunfan was targeting Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo.

“He’s the only person with the motive to leak our formula!” Chu Hongye gritted his teeth and continued, “If he did it, we could escape death.
We could use the Chu family’s influence to force Chu Yunfan to spit out the Qi Replenishing Pill formula.
It won’t matter if those other formulas disappear if that happens.”

Chu Hongye was also a ruthless person who had started a first-rate alchemy company like Tengda in Calm Ocean City.
He instantly got the idea that Chu Yunfan had leaked the formula.
If Tengda could snatch the Qi Replenishing Pill formula from Chu Yunfan’s hands, it could save the company and rise even higher.
They would then recover from their losses.

“You’re right.
He’s the one person who could’ve done this,” Chu Zhiguo said without evens topping for a moment to think.
He could only let Chu Yunfan take the blame.

Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo had thought of a way to save themselves.
They were going to place the blame on Chu Yunfan—that he was the one who leaked their company’s formulas.

It was impossible for others to reverse-deduce pill formulas.
Even the Alchemy King, the number one pill-maker in the world, could not do such a thing.
However, to Chu Yunfan who possessed the memories of the Alchemy Emperor, this was a simple thing to do.

Unlike the Alchemy King, who had opened up the current golden age of alchemy, the Alchemy Emperor had gathered the essence of alchemy from the entirety of the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
The Alchemy Emperor had pushed the old and created the new.
He was the best in the ancient era.

The Alchemy Emperor’s understanding of alchemy had achieved unimaginable heights.
Only some extraordinary high-grade pills would have given him some trouble.
The formulas that Tengda relied on were simple for one who stood at the same level as the Alchemy Emperor.

Chu Yunfan was not someone who could swallow his anger and quietly take a beating.
Especially when Chu Zhiguo and Chu Hongye had threatened his family.
It had struck a nerve and he absolutely could not tolerate it.

Therefore, Chu Yunfan thought of such a drastic solution.
Tengda would be nothing without their formulas.
When his company’s presence became more established, Tengda would fall.

Chu Zhiguo and Chu Hongye looked strong, but they were all bark but no bite.
Chu Yunfan killed two birds with one stone by meeting Chu Zhiguo and Chu Hongye.

The group of four had not waited long before looking for Chu Yunfan again.

They looked at Chu Yunfan with murderous intent.
Tengda and their backer’s market value had dropped by billions overnight after Chu Yunfan leaked their formulas.
How could their hearts not ache?

Chu Tianzong gritted his teeth and said, “What did you do, Chu Yunfan?!”

“What did I do? Why are you guys back?” Chu Yunfan was not admitting to what he had done.

“Don’t play dumb.
It was you who posted Tengda’s pill formulas on the Internet!” Chu Zhiguo thundered.

“What a joke.
How would I know someone had posted your formulas on the Internet? It was probably someone who couldn’t stand you guys and your actions.
That has nothing to do with me,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.
However, the more Chu Yunfan denied it, the more Chu Zhiguo and the others felt that the leak had something to do with him.

Chu Yunfan could not care less.
He knew it was pointless for Tengda to suspect him.
Especially since they did not have any concrete evidence.
He enjoyed seeing Chu Zhiguo and the others looking so helpless.

“I’ll teach you not to mess with us, you little b*stard! Hand over the Qi Replenishing Pill formula or you will die.” Chu Hongde lost all rationality at that moment.
He felt his heart jump to his throat when he thought of the billions his company had lost.

Whether or not Chu Yunfan had leaked the formulas, Chu Hongde wanted Chu Yunfan to take responsibility for it.
He knew that Tengda would only recover if he could snatch the Qi Replenishing Pill formula from Chu Yunfan.

“Oh, please don’t threaten me.
I’m terrified,” Chu Yunfan said offhandedly.

Suddenly, hurried footsteps echoed from afar as Chu Hongde was about to make a move.

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