“I don’t know about the consequences, but I know that there will be fine wine when associates come, and there will be hunting rifles when enemies come,” Chu Yunfan said as he looked at Chu Hongye, “Are you planning to use force? I would like to see the main Chu family behave in such a way.”

Chu Hongye looked coldly at Chu Yunfan but dared not use force in the end since they were in the Chu family’s reception area.
If news of Chu Hongye using force and stealing the pill formula spread, it would affect the Chu family’s reputation.

It was especially true for the Chu family’s ancestor worship ceremony.
Too many people were present.
Not only were the descendants of the branch family present, but several other families and even high-ranking officials from the government were there.
If a scandal broke out, the Chu family would be humiliated in front of the entire Federation.

If that happened, the Chu family would certainly not let Chu Hongye off the hook.
Chu Hongye was aware of that.
Under normal circumstances, he would not be able to snatch the formula from Chu Yunfan.
The Chus loved each other and cared for their amiable appearance dearly.

No one could destroy it.
The wrath of defying them would be enough to cause Chu Hongye, an elder, to collapse instantly.

“I’m an elder of the Chu family.
Do you think I would snatch your formula?” Chu Hongye asked while giving Chu Tianzong a look.

As if he had finally received a signal, Chu Tianzong took a step forward.
He said, “I heard your strength is commendable, Chu Yunfan.
Since we’re students of the same grade, let me experience your strength.
Let’s see how strong you are since you dare to speak to us like this.”

Without waiting for Chu Yunfan to react, Chu Tianzong darted over and attacked.

Meanwhile, Chu Zhiguo and his son looked at each other with a look of success in their eyes.
They understood each other’s thoughts.
They had finally dragged Chu Hongye and the others down with them.

Chu Hongye and his son had recruited Chu Hongye and Chu Tianzong.
Chu Hongye was one of the two major shareholders of Tengda.
It was just that Chu Hongye and Chu Tianzong did not usually bother with company affairs and allowed Chu Hongye to handle them.

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It was Chu Hongye who revealed to them that Chu Yunfan had a pill formula that could change the structure of Tengda.

As expected, both parties became excited.
However, Tengda was quite profitable now and who would complain about earning more money? But when they said it could increase Tengda’s profits by tenfold, it was enough for both parties to make an appearance.

As long as the Chu family kept their eyes on Chu Yunfan’s formula, he would not escape no matter what.
It would be even better if he were not willing to let go.
Then the Chu family would not continue to protect Chu Yunfan, making it easier for Chu Zhiguo and his son to snatch the formula.

Chu Tianzong suddenly pulled a sword from his waist.
It was a flexible-looking sword.
As he brandished it, shadows filled the sky as it slashed toward Chu Yunfan.

Although it was a flexible sword, it was made of relatively hard metal.
Therefore, its power was remarkable.
One would not survive if the sword struck them head-on.


The flexible sword sliced through the air, producing an explosive sound.
It was swift, accurate, and ruthless.

Chu Yunfan took a step back and said, “Do you honestly have to be so aggressive, Chu Tianzong?” Chu Yunfan turned on the room’s recording function as he said that.

“Cut the crap!” Chu Tianzong slashed toward Chu Yunfan.
Although it was impossible to snatch Chu Yunfan’s formula on the spot, he wanted to teach Chu Yunfan a lesson in the name of sparring so that he could understand the truth.

“If that’s the case, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Chu Yunfan unsheathed the Shadowless Saber from his back.
Fortunately, he did not have the habit of unsheathing his Shadowless Saber in an unfamiliar place.
Otherwise, he might get caught off guard by Chu Tianzong and suffer a significant loss.
Just like what Chu Hongye and the others thought.


The saber and sword collided, and a clear sound of True Energy exploding echoed through the air.

Chu Yunfan instantly became aware of Chu Tianzong’s cultivation level.
Chu Tianzong had reached the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage, which was not at all inferior to Jiang Lei.

However, it was not as if Jiang Lei had truly stepped into the peak of the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage and he had already been awe-inspiring among the students.

It was no wonder Chu Tianzong was so confident.
He possessed such strength and was not afraid of experts of the same age.
Only Dong Fnaghao, Jiang Pengfei, and others alike could defeat him, so Chu Tianzong had been confident.

As Chu Yunfan became aware of Chu Tianzong’s strength, Chu Tianzong was shocked by Chu Yunfan’s strength.
He thought that Chu Yunfan was only at the fourth or fifth level of the Energy Refinement stage and that Chu Yunfan had somehow snuck into Federation University.
That kind of test was meaningless.

After all, even if the Chu family’s branch descendants could get into Federation University, it would probably be at that level, which was why Chu Tianzong had been so arrogant.

Nonetheless, it was evident that Chu Tianzong’s guess was incorrect.
There was simply not enough time to regret his rashness because Chu Yunfan had begun to retaliate.
Chu Yunfan’s body had been transformed by the Godhead, making him ever mightier while his physique had improved by double.

Chu Yunfan already possessed great strength, yet he became even more terrifying.
A casual slash of his Shadowless Blade could exert a thousand tons of force and could split a mountain in two.

Chu Yunfan’s blade’s aura soared to the Heavens, snatching Chu Tianzong’s aura.

Chu Tianzong did not even intend to resist and raised his hand to block.


A clear sound of metal clashing sounded.
Chu Tianzong retreated a few steps and his entire arm became numb.




Chu Tianzong desperately retreated, and only then did he finally negate the terrifying power brought about by Chu Yunfan’s attack.
However, Chu Yunfan’s attack was not over yet.
His saber skill was like a shadow that enveloped Chu Tianzong, wanting to kill him in one strike.

Chu Tianzong had been through hundreds of battles.
How could Chu Yunfan kill him so easily? A sword skill appeared in his hand as he faced the blade light that Chu Yunfan slashed down.




Crisp collision sounds rang out as Chu Yunfan’s saber technique descended like a barrage of cannons.
After a series of exchanges, Chu Tianzong’s entire palm was shattered.

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