Chu Zhiguo lay on a hospital bed in a medical room.
He had just finished being treated when a middle-aged man strode in.

The middle-aged man’s face resembled Chu Zhiguo’s but older.
He looked to be in his fifties.
His expression became unsightly when he saw Chu Zhiguo lying on the hospital bed.

“How are you feeling, Chu Zhiguo?” The middle-aged man said.

“Dad, the injuries on my body are nothing, but I can’t take this lying down.
That little b*stard dared to mock me in public.
I won’t let him go.
I want him to die!” Chu Zhiguo roared like an injured beast, wanting to bite Chu Yunfan to death.
However, there was nothing he could do.

The middle-aged man was the current chairman of The Tengda Group, Chu Hongye.
He relaxed after confirming that his son was not severely injured.
Then, he snorted coldly, “Why would you want to kill him? You’re an embarrassment.
You’re already thirty, but you were beaten by a teenager.
Also, he defeated you so terribly that you couldn’t even fight back.
If you’re not embarrassed, then I am.”

Chu Hongye had seen the footage, and it was simply embarrassing.
He saw that his son had not been able to fight back against Chu Yunfan.
All Chu Zhiguo did was get beat up.

The Chu family was not afraid of getting into fights and only dreaded humiliating defeats.
It was a great embarrassment for a family built upon martial arts.
Moreover, Chu Zhiguo had lost to a descendant far younger than him.
Such a humiliating defeat was unacceptable.

All people in the modern era cultivated martial arts, so they looked young on the outside.
Chu Yunfan’s parents looked like they were in their early twenties, but they were close to fifty, while Chu Zhigou looked like he was in his twenties when he was already in his thirties.
The Ancient Zenith Civilization said that people in their thirties should stand tall.
Chu Zhiguo was in his thirties, yet he could not do so.

Chu Hongye was somewhat regretful.
He had not adequately supervised and had Chu Zhiguo cultivate correctly.
His son had yet to reach the Acquired Stage and got bullied by a junior.
It was a great humiliation.

“I didn’t expect that little b*stard to become so terrifyingly strong since it’s only been half a year.
He was just a stray dog I chased around in the past, but he’s so powerful now.
I don’t care.
I want him dead!” Chu Zhiguo thundered.

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“You want him dead? How are you going to do that? He’s a student at Federation University.
Do you know what that means? Federation University and even the Chu family will protect him,” Chu Hongye said coldly.

Chu Hongye had not graduated from Federation University, let alone his son.
He had not even touched the threshold of the top ten universities and was just a graduate of an ordinary focus university.
It was good enough for ordinary people, but they were nothing compared to the students of Federation University.

One was the proud son of Heaven, and the other was just an ant on the ground.
Chu Zhiguo could not compare to Chu Yunfan.
It was evident who the Chus would choose to protect.
And although the father and son had earned quite a bit of money for the Chus, they still could not compare to Chu Yunfan.

The Chus could find several people like Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo within minutes.
However, only a few could get into Federation University.
The bigshots of the Chu family graduated from Federation University, and they were all Chu Yunfan’s seniors.
It was apparent who was close and who was distant.

At that moment, Chu Hongye was even more regretful that Chu Zhiguo had not met his expectations.
If Chu Zhiguo had performed well, he would not have ended up in this situation.
Chu Hongye had high hopes for Chu Zhiguo when he was younger.
He knew later on Chu Zhiguo would become a profligate son.
His son became interested in only women.

Chu Zhiguo understood that money, power, and women were all obtained by relying on one’s strength.
Without one’s strength, everything the father and son had was nothing more than a dream that would turn to ashes.

Chu Hongye understood this logic, but his son’s talent was limited.
No one knew how many resources Chu Hongye had spent, yet Chu Zhiguo had barely stepped into the Acquired Stage.
Nonetheless, Chu Zhiguo was not of much use.
Chu Hongye felt disappointed.

“Then what should I do? Should I just let him off the hook? That little b*stard won’t forget about it even if I do.
I can feel his killing intent.
He would undoubtedly kill me if we were in the wilderness.
I must think of a way to kill him.
I must kill him.
Otherwise, I will not rest easy!” Chu Zhiguo thundered.

Chu Hongye’s eyes flickered with terrifying killing intent.
He had heard from Chu Zhiguo that Tengda had been hunting down a few high schoolers.
However, Chu Hongye had not taken it to heart, even though Chu Zhiguo had failed to kill them.
They were just high schoolers.
Did these little brats think they could overturn the Heavens?

Moreover, they were ordinary high schoolers who were not well-known, so Chu Hongye cared even less.
Chu Zhiguo never expected the person he once hunted would be admitted to Federation University.
The plot had reversed so quickly that he could not even react in time.

However, there was one thing Chu Zhiguo knew for sure.
Chu Yunfan was like a snake that he could not kill.
Instead, Chu Zhiguo ended up getting hurt.

Putting his heart into his hand, Chu Zhiguo swore he would not let it go if he was ruthlessly hunted and killed.
In other words, this situation was undoubtedly a deadly enmity.
Chu Zhiguo saw no other option.
If he and Chu Yunfan could not reconcile, he would find a way to kill Chu Yunfan.

Chu Hongye’s eyes flashed as he said, “Of course, we can’t just watch Chu Yunfan grow.
Didn’t the Jiangs put a 50 million yuan bounty on his head? When the time comes, we can hire someone to kill him.
We can even push the blame onto the Jiangs.
No one will be the wiser.

“However, before Chu Yunfan dies, we must think of a way to obtain his pill formula.
If Tengda obtains the formula, we can develop a top-tier alchemy group with the strength of the Chus behind us.
With such company in hand, even in the Chu family, who would dare look down on us?”

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