One fine day, after Chu Yunfan had finished a lot of things, he received an invitation from the Chu family’s ancestor worship ceremony preparation committee.
With this invitation, he could attend the ancestor worship ceremony as an outstanding disciple of the Chus.

In addition to Chu Yunfan, Chu Yuntian had also received an invitation.
His grandfather had not received such an invitation, but he was not disheartened.
As long as his two grandsons went and performed well, their family would soon be reabsorbed into the main family tree.
When that time came, there would be plenty of opportunities to attend the ancestor worship ceremony.

“The ancestor worship ceremony is just around the corner.” Chu Yunfan read the invitation to the ancestor worship ceremony.

It was the first time that Chu Yunfan had received such an invitation.
Even if he had performed well, if he had not gotten into Federation University, it would be pointless to invite him to such an event.
There were many geniuses in this world, but if he could not stand above the rest, it would be meaningless.

After receiving the invitation, someone called to confirm whether Chu Yunfan would participate in the competition of the younger generation at the ancestor worship ceremony.
Chu Yunfan did not hesitate and immediately agreed.
Since he was going to do it, he had to do it to the best of his ability.

There was no meaning if he did not become the champion!

Chu Yunfan was now at the peak of the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
If he advanced one step further, he would be at the seventh level.
That would mean he was already at the upper levels of the Energy Refinement Realm.

Many who had cultivated their entire lives were at this level.
They were ordinary people who had not been to many battlefields.

The grudge between Chu Yunfan and Chu Yuntian could also be resolved in this battle.
Although Chu Yunfan did not usually care about victory or defeat, he absolutely would not allow himself to lose this one!

With his current strength, he was not 100% sure that he could defeat Chu Yuntian.
Chu Yuntian was strong.
Even Jiang Lei had been completely suppressed by Chu Yuntian.
Although Chu Yuntian was not as strong as Dong Fanghao, he was just second to the top figure.

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To be completely confident, Chu Yunfan had to break through to the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
He would then have a huge breakthrough in strength.
When that time came, the real battle would take place.

Fortunately, there were still twenty days left.
It was enough for him to train and level up some more.

For this breakthrough, Chu Yunfan bought ten Qi Condensing Pills.
Although he could refine them himself, time was far more important to him now than money.

Chu Yunfan was now experiencing the benefits of those rich and powerful children.
It was not something that ordinary people could even dream of.

In the training room, after declining all visitors, Chu Yunfan began a full-scale seclusion training.

For ten days, Chu Yunfan spent all his time training.
Because his physical quality had been modified by the Godhead, his potential was much higher than before.
He had to force out his potential before he could move on to the next step.
Otherwise, it would be a waste of his efforts.
If he made a breakthrough now, although he could enter the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage, the road ahead would be much harder.

In ten days, Chu Yunfan spent money like water.
He had to take one Qi Condensing Pill every day to condense his True Energy.
Other than that, he had to take at least a dozen bottles of energy elixir every day.
This amount of money would have been unimaginable in the past.

To top it off, Chu Yunfan consumed meals that consisted of monster meat that he would never have had the chance to eat in the past.
They contained large amounts of energy.
By eating these monster meats, his strength quickly increased.

Chu Yunfan discovered that his appetite had increased by a lot.
And there was also the Thunder Winged Beast which had to consume large amounts of monster meat every day.

In the past, when the Thunder Winged Beast was in the wild, it could freely hunt.
But now, it could only rely on Chu Yunfan to provide for it.
According to the market price, it had to consume several hundred thousand worths of monster meat every day.
It was far more than what Chu Yunfan’s entire family ate.

But under such circumstances, in addition to absorbing the spirit stones that Chu Yunfan had obtained back in the mine, the Thunder Winged Beast was already on the verge of breaking through to the third level of the Acquired Stage.
It was just a matter of time.

Besides Chu Yunfan, his family also had to consume a lot of energy elixirs and monster meat every day.
Especially Chu Qingxuan—whose current cultivation environment was much better than Chu Yunfan’s back then—who had reached the peak of the Blood Renewal Stage in just ten days and was about to break through to the next level.

Compared to other stages, the Physical Stage required a large amount of energy.
If one could afford all this and follow the proper method, their breakthrough speed would be fast.

Chu Qingxuan had already caught up with most of the students in her school and was no longer at a disadvantage.

Chu Yunfan was at a loss because he only had a few hundred million on hand.
He would not be able to sustain such a crazy consumption for long.
He had to spend millions every single day!

Just relying on dividends from Bai Hong would not be enough to sustain him.
Fortunately, Lu Qingxuan’s company had started advertising

The Shanhe Alchemy Company began to advertise on various platforms.
Chu Yunfan had invested a total of 500 million as capital.
Now, he finally showed his might.
Many in Calm Ocean City came to know of this new company that was about to launch powerful Qi Replenishing Pills which were twice as effective as the one they were currently using.

This had no doubt attracted the attention of monster hunters and mercenaries everywhere.
Especially the large monster hunter teams and mercenary groups.
They fought monsters and explored ruins all year round, and the demand for these Qi Replenishing Pills naturally came in large volumes.
If they determined that this pill was really that useful, they would definitely buy it for a long time.

This event attracted the attention of many alchemy companies.
People were lurking around the outskirts of Shanhe Alchemy every day.
But when they heard that the formula had been patented, they dispelled their thoughts.
Even if they could obtain the formula, it was of no use as they would not be able to produce it.

These lurkers sighed.
The boss of this company was ruthless.
To block them, the boss had patented his formula.
This was something that all large companies would do to firmly hold the formula in their hands.

Some ridiculed Shanhe Alchemy’s short-sightedness.
The company had only applied for a twenty-year patent.
How much money could they possibly earn?

The Shanhe Alchemy Company entered the formal market.
When they started selling, the profits would give Chu Yunfan a huge subsidy every month.

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